20 Best Beauty Salon and Spa Website Templates 2022

Each professional, who has something to do with beauty services, should do everything in order to become popular. Sometimes it may seem that your target audience is not easy to be reached out. Thanks to these marvelous beauty salon website templates, you can be sure of your capacity to build a huge customer base and impress their imagination with an eye-catching online-presentation of your services.

Without a doubt, every beauty salon needs to be presented in an elegant way. Its look should assure your potential clients that your business will provide them with the same beauty and style. For this reason, we tried to choose the most impressive solutions that will make it possible to make your business become widely-recognized on the Internet.

In this stunning collection, we want to offer you multiple ready-made solutions both stylish, powerful, and professional in their appearance. Together with these marvelous templates, you will get access to different pre-made pages, good-looking galleries, and attractive animation effects and transitions.

Thanks to these modern and exciting website templates, you will get the opportunity to create a tailor-made and attractive website. Without a doubt, all designs, functional tricks, and stock photos included in these packages will represent your business and its advantages in the best possible light.

Just get started today and start building your amazing website that will showcase your beauty salon on the web here and now. We are completely sure that it will allow you to generate a wonderful web-presence and make your business grow within days…


Modern Website Template

A stylish and impressive solution that will capture the attention of each user who is looking for a wonderful hair salon. If your business is focused on providing high-quality services and customer satisfaction, this amazing design will certainly attract new customers. It includes 30 pre-made pages that will assure your customers of choosing  your hair salon for the reason that it provides clients with the best possible hairdressing experience. You will be also ready to show off your creative team of your specialists.


A wide variety of web forms will make it possible to communicate with your target audience and tell them that your staff will do everything to meet their expectations. In addition to this, you can brighten your website up using a great Parallax effect that will add a fresh coat of paint to your online-project. By the way, you can play around with different Google Fonts in order to convey your main message at its best.


Glory Website Template

Glory is a beautiful template that will present your professional beauty care in the best possible light. Its eye-catching design will add freshness and visual-attractiveness to your website. In order to make your website look even brighter, you can take advantage of stunning animation effects and transitions.

You can present your photos in an out-of-the-ordinary way using a wide range of the gallery types (cobbles, grid, and masonry). Furthermore, your visitors will always have a chance to get in touch with you thanks to multiple working forms.

They will be also ready to request a meeting right on the website using an attractive appointment manager. It will be also possible to show a physical location of your beauty salon with the help of powerful Google Map. Don’t forget about a marvelous blog functionality and three blog layouts that will allow you to attract more attention to your remarkable and engaging articles.


Angel Website Template

Angel is a clean and organized multipurpose website template that is built with the best framework to make it reliable and effective. Angel is specifically designed for anyone who wants to showcase their services and also sell their products. This website template is most suitable for Spa, Barbershops, Wellness centers, Gym, Physiotherapy, Makeup, Cosmetic, Massage, Health and so many more. This template comes with great features that make it a very necessary template for your website.

With Angel template, you can be sure that your online presence will be felt everywhere and hence causing growth in your business. Some of its great features are, a coming soon countdown, 33-page template, it is easily customizable and comes with a very easy code that you can easily use without putting in too much effort. With this template, your site can become a success in just a short time as it is very appealing to the eye.

Barber Shop

Barber Shop Website Template

A modern and attractive theme that will do everything in its power to showcase your professional barber shop in a creative way. Its trendy design and minimalist design will focus the attention of your core audience on your services and their main advantages. With the help of the powerful mega-menu, you will get the opportunity to create a user-friendly navigation. You will be ready to organize your categories and subcategories without any particular efforts.


By means of the amazing contact form, your visitors can easily get in touch with you, give their feedback on your barber shop, and inquire more information. Moreover, you will get a marvelous gallery that will make it possible to add the most impressive photos of haircuts to your website. You can be also sure that your business will catch the eye of your visitors for the reason that you will be ready to inform them about your services by means of presenting your physical location, price lists, and timetables.


ButterFly Website Template

Butterfly is a uniquely designed template that can be used for, Beauty salon, Spa Centers, and massage parlors. This template is mostly for women or ladies as it mostly falls in that category. With this template, you get a ready Beauty or spa salon website. It is built with the trendiest tools to make it suitable for you and your website. This template will enhance your online appearance such that it cannot be ignored. You can have your template in no time if you choose Butterfly.

ButterFly has a well-commented and easy code that you can easily use, a variety of background colors that you can choose from according to your preferences or the logo of your business. You will get proper documentation, CSS3 animations, creative slider element, multi-browser compatibility and much more. You can never go wrong with Butterfly as it is simple and straightforward.


Blameless Website Template

Blameless is an out-of-the-ordinary solution designed for all owners of nail salons who want to bring their business up to the top on the web. With the help of this stunning template, it will turn out to be possible to show off a wide range of nail design services that will satisfy even the most demanding clients.

Thanks to three blog layouts, you will be able to share various details about your business and your opportunity to bring the best nail care services combined with various expert techniques. In order to make your online-presentation even more impressive, you should definitely pay your attention to beautiful animation effects and transitions. A wide variety of eye-catching pre-made pages will make it possible to present unique nail designs and capture the attention of nail design industry. Each customer, who will become interested in your services, will be ready to request a meeting directly on the website thanks to a user-friendly appointment manager.


BeautySpot Website Template

BeautySpot is a very elegant and perfectly crafted template. It has a very unique design that anyone will certainly fall in love with the minute they set their eyes on it. It is a multipurpose template that is designed for Spa, Health, Beauty, Gym and more. It is built with the best and modern tools to ensure that it meets your expectations as the user and also the standards of the online market. With such a template, you are sure that your products and services are presented very well in an online platform.

You will definitely get a lot of serious clients with Beauty Spot as it speaks for itself and has a very professional look. It has a very clean and organized code that even beginners can use effortlessly, it comes with a variety of home pages, and you can easily customize and also use it with cross browsers as it is compatible.

Brave Theme

Brave Theme Website Template

If you want to build a high-profitable website that will allow you to get thousands of new visitors, you should definitely take advantage of this multipurpose solution. This solution can be called a perfect variant for those who people who are dreaming of building a tailor-made website. Together with this attractive theme, you will get a wonderful collection of amazing functional tricks that will make your visitors agape with wonder.

You will get more than 100 pre-made pages that will assist you in showcasing multiple aspects of your business in the best possible light. If you need to present your high-quality pictures in order to make your website look more visually-attractive, take a glance at different types of the gallery. Without a doubt, you should promote your online-project all over the web. In this case, you can make use of excellent social feeds that will get the attention of all people who like to spend time on social networks.


Jacqueline Website Template

Jacqueline is perfectly designed and fully functional template just for you. This template comes with great features that you definitely need if you are opening up a site or want to improve one that you already have. It is most suitable for massage, wellness centers, spa, beauty salon, physiotherapy, hair or makeup salon websites and many more. This template has a very professional look, and it can also match corporate websites.

Jacqueline comes with great features that will go well with the products and services that you want to showcase. These incredible features include optimized for search engines, perfect documentation, premade pages, clean code that you can easily use, cross-browser compatibility, it is fully customizable, bulletproof consistency, and many more. If you are looking to improve your online presence or make it felt, Jacqueline will definitely help you do that.


BeautyHouse Website Template

BeautyHouse is a wonderful theme that will show off the topic of health and beauty in a stylish way. Without a doubt, its sophisticated design will present your crucial information and make people want to try exactly your services. By means of attractive homepage layouts (among which you can find home one, parallax version, animated text, carousel version, video version, home box Layout, and home box fixed), it will be possible to get a lot of attention from your target audience immediately.

You will also get 35 pre-made pages that include such useful solutions as about us, contact us, wish list, gallery page, and so on and so forth. In order to highlight the most important information out of your website, you can make use of various fully-functional elements. For example, you can take advantage of the banner for special offers, features, quick lines, pricing plans, flicker widget, blogs, and many others.


BeautyPress Website Template

BeautyPress is an amazingly crafted template that is very elegant and modern. It is very simple and straightforward and can easily be used by newbies. It is built on top of the most modern framework which makes it fully functional and very effective. It is perfect for hair salons, spa, massage, gym, wellness center and many more. You can easily use it to showcase your products and services online and hence reach your clients easily and efficiently.

BeautyPress template comes with great features that are exactly what your site might be missing. It comes with a variety of homepages, a clean and well-commented code, cross-browser compatibility which means that you can easily use it on all browsers regardless of whether they are modern or old, unlimited colors that you can choose from, special features like an online appointment form and more. With this template, your site will stand out.


Pretty Website Template

A remarkable and unusual template which name is speaking for itself. With the help of this minimalist solution made for launching a marvelous magazine on the Internet, it will take you nothing to impress the imagination of your readers. It comes together with a bunch of header and footer layouts that will turn your website to be a tailor-made one. By means of multiple gallery types, you can present your eye-catching images in the most attractive way ever. By the way, all images needed to brighten your website up are already included in the package.

If you want people to find out more about your services, you can easily do it thanks to a great blog functionality. You will also get four amazing blog layouts that will make your potential readers pay more and more attention to your articles. Don’t forget about modern Google Fonts that will make your information become more readable.


Solari Website Template

Solari is a creative and convincing template that offers a wide variety of useful features for establishing a brand new website. It includes everything that you need to build a unique online-project from scratch. Allow people to experience the most professional and wonderful beauty services. You can present them by means of the bunch of elegant pre-made pages that will definitely make people become interested in your services.

In order to make them look even more engaging, you can take advantage of marvelous animation effects and transitions. If you want to add even more visual-attractiveness to your future online-project, you can make use of the stunning background video. In addition to this, each person, who will visit your website, will be ready to communicate with your and leave a review on your services thanks to a wonderful collection of web forms. By the way, it will be also possible to present your high-quality pictures using such gallery types as grid, cobbles, and masonry.


Balance Website Template

Balance is a tailor-made and powerful solution that will make your massage salon become one of the most popular ones on the Internet. Make people believe that you will provide them with the best time to relax with balance using a huge number of fully-fledged elements. It comes alongside a great collection of additional pages that will allow you to build a website of your dreams without any issues.

Moreover, you will get a stunning animated slider which will assist you in showing off your sharp and eye-catching photos in the best possible light. You can be sure that people won’t get lost on your website thanks to a user-friendly navigation. It will take them nothing to find all essential information that they are looking for within seconds. You will be also happy to get a package of stock images that will certainly make your website shine on the web.

Royal Spa

Royal Spa Website Template

Royal Spa is certainly a template for Beauty and Spa. It comes with great and predefined elements that will assist you when it comes to creating your site in no time. This theme is most ideal for, Physiotherapy, Spa, Gym, Wellness Center, and Cosmetic, Massage, Barbershop and other websites.

Royal Spa is fully compatible with almost all browsers whether old or modern, and you will therefore not feel limited to using the browser that you actually prefer. It comes with a code that is well-commented ad organized, one that you can easily use to edit your site without struggling. With Royal spa, you will get 58+ HTML pages, good documentation, a variety of blog pages and so many other features. This template is sleek, elegant and stylish and will attract a great audience and views because of its attractive nature.

Feeling Spa

Feeling Spa Website Template

If you believe that your spa salon can provide people with a balance and harmony of their bodies, there is no need to keep calm about it. Reach out to all people who are interested in such a kind of services using this impactful and modern template. Together with this good-looking and powerful solution, you will get an amazing image gallery with lightbox and embed video gallery that will show off your attractive pictures in the most stylish way ever.

If you think that your potential customers should know almost everything about your spa salon, you can pay your attention to a stunning blog functionality. You can be completely sure that your additional information will be presented in the best possible light thanks to stunning blog pages with comments. In order to make people visit your website again and again, you can make use of the great background parallax section.