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Dashio – Bootstrap Admin Template

Dashio It is a fully responsive admin dashboard template built with Bootstrap Framework. Flat color, Customized Chart, Easy to customize, and developer-friendly code Dashio comes with 35+ well-crafted pages required for creating a complete admin...

Piper – Creative Bootstrap Template

Piper is a truly multi-purpose website template with tasteful design and great features which provide you will all you need to make your next project stand out. Featuring two distinctive navigation styles. Piper is based...

Confetti – Bootstrap Wedding Template

Confetti is a unique and styling Bootstrap template for your next wedding project. Featuring a high impact fullscreen slider or a fullscreen video, as well as superb styling and exceptions confetti effect. Bootstrap Based Super...

Bootstrap is certainly the most preferred framework or tool for developing responsive websites. It is widely embraced and therefore being used by web developers, and also many leading web development companies. Almost all web templates and modern websites are built on top of the Bootstrap framework nowadays because it has the most amazing features, it's functional and very reliable. You can easily notice websites that are made with Bootstrap because they are very fast, they come in style and responsive. Bootstrap was introduced and started being used in 2011, and those years that it has been running, it has matured and stabilized.

In its early stages, Bootstrap was known as the Twitter blueprint as it was created in the Twitter laboratories. Bootstrap is now the core and also the main qualification for all website templates. Bootstrap's main aim is to connect developers with designers. Many people who have dreamt of owning a website see their dreams actualized by Bootstrap.

The design of Bootstrap is consistent and is also easy to customize and no wonder many people love Bootstrap. Bootstrap keeps on releasing updates so that it can meet the needs and standards of the modern world. Nowadays almost every template that you will come across on the internet is created with Bootstrap framework. This evidently shows you that Bootstrap is a very effective and efficient framework. It is very important to choose bootstrap when creating your templates because you are sure that the outcome will be perfect and you will have therefore made the right choice.