Coming Soon or website under construction Bootstrap template are usually one-pagers that are used by website owners and their work is to inform the audience or clients that the website is still under construction or still in development. They are also used to inform your clients that you are maybe redoing or renovating your site and more. Most of these templates come with a calendar countdown that your clients can monitor to know when the website will be up and running.

They also come with social media links that your clients can follow to learn more about your site, and any other detail that they may need, they can get all that information if they follow those links. You will also get subscription forms where your followers can still subscribe, and by doing so, they are able to get newsletters and updates on anything that goes on with the site and when the site is ready. They are also built with the popular Bootstrap framework, and this makes them look great regardless of the fact that they are just there to prepare your clients. If you plan on developing your site and you feel it may take some time to complete, then you can go for coming soon Bootstrap template in the meantime.

Opening – Website Under Construction Template

Opening is the under construction website template that is elegant and captivating in style. This under construction landing page design is suitable for business websites that are under construction and it comes with innovative features...