17 Advertisement Portal Templates

Though 70% of US customers want to be able to try products in person, it is still vital to crafting a powerful online presence. Prospects enjoy using the Internet to look for new services. And the fact it saves time is only one of many reasons why people think so. Anyway, being online is essential for any company. No matter if you are a pro or a beginner, webspace should be your #1 place to go. That is why, in this post, I have selected 15+ advertising site templates. The advertisement portal template is creator-ready and have numerous versatile elements to provide a stress-free website creation. You don’t need to have an exceptional experience or anything like that. People of all ages can quickly start their sites with the help of the mentioned products.

The variety of templates is extensive nowadays. It may be hard to choose one item, especially when all of them promise painless site-building. So, how to further your final decision-making? I recommend you to take a closer look at the list below. Here are the features and components you will need when creating a business project.

  1. Responsiveness is what any site needs today. You can’t afford to have gadgets or screen limits.
  2. Rocket-fast loading speed is another essential which comes for any site.
  3. Cross-Browser Compatibility will be the next must-have for you. There should be no browser limits as well.
  4. Customer-oriented web design (like Navi, fonts, etc.) would make people love the site.
  5. SEO-friendly design is critical in case you want the project to be popular.

What else should you look for? Check out the advertisement portal template selection below!


DreamSoft Website Template

As you can see, we live in the age of smart technologies. Therefore, you can get everything ready-to-use, which is quite time-saving. So, I recommend you to look for pre-designed website templates even if you are right in coding. Simply because it would further the working flow so that you may focus on more important things. As you may see, DreamSoft is a perfect example of what a good template should contain. The item comes with a huge set of UI & UX elements. You get multiple pre-made blocks for various content types. All of them are versatile enough so that you can change any details up to your needs. Besides, there will be a variety of contact forms to let people get in touch with you. Among the other features of DreamSoft, there are the next:

  • 30+ ready-made HTML pages,
  • SCSS & Pug Files included,
  • SEO-ready code,
  • Google fonts.


Interson Website Template

Back to the must-haves, I also recommend you to work on call-to-actions. According to recent stats, 70% of small business sites don’t have them on the homepage. Well, let’s use it for the development of your project! Though clients are pretty spoiled today, they still want to know what a site wants them to do. For many years CTA buttons remain the best and the simplest way to guide prospects through the site. When used smartly, CTAs would bring you more leads. To say more, they can even increase sales. The .interson template comes with all the features you may need for a CTA button.

What else does it have inside?

  1. Ready-made essential pages, like Main Page, Careers, About Us, Pricing, Services, etc.
  2. FREE high-resolution images to use for your content.
  3. Cross Browser Compatibility so that you can forget about browser testing.
  4. Working Newsletter Subscription form to let prospects know about your news.
  5. Gallery + Blog with multiple styles to choose from.


Metric Website Template

Those who own web studios or web design companies would 100% like Metric. This theme is multipage, which means you can start several online projects. It is comfy and allows you to save some money. That is why lots of users prefer multifunctional templates these days. No secret, your project should be prospect-oriented to get an audience. It means you have to make the would-be-customers see first. See what? Well, everything that is important about your business, including the following:

  • The original logo you have chosen for the company,
  • Your slogan and main info,
  • The contacts of the company,
  • Services list,
  • CTA buttons, etc.

Another important step is to let prospects contact you ASAP. That is why Metric contains a quick contact form in its pack. With it, the future customers would be able to ask you any questions once they need it. They will need to enter their email to get an answer so that you can also increase the company’s client base.


Telecord Website Template

What else does one need to run a progressive website? Before everything else, you should make the project responsive. The good thing is that most of today’s templates already have responsiveness in their packs. Telecord is the right product. It would work awesome and look amazing on any screen. Also, this advertising site template is mobile-friendly, which is important nowadays. Why? Just take a quick look at the mobile sales statistics below.

  1. Mobile shoppers spend $3.2 trillion a year as of 2017. This is almost doubled in the past five years. Can you imagine how much money people spend on mobile shopping today?
  2. Nearly 80% of users used a mobile device to search the internet in 2019.
  3. Website speed is essential for more than 50% of all mobile users.
  4. More than 3/4 prospects use mobiles along with physical shopping.
  5. More than 50% of online projects are using responsive web design technologies that work for all devices now.

Seeing that, I recommend you to work hard on the small-screened version of the website. Luckily, there is no need to code to make your website mobile-friendly. Telecord already has all the essential components in the package.


CaseCraft Website Template

Would you like to get an elegant web design that meets all the latest requirements? Don’t pass the demo version of CaseCraft in this case. This financial & advertisement portal template comes with seven ideal layouts, including the following:

  • Management Company,
  • Advertising Agency,
  • Call Center,
  • Marketing Agency,
  • Accounting,
  • Job Portal,
  • Public Relations.

What is more, there are more responsive layouts coming soon. You will get them for FREE as a part of the future updates. And, the same to all updates, these layouts have quick and automatic install.

What else will you get by choosing CaseCraft?

  1. There are 45+ ready-made HTML5 pages on average.
  2. You have a handy Theme Color Switcher, which allows changing the site design in a single click.
  3. Google Maps will help clients to find your office.
  4. Powerful Search Engine is a must-have, no matter which business niche you cover.
  5. Use Testimonials to showcase your customer feedback.


inWeb Website Template

To make a long story short, inWeb is another web dev & advertising agency web template. It is multipage and comes with a clean and versatile design. To say more, inWeb is super-easy to edit or tune. Users of all ages and skill levels can use the item to run their business projects in hours. You will not have a lot of trouble while working with the template. Otherwise, you can contact the round-the-clock customer support. It is FREE and lifetime for all users who purchase ZEMEZ products.

Which style do you get with the theme? It looks pretty corporate, but you can edit everything and anything you want to. There is a smart Slider to upload your custom images without a hitch. It comes for the site background as well. By the way, inWeb contains the Parallax effect in its pack. With it, you can enrich the web design with the illusion of depth in 2D spaces. It would make an interactive way to guide a would-be-customer through your project.


ConsultBiz Website Template

Less than 65% of small businesses had corporate websites last year. It may look like a lot, but no business would stay afloat without a properly crafted site. Why? To begin with, most users use web space to find out about products and services they are interested in. It is comfortable and time-saving. One can check out testimonials, read product details online, and much more. Prospects mostly do this when they have free time, like coffee breaks. Which means you can’t make people wait. For these simple reasons, it is critical to make your site responsive. As a result, clients can enter the website whenever they have time. It would automatically adapt to the screen a user has in their hands. With it, there will be no time or place limits. Among the other features of ConsultBiz, there are:

  • Intuitive Search Form,
  • Tabs and Tooltips,
  • Hamburger Menu,
  • Extra Pages Layout, etc.


Marketic Website Template

In case you are still looking for an advertisement portal template, don’t miss Marketic. The item contains a lot of essential components in the package. Let’s start with the most important one - Visual Content Editor. It is critical to make your website well-running. But it should also have a perfect design to get prospects’ attention. Would you like to stand out from the crowd and create a unique online project? In this case, the mentioned feature is just what the doctor ordered. By working with the editor, you can create and edit new pages with drag & drop technique. And the best thing is that you won’t need to code or anything like this. Just drag the content element you prefer and drop it to the editor’s field. Marketic comes with a rich library of presets to select from. Besides, you get the following:

  • Bootstrap technology,
  • Multiple Gallery Types, like Grid, Cobbles, or Masonry,
  • 5 Blog layouts,
  • Header & Footer layouts, and more.


M&G Website Template

What else should you know when crafting a current business project? Keeping your website minimalist is another way to get a stylish design. With M&G it would be clean enough to provide readable on-site experience. There is Mega Footer that lets you work with the design of the page without any experience. It allows rapidly designing new header and footer styles. Below you can see other M&G features. Use them to introduce your content in a neat but remarkable way.

  1. The back-to-top button would improve the functionality of the online pages.
  2. Responsive Bootstrap4 Layout is always a must-have.
  3. Material Parallax makes your background noticeable.
  4. Carousel and Slider features make an excellent way to emphasize visual content.
  5. Counters allow one to showcase important info without overloading the site look.


SEOMarket Website Template

Here is one more advertising site template that is so simple to manage. It contains numerous must-haves in the pack. One of them is a pre-packed Dropdown Menu. To put it briefly, the feature allows one to build a modern menu of any complicity. You can create multiple categories and subcategories to sort site pages. And the greatest thing is that you can hide so much content under the hamburger menu. For example, here are the ready-made pages SEOMarket contains:

  • Our History & About Us,
  • Single Job & Single Service,
  • Grid Album Gallery,
  • Fullwidth Gallery,
  • 404 & Under Construction Pages.

And these were just to name a few. Besides, you have some Pricing and Registration pages to make the site more prospect-friendly. Plus, there is a cool Search that shows the results when a user is still typing their request. It would further the searching process so that people will always find the needed page or item.


Median Website Template

Before everything else, Madian comes with a marvelous UI and UX kit. It consists of numerous visual elements to enrich the site’s appearance. No secret, it is always easier to notice, understand, and remind visual info for the human brain. That is why Median contains multiple Counter and Progress Bar styles. Use them to introduce business statistics and other vital info in a laconic way. You also have Testimonials, Graphics, and many other pre-packed components. All of them are versatile, super-easy to change. Your clients will be able to rate the company’s services in a single click. Though this is a small detail, it is critical to let people offer their opinion. On the first hand, it makes the customer understand you take care of them. On the other hand, it makes the site trustworthy because others can see what people think of you. By choosing Median, a user get:

  • Amazing CSS3 animation effects & transitions,
  • Eye-catching CTAs,
  • Sliders,
  • Isotope & Grid Gallery.


Randver Website Template

To begin with, all the pictures you can see in Rendver’s demo will come as a FREE bonus. They are high-quality and ready-to-print. What else is waiting for users inside the Randver pack? By selecting this item, you have so many voguish Gallery and Blog styles to choose from. Plus, there will be different header and footer layouts that are important for any online project. You can place multiple details in their design, including Search Form or Contacts block. Among the other features of this advertising agency web template, there are the next:

  • Background Videos,
  • Parallax Scrolling,
  • Mobile-ready design,
  • Scrollable content blocks, etc.


Lemon Website Template

To put it briefly, Lemon is a modern item that comes for any field of activity. This web design and advertising site template corresponds with all the newest requirements. You can use Lemon for numerous business niches. It lets one quickly create a professional site without coding. So what should you know about Lemon? Before all else, the product has Bootstrap Toolkit. It provides the template’s owner with flawless design and multiple styling possibilities. You have a handy Visual Content Editor to improve the project’s look. As you may know, not all the HTML templates provide this amazing WYSIWYG site-editing experience. Besides, Lemon has the following features in the pack:

  • Premium plugins set,
  • Accordion styles,
  • HTML + JS functionality,
  • 1170 Grid System.


Olly Website Template

Like all the well-crafted HTML templates, Olly comes with a variety of pre-designed pages inset. With it, you have such essential layouts as Services, Grid Gallery, Single Project, and much more. These pages are already ready-to-use. You can just upload custom content and use these pages the way they are. Thanks to Bootstrap4 functionality, your website will be powerful enough to fit any device. No matter which screen size a visitor prefers, your project will be fast and beautiful. All the text and images will change according to the gadget size. Olly comes with a sleek and easy-to-understand design so that anyone can change it. You have very flexible settings to make the site look the way you want it to. Here are some of the features Olly comes with:

  • CSS3 + HTML5,
  • Code-free content creator,
  • Google maps,
  • Sliced PSD.

SEO Agent

SEO Agent Website Template

This is a multifunctional HTML template. It means you can use SEO Agent for various purposes. It has all the must-haves to run an ace business or personal project without trouble. The item has Parallax and many other trendy effects to promote your brand online. Each of them comes with rich settings pack so that any user can tweak SEO Agent’s design up to their personal or business needs. Also, you have easy-to-change color schemes and FREE Site Analysis feature. It is essential for any site in case you want to get success. What else does SEO Agent contain? It has the following features:

  • Corporate Header,
  • Light Widget Footer,
  • Minimal Footer & Header,
  • Team Member page, etc.


LeadGen Website Template

Would you like to improve the online presence and set up a strikingly-colored website? Don’t pass by LeadGen in this case! The product has simple but strong settings to customize your would-be-website. There are lots of configurable patterns to impress future visitors. With it, you can craft page categories, style fresh layouts, play with the background, and so much more. Still, you should not forget about the technical side of the project. But what should you begin with? I suppose SEO is the most vital aspect of any website. This is what makes Google and other search engines find, scan, and love the site. That is what makes the website stand out from the crowd. As expected, LeadGen already has SEO-readiness in the pack. What else does it contain? There are the following:

  • Eye-friendly Typography,
  • Quick Contact Forms,
  • Dropdown Menu.


Promo Website Template

Last but not least, here is another classy multipage HTML product. The name of the item speaks for itself as it makes a quick way to promote your business online. Being comfy and user-oriented, Promo has many features to let you build the very website. It comes with Navigation Bars to improve the site design and make it as visitor-friendly as possible. You have a versatile Portfolio with the next layouts: Masonry, Grid, Modern, and Single Project. What else can one see in the Promo set? You have the following features:

  • Buttons & Tables,
  • Blog Layouts,
  • Screens,
  • SEO-friendly appearance.