9 Ways To Create an Awesome App With an App Design Template

Are you a business owner or service provider who wants to boost the experience of your customers with an app? Luckily, powering a feature-rich mobile app doesn’t take months of work anymore! Instead, you can create a fully-functional mobile application within a week or even less. For this, use the app design template that I share with you today!

The best app design themes allow you to create the best apps for iOS and Android. Using these templates, you can create a convenient app for an online store, news portal, blog, or any other kind of online presence. You can also create a range of useful apps that provide users with the features and functionality they need.

If you choose one of these 9 themes, your app design template will be easy to customize with a full set of options to edit text, imagery, animation, layouts, and more! These best app templates are endlessly extendable, allowing you to build exactly the application you need.

Other advantages of these templates:

  • fully responsive to meet any form factor;
  • thoroughly documented to guide you through your app design customization;
  • newbie-oriented;
  • clean and well-commented code;
  • all the functionality you need for your type of app;
  • built in line with the latest web development trends;
  • fast-performing and reliable;
  • Rate Us functionality included;
  • User Feedback functionality;
  • reliable support.

Launching a modern mobile application allows you to boost the experience of your clients and reduce traffic on your website. So, it’s time to create a usable mobile application for your business that delivers you higher income and popularity. Go in line with modern web trends and build an awesome app with a template within days!

Easyday E-commerce App KIT App Template

Easyday E-commerce App KIT App Template Website Template

Are you eager to create an app for a mobile grocery, whole food, fashion, or any other e-store? With Easyday app UI kit, it takes minimum time and knowledge to create a fully-functional and usable mobile application to sell products to your clients within an app. Developers based this modern application kit on Materialize CSS framework, offering you an appealing and easy-to-customize interface, which is 100% responsive. Besides, you access all the premade content blocks and animation you need to power a convenient shopping app interface within hours.

Are you eager to create a pro e-commerce website along with your template? Then, check out our list of the most efficient and easy-to-use e-commerce website templates.

ADVIK Premium Web Mobile UI Kit App Template

ADVIK Premium Web Mobile UI Kit App Template Website Template

ADVIK is a premium multipurpose UI kit template, which lets you create a mobile app design of any complexity for a wide range of applications and businesses. Using this app UI kit, you can create an accomplished app for your business within hours and start earning your income with it. This app design template includes such inner app pages as Home, Shop, Blog, Gallery, and others. Developers built this template using Bootstrap 4. It’s ultimately responsive and well-documented. Building any sort of an app with ADVIK UI kit is a simple process, which can be handled by beginners!

WordPressAmp - Android News App Template

WordpressAmp - Android News App Template Website Template

This is an awesome simple and effective template for a blogging app. This app design is 100% Android-ready and responsive. You can easily integrate this application with any PSS Feed you use. Developers mapped WordPressAmp to work with WordPress blogs and any existing or custom RSS feeds. This Android app design also offers its users an easy-to-browse Side Menu to help them find the categories they need. Moreover, this professional app design includes Rate Us, Feedback, and Privacy Policy functionality. Finally, WordpresAmp template allows your readers to save articles to read next time.

Promoting your app without a sound online presence will be hard. Get one of the top news and magazine website templates instead. We’ve got you covered!

Khara - Vue Nuxt Corporate and Business App Template

Khara - Vue Nuxt Corporate and Business App Template Website Template

Khara is a professional and responsive application template, which uses the latest technologies and 27+ components to deliver your app users a smashing experience. This multi-niche template offers you a portfolio app design for creative and SEO and other web agencies, videographers, startups, marketing companies, etc. Khara app template is engaging and attractive on all types of screens and devices. Built with Nuxt.js and Vue.js, this template is fast-performing and modern, allowing you to create a mobile application of your dreams.

Jobs App Template

Jobs App Template Website Template

Jobs is a professional template to help you create a fully-functional recruitment application design. This template is 100% Android-ready. It incorporates splendid Login and Registration screens, usable app Homepage where users can search for jobs. You also get a convenient Jobs Filter and Job List to display the positions available in the best light. Jobs template also incorporates a Job Application page and Job Details page to make your mobile app design even more user-friendly out of the box. Finally, this template is responsive to fit all devices and makes applying for a job on the go simple!

Web2App Android Webview App Template

Web2App Android Webview App Template Website Template

Do you want to make your website available as a native mobile application? Web2App lets users access your responsive website as a full native application. Web2App template will work with any kind of website and URL, allowing you to quickly power an application design for your online business or blog. Web2App template offers you quick and easy integration with Android Studio, allowing you to configure your project up to your liking using the best tools for Android developers. Finally, the application is optimized for all modern mobile devices and AdMob-ready.

Call Blocker Android Studio App Template

Call Blocker Android Studio App Template Website Template

Allow users to block unwanted calls and manage blocked calls by creating a fully-functional Call Blocker application design with this template. Call Blocker is a highly-functional app template developed to let you earn some extra income with a modern call blocker application. This template offers your users many ways to block unwanted calls (via Contacts, Call Logs, SMS Logs, manual number input, and Unknown Number List). The app is also equipped with the App Rate pop-up to encourage users to rate and review your app in Google Store. To edit this professional app design template, use Adobe Studio, one of the best environments for creating and customizing Android applications.

NewsAmp - Android News App Template

NewsAmp - Android News App Template Website Template

If you feel like it's time to create an awesome NewsAmp application using Native Android, go for this easy-to-customize News app template. NewsAmp Android app design has everything you need to display news feeds like a pro within a usable application. This template allows your readers to save articles to read in the future and share the highlights using social media networks. Users can also switch between List and Grid view and sort out the Top Viewed articles to read first. Rating the app, sharing feedback, and checking out your Privacy Policy is also directly available in your app.

NewsAmp - Swift News App Template

NewsAmp - Swift News App Template Website Template

This template is similar to the previous one. The difference is that this application comes 100% in Swift. You can use it to create an iOS-ready application. NewsAmp template is easy-to-customize. It comes with a Side Menu to let you easily browse settings and sources. You also get full documentation that will help you edit the theme without trouble. NewsAmp app template includes Collections functionality, Grid, List & Top Articles views, Settings Menu, etc.