25+ Best Personal Website Templates 2020

Is it difficult to launch a website? In fact, it isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Nowadays, there’s an excellent possibility to launch a personalized web page using ready-made website templates. In fact, it doesn’t matter what niche you deal with. There are numerous pre-designed website templates that cover various spheres. They are easy to adjust to your needs, so they give you an amazing opportunity to create a website that suits your needs amazingly quickly.

Whether you represent a huge company or own a small business, whether you work with a team or on your own, the easiest way to get the world know about you is a website. The advantages of having a website are obvious. It can definitely show your products and services, it can describe your interests and projects, and so on.

Let us have a look at a magnificent collection of personal website templates.


Monstroid2  Website Template

Monstroid2 is a grand example of the new HTML templates generation. It is multifunctional, so it can be used by various entrepreneurs and individuals who wish to create a website. You can choose from more than 80 multi and one-page demos that cover a huge range of niches. They include hotel, restaurant, sports club, and numerous other webpages. Moreover, the theme contains ecommerce shop templates to launch an online store. You’ll also find event templates and calendars for effective planning of important occasions. You can use this theme to create a stunning portfolio or to run a convincing blog. More than 20 portfolio and more than 30 blog templates are parts of Monstroid2.

Alongside with incredible functionality, Monstroid2 can boast of various other attractive features. They include

- advanced video background;

- smooth Parallax scrolling;

- hover effects;

- header and footer variations, and many more.

So, Monstroid2 enchants everyone with its efficiency, productivity, and look.


Intense Website Template

With this multifunctional skin, you get an opportunity to create a powerful website using templates of 29 niches. Intense theme is also ecommerce ready, so you can present goods in a number of effective ways. Additionally, you can experiment with colors and choose from more than 25 skins. There are also more than 2000 font icons as well as an unlimited collection of Google fonts. Touch swipe photo gallery is surely an attractive way to present images. Customizable video and audio players will ensure increased customers’ involvement.

A widgetized Mega Menu included in the theme is a clear and operative way to arrange data. You can create categories and subcategories, forming dropdown menus. Moreover, responsive sliders, various header and footer styles, sidebar and footer widgets will help you organize and present your information.

Intense also contains various Ajax forms that will promote connection with customers:

- Contact,

- Booking,

- Subscribe forms.

Furthermore, Intense is characterized by complex social integration, so you’ll be able to connect with people through different social networks.


Legalor  Website Template

This multipage HTML template is appropriate for creating a website for a law company. It can also be used for personalized pages of lawyers, attorneys, judges, and other law professionals. The template contains more than 15 ready-made HTML5 pages, such as About, News, Services, Practice Area, and many more. You can also demonstrate customers’ reviews and your latest news effectively.

As for adjusting the design, you’ll get various options. You can change the size and the shape of buttons, add progress bars, tables of various design. It is possible to arrange information in grids or add accordions and tabs to your pages. Additionally, you can change the style of headings, highlight text elements, and insert blockquotes. This theme also includes Parallax effect that creates the sense of full immersion into the site. As the theme is responsive, your website will adjust to different screens and browsers smoothly.

Moreover, the theme guarantees a quick navigation and connection due to the forms:

- Contact,

- Newsletter Subscription,

- Search.

Brave Light

Brave Light  Website Template

Being colorful and stylish, this multifunctional theme will suit those who want to have a bright efficient website. Its well-developed blog functionality will let you create blogs of different types. You can have a classic, grid, masonry, or modern blog. It’s possible to include posts of different types, such as audio, image, video or single post.

Pre-designed pages will help you to present information effectively. You can get advantage of such pages:

- About,

- Our History,

- Services,

- Careers,

and others.

It is also possible to visualize information with a grid system, countdowns, radials, pricing charts, and so on. Similarly, you can create galleries of different types. They include Grid Galley, Grid Album Gallery, Fullwidth Gallery, and Single Project.

This theme has also got different potentialities for creating an online store. You can create different product pages with a detailed description of the product. Also, you can present your shop catalog in column layouts, adding navigation elements, such as categories and subjects. An efficient shopping cart will clearly show customers the price and quantity of products and lead them to Checkout.

Writer Ronald

Writer Ronald Website Template

This light multifunctional theme is relevant for creating various personal websites. The variety of included pages lets you create websites for

- a book author,

- a political candidate,

- or a personal teacher.

The personal page may display brief information and give visitors a chance to contact you or read more about projects. You can also present your services, education and experience, skills and awards. If people need more information, give them a link to your full CV in pdf-format.

Book Author page attracts visitors’ attention to the latest books and gives a fast way to purchase books. This page can also include Testimonials and various counters with information about readers, books, articles, or followers.

Political Candidate page aims at reaching a wider audience and gives opportunities to connect with people via social networks. It also highlights latest news, clearly presents a political program, gives testimonials, and introduces your team.

The blog layouts of the theme comprise classic, grid, and modern blog. Multiple header and foyer layouts, as well as a variety of working forms, ensure the site’s functionality and attractive appearance.


Modern  Website Template

This portfolio template will be particularly suitable for artists. The About Page will present general information and catch visitors’ attention with awards counter. You can also present your team and link information about them to their profiles in social networks. On the Services Page you can present a service description and enchant customers with examples of your works. Your clients’ reviews can be shown with the help of Testimonials. Organizing information becomes easy with the Dropdown Menu. The Back-to-top button improves navigation through the website. Moreover, the template contains different working forms. They are Contact Form, Newsletter Subscription, and Search Form.

As it is important for artists to present their pieces of art, Gallery contains different types:

- Grid,

- Masonry,

- Cobbles.

You can also present images with a carousel and sliders.

Different header and footer layouts, as well as cool animation effects and transitions, make your website visually appealing.


Diag  Website Template

Creative and modern, this template will be appropriate for designers, photographers, developers, and other personal pages of creative workers. The clean and clear design of the page will help you provide information in a distinct way. You can easily showcase your skills and services, visualizing them with counters. With ingenious organization of your recent works, you can attract new customers. Moreover, you can attach your resume to be downloaded by potential employers.

Your personal page will look more convincing if you add Testimonials. You can effectively share your clients’ opinions and increase your professional credibility. Also, you can run your blog and share your viewpoint or advice in it. People will be able to see your posts and updates. Moreover, the template offers an explicit Contact Form. It allows the visitors of your page to see your contact details and get in touch with you quickly. Also, smooth scrolling and easy navigation through the site are the features that catch your eye.


Smarto  Website Template

Built with Bootstrap4, this modern template has numerous features for creating an impressive portfolio or personal website. Firstly, you can choose from 5 Homepages (Default, Parallax, Particle, Video, and Box Layout). In such a way, you can choose a preferred style and format. Secondly, you can add and edit various other pages. They are:

- Portfolio,

- Portfolio Details,

- Blog,

- Blog Details,

- About, Service,

- and Contact Pages.

On these pages, you can present brief information and let visitors explore your works. You can showcase your latest work, as well as lead people to the detailed descriptions of your projects. As for the blog, you can demonstrate posts providing their titles and short information. Also, you can provide categories and let people search other posts when you give details in the blog.

Thirdly, you can easily customize your website applying different fonts. Moreover, you’ll be attracted by the smooth animations of elements on this webpage.


Hypno  Website Template

Having nice and clean design, this template can be used for creating personal websites of different individuals. It comes in both white and black designs, so it can be really applied for pages of different styles. It contains all the basic pages that you need for creating your website. These are Homepage, About page, Portfolio and Portfolio Details pages, Blog and Blog Details pages, Service and Contact Us pages.

As for customization, Hypno offers you 600 Google Fonts. You can choose your favorite font and edit elements. Also, you are free to choose icon fonts. For the easiness of communication with your audience, you can add Ajax Contact Form. It gives people a possibility to write you a message and see other contact details of yours.

Other useful features of this template are:

- responsive design,

- free lifetime updates,

- user-friendly design.

Thus, this template is appropriate for any nontechnical people who want to create a webpage on their own.


Looper  Website Template

In this template, you’ll get more than 60 Html files that include 16 homepage demos. Thus, you may create a desired website of different styles and adjust it to your needs. You can create a menu with different categories and subcategories for smooth navigation. Multiple homepage sliders will be helpful for presenting information efficiently. Also, the template’s search form will give people a possibility to look for any necessary information.

This template has working Ajax portfolio loading and 5 single portfolio pages. They will give you a possibility to present your information in the most appropriate way. Furthermore, there is a grid and masonry blog. With the help of a blog, you can describe your services and provide details about products. A special contact page will let your visitors ask you different questions if they need any further information. So, this template is suitable for personal websites as well as for agencies’ webpages.


ComeOut  Website Template

This is a special type of templates that is used to introduce your website before launching. It contains 8 demos that will be suitable for different occasions. They include pages not only for personal website, but also for agencies and businesses. The ComeOut template does its best to satisfy your visitors’ interest for your website. You can definitely provide as much information as you can before launching the official webpage. The 24 PSD files included into the template will give you a possibility to choose images to display for free. Undoubtedly, you will want to show the amount of time to wait for the official opening. The most handful thing will be a countdown timer in this case.

Moreover, the template has got integrated MailChimp. This means that you can keep in touch with your visitors via emails. The MailChimp form will let them send you a message in a couple of seconds. This option may be useful for pre-ordering goods or services or notifying and reminding people about anything.

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith Website Template

Developed for personal websites, this multifunctional template will strike you with its efficiency. It is particularly suitable for creating an actor’s webpage or portfolio. You can choose from 4 blog layouts to present information:

- classic,

- masonry,

- 2-columns grid,

- 3-columns grid blog.

Moreover, there are numerous types of galleries to present your pictures. These types are grid, masonry, full width, and cobbles. Your visitors can see either all photos or some specific ones applying suggested filters.

The informative About Me page lets you present your biography, as well as TV and press news about you. This page can also include Testimonials and FAQ. Events page is useful for announcing latest and upcoming occasions and performances. Social integration options let your followers share information in various social networks.

Furthermore, this template supports ecommerce functionality. You can create an online store, show categories of different goods and single products on separate pages.

As the template is customizable, you can easily add buttons, forms, progress bars, tabs and accordions. It is also possible to experiment with typography.


Brendon  Website Template

Because of its universal and clean design, this template is suitable for various personal webpages. The variety of layout types will give you a chance to arrange everything in an efficient way. The template features blog functionality, so you can create a blogger’s site. Also, it is suitable for creating portfolios and showcasing different projects and works. To make your webpage convincing, you can add reviews. You can do this with the help of Testimonials. To give your visitors a possibility to reach you, there’s an effective Ajax Contact Form.

This template is Retina ready. It means that you can add pictures of the best quality to your website. Be sure, the pictures will look awesome. The responsive design of the template will also ensure smooth work of your website. It will adjust to various devices and browsers quickly. Moreover, the template includes PSD files with images. You can use them for free if they suit your ideas and style.

John Smith

John Smith Website Template

This creative template is sure to attract artists who want to launch a website. The homepage comes in three demo pages, so you may choose the one you like more. The About Me page is designed to present your biography or history, staff, and news. You can provide facts about your education and boast of your awards. The dropdown menu is here to arrange information into categories and subcategories. Such menu also helps visitors to navigate through the webpage.

There is a special section to announce upcoming events. You can draw people’s attention to forthcoming exhibitions stating their date and place. Additionally, you can let the world see your new project and recent exhibitions.

You can let people find you by filling information on the Contact page. You may include your address, telephone number, emails, and attach a map. Furthermore, it’s possible to have a contact form for quick messages to be written by your visitors.


Rokomary  Website Template

Bright and vibrant-colored, this template is appropriate for creating a designer’s webpage. It includes several variants of homepages to present your basic information. As well as writing it, you can create a video homepage with facts about you. Furthermore, you may attach your CV for potential employers. You can provide more facts and explanations on portfolio page and in your blog.

A clear and easy-to-understand Contact page is also worth mentioning. It noticeably presents your address with a map, if you like it. It contains your contact number and mail. For quick messaging, there’s a special form to fill.

To adjust the webpage and make it more personalized, there are different options for you. It is possible to change typography using more than 600 Google fonts. Moreover, there are different packages of icon fonts for you. There is CSS3 animation to make your website more alluring. Other appealing features of this template are:

- responsive design;

- easiness of customization;

- SEO-friendly code.


Okomo  Website Template

Ideal for photographers, this modern template will help you create a stunning website to showcase your works. It can be used not only by individual photographers, designers, developers, but also by agencies. Its main features are:

- responsive pixel perfect design,

- responsive video,

- easiness of customization.

A little introduction about your life and style can be written on a special About page. You can add your photo, post information about your mission, and outline your vision. A special emphasis is placed on My Work page. You can present all your projects in an engaging way. To tell your visitors more, you can create a blog. The variety of blog types includes Standard, Audio, Video blogs, as well as text and image posts.

Your creativity can be shown in website personalization. You can change fonts and icons, add animation and different sliders. Moreover, the template comes in both light and dark version, so you can experiment with styles.


Mafiaso  Website Template

This template, developed for creating a portfolio or blog, can be suitable for different developers and designers, including interior designers. It catches your visitors’ eye already with a homepage. It can be presented as:

- carousel,

- header image,

- slider,

- video slider,

- local, Vimeo or Youtube video.

Smart animation and other visual effects are really mesmerizing. Just choose the type of homepage that you find most appropriate and engage your visitors.

Portfolio can also be created in various styles: 2, 3, or 4-columns, and masonry style. Your well-organized portfolio can give information about different projects and their features. You can also add tags to each portfolio entry to connect posts. The navigation through the website is achieved also with the menu and effective search form.

To let people know more about you and your projects, create a blog. It can have various styles, such as full-width and right or left sidebar versions. Comments and the integrity with social networks will let you visitors share information easily.

Debora Nerris

Debora Nerris Website Template

This template will be particularly suitable for personal pages of those who work in beauty niche. These can be make-up and nail artists, hair and perfume stylists, skin and hair care specialists, and so on. Parallax effect that creates a sense of full immersion is the first feature to charm your visitors.

You can arrange information in different ways on About page. It is possible to give facts about your biography and to provide details about what you do. If you work in a team, you can also present your team members in a pleasant way. Furthermore, you can include your awards, skills, and testimonials.

One of the most important tasks for a makeup artist or hairstylist is to showcase their works. In this template, a great emphasis is laid on creating an efficient Gallery. It will help you classify your works presenting fresh, most popular, or top images in a carefully arranged way. Additionally, Services page organizes the variety of your services and presents them in a visually appealing way.


Dolores  Website Template

This template can be used to create a personal portfolio of a model, singer, actor, DJ, or other creative individuals. It can also function as a personal news page, blog or diary. The main parts of this template will represent the following pages:

- Gallery,

- Bio,

- Experience,

- Resume,

- Contacts.

The gallery is empowered with carousel script to save the space on the website. It can show images that are enlarged to the full-width size when visitors click on them. Moreover, the change of photo from a black to color version with a touch of a mouse is really impressive.

Bio page will let you provide descriptions of your life events in the chronological order. It is also possible to add animated images here. Experience page attaches significance to your main awards and achievements. You can display your shows or other works here. Resume page helps you to provide main information that people and employers should know about you.

Composer's Portfolio

Composer's Portfolio Website Template

Suitable for creating a website of a music artist, composer, designer, or any other performer, this stylish template fascinates you. The Home page can be used to provide short information about your style and passion. Also, you can add useful information, fresh photos, and popular projects sections. Additionally, you can illustrate your projects, e.g. your discography. Furthermore, announcing news and events is also possible directly on the homepage. A special feature of this template is a video background. You can use it effectively to make your website look more convincing and personalized.

There is a special page to present your works. If you deal with music, you can include information about your new CDs. Also, due to the audio player, you can give your visitors an opportunity to listen to your music online. Your fresh news can be shown on a special page. You can also announce upcoming events and their details here. After the events, it is convenient to post featured news and archives here, too.


Adosting Website Template

Adosting is a creative HTML template that allows for crafting different portfolio types. It is suitable for a large number of niches. These include web design, freelance, and many others. It can also turn out to be a reliable assistant for those people who need to sell their ready-to-use digital items. You can customize all the necessary elements of your design. In addition to this, it has an adaptive design. Thanks to it, your audience can get familiar with the desired work using both desktop and mobile devices. The package also provides a set of useful options. Among them, you are going to find:

  • different pre-designed pages (about us, services, projects, and others);
  • social media integration;
  • contact form;
  • minimalist-looking homepage;
  • and many others.

As you can understand, this ready-made solution can quickly help you if you have an interest in standing out from the crowd.


Miun Website Template

Get familiar with this modern OpenCart template that makes it possible to impress everyone with your portfolio. It is suitable for designers, developers, and freelancers who need to promote their services. You can customize the overall design according to your needs. In general, it has a minimalist look that gets your visitors focused on your work. Presenting all the necessary details is going to be comfortable. You can share your expertise and skills on the related page. Spreading the word about your services will turn out to be easy if you take advantage of social integration. Present the links to your profiles and attract more attention to your online project. More options deserve your attention:

  • Google Fonts;
  • animated layout;
  • based on Bootstrap;
  • fully-responsive design;
  • and many others.

If you want to impress your core audience, it will be excellent to grab something like this eye-catching template.


Grit Website Template

This incredible HTML template can become a perfect match for your portfolio, CV, and resume. Together with its range of functions, you can realize all your ideas. Showcasing your digital work in the best possible light is going to take nothing. What are these options that can help you with these goals? First of all, it is a multi-page template. Thanks to pre-made pages, you can speak about your work, achievement, and benefits. Then, it is effortless to customize the desired elements and makes them express your message. Furthermore, it has a fully-responsive design. In other words, everyone can browse your portfolio no matter what device he or she uses. You can also pay attention to the following ones:

  • contact form;
  • social media integration;
  • solid or image background;
  • and many others.

Thanks to this impressive portfolio template, making your work more accessible is comfortable.


Foliorocks Website Template

Another portfolio website template that one needs to check out in case he or she wants to stand out from the crowd. It offers a minimalist-looking design. Thanks to it, everyone will get focused on your creative activity. What are other attributes that can assist you in making your portfolio more accessible? As an example, it is a fully-responsive design. It is a crucial component that makes sure all the visitors can get familiar with your digital items or photography. Furthermore, you can select from four homepage styles. Each of them has a unique appearance that allows expressing your ideas. You are free to add a few animation effects. Using them, engaging your potential clients is going to be quicker. Do not forget about the availability of such options as:

  • Google Fonts;
  • based on Bootstrap;
  • sticky header;
  • social media integration;
  • and many others.

In other words, you are going to have all the essential options to impress your core audience.

Willy Wonka

Willy Wonka Website Template

A highly-flexible and stylish website template that makes it possible to craft an ideal portfolio. It is a match for those people who need a modern and creative design. Without a doubt, you can also achieve many other purposes together with this ready-made solution. As an example, you can promote your business, digital agency, and freelance services. On the relevant page, you can tell everything about your expertise, skills, and awards. It means that it can be more comfortable for people to rely on your services. You can also take advantage of the blog functionality. If you have some pieces of advice and new details, it is effortless to share them. The package also provides such features as:

  • contact form;
  • distinct homepage;
  • social media integration;
  • eye-catching portfolio page;
  • and many others.

It will be excellent if you decide to use this remarkable template for your brand-new portfolio.


Natania Website Template

Natania is a vibrant website template that has all the essential tools for an impressive portfolio. It is a chance to grow the number of your clients and arouse more interest in them. You can choose from three homepage variations. Without a doubt, your portfolio is going to distinguish itself from others, thanks to these original styles. It is also possible to take advantage of five inner pages. They will save you time and make it quicker to add the desired content. There are also three banner styles. If you have some crucial pieces of information to highlight, it will take nothing. You will also get a cross-browser compatible design. In other words, everyone can look through your website on all the modern browsers. The package also has the following options:

  • blog page;
  • profile page;
  • easy-to-customize nature;
  • Google Fonts;
  • and many others.

As a result, your upcoming portfolio makes sure the presented work draws more attention.