35 Free Tumblr Themes

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Free Tumblr Themes

Tumblr is a microblogging platform that allows users to post text, images, videos, links, quotes and audio to a short-form blog.
In this post, we have selected 35 Free Tumblr Themes that are perfect for microblogging and are suitable for creating a portfolio, personal blog, small-business blog, etc. These are all free to use. Enjoy!

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Lookbook is a visual theme for curators and creators. It was designed from the beginning to look great on tablet and mobile and features full touch control.
Lookbook Tumblr Theme


Magazine is a free grid theme for Tumblr. Features include large cover photos, custom colors and (optional) infinite scroll.
Magazine Tumblr Theme


Optica is a clean and simple theme with tons of customizations.
Optica Tumblr Theme


A video first theme that is fully responsive working seamlessly across devices.
Calypso Tumblr Theme


Elegant, minimal and beautifully simple to set up, Indy will make your blog look amazing.
Indy Tumblr Theme


A hi-res, fullscreen, minimal & beautiful Tumblr theme.
Fixed Tumblr Theme


A responsive grid layout theme, suitable for all blog types. Fast and user friendly.
Two Tumblr Theme


Brick Tumblr Theme


Star-Aurora is a simple grid theme with a header and menu – built on masonry and infinite scroll.
Star-Aurora Tumblr Theme

Club Monaco

Club Monaco Tumblr Theme


Shade Tumblr Theme


The luxurious grid theme for Tumblr.
Deluxe Tumblr Theme


Neptune Tumblr Theme

The Minimalist

The Minimalist Tumblr Theme

Pocket Folio

A refreshing theme to show off your best work..
Pocket Folio Tumblr Theme

Urban 4

A free tumblr template designed by Max Davis.
Urban 4 Tumblr Theme


Made for gorgeous, immersing background images, and captivating content.
Discover Tumblr Theme

Theme 25

Theme 25 Tumblr Theme


A free fixed sidebar theme with infinite scroll plus a stunning grid layout.
Telpher Tumblr Theme


Osprey Tumblr Theme


For beautiful photo blogs, designed with a hint of retro.
Retrospective Tumblr Theme

Los Angeles

Beautiful sidebar theme with rounded edges.
Los Angeles Tumblr Theme


A grid-based tumblr theme for the creative type that puts the content first.
OhMyGrid Tumblr Theme

Bright Day

The Bright Day Theme is a highly customizable theme making the most of bold colours and typographic elements.
Bright Day Tumblr Theme


A responsive Tumblr theme based on Bootstrap Framework and includes Font Awesome 4, CSS animation & more.
Linkr Tumblr Theme


Maqfee is minimal theme with lot of customizations options.
Maqfee Tumblr Theme


Sidebar Tumblr Theme


AppBlog theme was designed for a developer in mind. Setup your AppBlog and have your first post up within minutes.
AppBlog Tumblr Theme


UltraZen is a very simple and minimalistic single column theme. It has basic colour options, infinite scroll, a wide-view option and logo upload.
UltraZen Tumblr Theme


Oka is a practical free theme by Ajoen
Oka Tumblr Theme


A neat and clean minimalist tumblr theme from runrunrobot.
Tidy Tumblr Theme

Chalkdust v.3.0

Chalkdust Tumblr Theme


Tron is a minimalistic tumblr theme created by Jen Yuan.
Tron Tumblr Theme


Another template designed by Max Davis.
Ultimate Tumblr Theme


Yuki is a responsive masonry style theme.
Yuki Tumblr Theme

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