50 Free HTML5 CSS3 Website Templates

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Free HTML5 Templates

In this post, we have collected 50 Free HTML5 CSS3 Website Templates. These are some of the best free website templates available around the web. You can download and use these HTML5 and CSS3 templates for your personal or commercial websites. Please read the license first before using any template. Enjoy!

Bootstrap is an open-source CSS and JavaScript framework developed by the team at Twitter. It contains HTML and CSS-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components, as well as optional JavaScript extensions. Bootstrap makes front-end web development faster and easier.
In this post, we have collected 30+ Free Bootstrap HTML Templates available from various sites across the web. You can download and use these templates for your personal or commercial websites. Please read the license of the provider first before using any template. Enjoy!


Big Picture

A responsive site template designed by HTML5 UP, built on skelJS, and released for free under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.
Big Picture HTML5 Template


Free HTML5 theme for exterior design website, designed by TemplateMonster.
Eden HTML5 Template


HTML5 template for spa salon, designed by TemplateMonster.
Ego HTML5 Template

Life in Color

Free responsive HTML5 theme for charity organization, designed by TemplateMonster.
Life in Color HTML5 Template


Tessellate is a free responsive site template.
Tessellate HTML5 Template


A brand new site template designed by AJ for HTML5 UP. It’s fully
responsive, built on skelJS.
Overflow HTML5 Template


A free responsive template for portfolio and business websites.
OnePager HTML5 Template


Prologue HTML5 Template


Free responsive site template by HTML5 UP. Built on skelJS and released under the CCA license.
Helios HTML5 Template


Telephasic HTML5 Template


Free HTML5 theme for restaurant site.
Restaurant HTML5 Template

Sonja Rode

Free HTML5 theme for photography site.
Sonja Rode HTML5 Template

Organic Food

Minimal HTML5 template for organic food website.
Organic Food HTML5 Template


This free responsive template is design to look great on all devices, including desktops, smartphones and tablets.
AmazingBiz HTML5 Template


Free responsive website template designed by HTML5Templates.com. It featuresa dark, professional, business-oriented design perfect for all kinds of businesses and corporations.
Megacorp HTML5 Template


A bold and modern website template suitable for websites pertaining to fine arts, cuisines, dining etc.
Connoisseur HTML5 Template

Organic Corporate

Organic Corporate HTML5 Template


Free ecommerce responsive mobile website template designed by w3layouts.
Ascend HTML5 Template


Responsive portfolio site template.
Parallelism HTML5 Template

Heavy Industry

Free responsive website template designed by HTML5Templates.com. It features a business style design, strong color scheme, and plenty of room for content.
Heavy Industry HTML5 Template


Free responsive website template designed by HTML5Templates.com. It features a simple, photo-centric design, warm color scheme, and plenty of room for content.
Tapestry HTML5 Template


Features a modern business-oriented design, content-dense layout, and a neutral color scheme.
Azure HTML5 Template

Design Studio

Design Studio HTML5 Template


Retina is a free HTML5 responsive template designed by ChocoTemplates.
Retina HTML5 Template

Boo House

Halloween free HTML5 theme.
Boo House HTML5 Template


Free one page responsive HTML template based on Twitter Bootstrap framework.
Brushed HTML5 Template


Wine & Winery free HTML5 theme.
Decanter HTML5 Template

Zeences Light

Zeences Light HTML5 Template

Vivid Photo

A modern and elegant photography website template. It is cross browser compatible and created to suit needs of photographers.
Vivid Photo HTML5 Template


Curve is a creative website template that will suit a wide range of uses such as business, personal and portfolio websites.
Curve HTML5 Template


Digy is a top-notch website template, loaded with powerful jQuery effects, modern typography and eye-catchy effects.
Digy HTML5 Template


Free corporate responsive template designed by ChocoTemplates.
Simple HTML5 Template


Free single page website template for business site.
Simplex HTML5 Template


Created by using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 techniques, Brownie is a simple and clean responsive portfolio and business website template.
Brownie HTML5 Template


Free HTML5 theme for portfolio. jQuery camera slideshow included.
Spir HTML5 Template


Free, modern and clean website template perfect for showcase and business.
Proximet HTML5 Template

Brand Identity

Brand Identity HTML5 Template

It Fits

This template has something not just merely HTML5 new tags, it’s coded using WAI-ARIA roles for enhanced quality.
It Fits HTML5 Template

Liquid Gem

Liquid Gem utilises CSS media queries and percentage layouts to give a completely responsive design.
Liquid Gem HTML5 Template


A great template for those who need a personal portfolio to showcase their work or offer your services.
Madison HTML5 Template


A clean and professional template suitable for business, portfolio or general websites.
Response HTML5 Template


Free template suitable for a wide range of uses, especially for businesses related to information, technology, design and development.
WebLab HTML5 Template


Free template designed to satisfy the needs of all food related businesses. That’s an outstanding website template, built with creativity and innovation in mind.
Cafe HTML5 Template


Verti HTML5 Template

Escape Velocity

Escape Velocity HTML5 Template


Striped HTML5 Template


Dopetrope HTML5 Template


Kreative is a fully responsive template. It has a simple clean design suitable for companies and portfolio sites.
Kreative HTML5 Template


Free HTML5 business theme.
Bizz HTML5 Template

Ex Machina

Ex Machina HTML5 Template

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