Top 20 Joomla Templates

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Top 20 Joomla Templates

When we want to get a good website, we need to account both for design and for tools that are used to implement it. Some may fail to get it right, when they choose a template only by the picture and skimp on technical base. Others are rather choosy technology-wise, but get basic styling that won’t get them far.

To make it to the top, you need to select a template that has a stunning design and allows you manage all aspects of its appearance. Modern templates are loaded with Parallax effects, video backgrounds, animated content, such as graphs and diagrams, and much more. All this makes it fun for a user to browse the page and pushes them to opt for what you offer.

In this post we want to share with you top 20 Joomla templates of this April. They proudly hold this title for stunning look and quality execution. Recently created, these top 20 Joomla templates are full of CSS3 tricks. They feature Parallax sliders and backgrounds and load quickly with Lazy Load. Moreover, they bring clients ease of navigation with storytelling frontpage that is a roadmap to your site. All of these Joomla templates account for modern audience and appear equally great on all devices from mobile phones to large desktop PCs.

It is not only the design that makes these top 20 templates beat the competition. They all run on Joomla CMS (content management system), which is great in terms of managing your website with ease. Joomla admin panel features a number of options that you can configure to make it appear the way you want. You can change positions of elements, modify layout, create new modules and launch various extensions. With Joomla you will never fall short of technical means to get your website look the way you want.

Top 20 Joomla templates deserve their name both in terms of design and execution. You can get a pre-taste of their functioning on Live Demo. Check them out, select the one that fits you and step on the road of superior online presence!

Upbeat Minimalism: Webdesign Joomla Template

Business Journal Joomla ThemeDetails Demo

New Generation Template: Pintex Joomla Theme

Pintex Responsive Joomla TemplateDetails Demo

Building Things: Architecture Agency Joomla Website

Architecture Joomla ThemeDetails Demo

Comfy Vocation Joomla Site Design

Cozy Vacation Joomla TemplateDetails Demo

Stylish Interior Design Projects Joomla Site

Interior & Furniture Responsive Joomla TemplateDetails Demo

Universal Acclaim: Joomla Template for Business

Your Business Joomla TemplateDetails Demo

Stable Finance Responsive Joomla Website

Trustworthy Financial Institutions Joomla TemplateDetails Demo

Global Solutions Business Joomla Template

Business Joomla ThemeDetails Demo

Ultimate Fashion Responsive Joomla Theme

Fashion Joomla TemplateDetails Demo

Effective Strategies: Consulting Agency Joomla Site

Experienced Consulting Group Joomla TemplateDetails Demo

Blast of Positive Emotions: Radio Station Joomla Design

Radio Joomla TemplateDetails Demo

Promising Startups Responsive Joomla Website

Business Joomla TemplateDetails Demo

White and Clean Interiors Joomla Template

Architecture Joomla TemplateDetails Demo

See the World: Travel Agency Joomla Theme

Travel Agency Responsive Joomla TemplateDetails Demo

Fast Towage Services Joomla Website

Automobile Towage Joomla TemplateDetails Demo

Preserving Treasures: Environmental Joomla Site

Environmental Responsive Joomla TemplateDetails Demo

Gifts of Earth: Agriculture Joomla Website

Agriculture Joomla ThemeDetails Demo

Cycling Buzz Responsive Joomla Template

Cycling Joomla TemplateDetails Demo

Breathtaking Destinations: Joomla Design for Travel Agency

Travel Spot Joomla TemplateDetails Demo

Winning Smile: Dental Care Joomla Theme

Dental Health and Care Joomla TemplateDetails Demo

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