25+ Pro Business Website Templates 2019

If you are an owner of the business who wants to promote it, you should think about launching a website. The world of the Internet is your key to success these days. It can assist you in growing your business and spreading the word about.

Actually, there is a plenty of reasons that should convince you of building an online-project. Let us present to you the most crucial ones.

  1. Your business will become more reliable thanks to a website.
  2. It will be possible to inform your clients on various updates.
  3. People will always have an access to all essential information about your services.
  4. You can easily target a huge audience.
  5. It gives you the opportunity to showcase your projects and team.
  6. It will save you a lot of time.
  7. If you make use of the ready-made template to build a website, you will also save lots of money.

If you are not good at coding, we would like to offer you to choose a ready-made theme. It will make it easier and quicker for you to launch a website.

In this article, we want you to get familiar with powerful and impressive business website templates. They come together with a bunch of necessary options. Thanks to them, it will be possible to get lost of new customers.

In such a way, you can be sure that you will get a great online-presence. So, let’s come back to choosing your perfect template that will allow you to impress everyone on the web…


Polo Website Template

Polo is an excellent one-pager template. It is built on the Bootstrap framework and is fully responsive. Polo is very easy to customize and comes with many short codes that are well commented and organized to ensure that you can apply any changes smoothly. Polo is compatible with different browsers and can be used on all mobile devices which makes work very easy for you. It comes with a very wide variety of colors that you can apply to enhance the looks of your website easily.

You are also not limited to the colors as you can use your own choice. Polo is suitable for all for representing you online and will give your site an excellent and sophisticated look. You can be guaranteed many views as polo is very catchy and people will want to know more about you. You need this template if you are new to creating websites as it is very straightforward.


Porto Website Template

Porto is a fully responsive Bootstrap template that is suitable for all corporate, creative, and professional websites. It comes with great features that complement the products and services that you offer. It has a very elegant and sophisticated design that improves your online representation. Porto is already customized meaning you can use it effortlessly on your site. You can edit it without strife as it has an easy code that is well commented and organized.

It does not matter whether you know as it is very straightforward. With Porto, you get a variety of homepages, blog pages, different background colors that you can easily play with to enhance the appearance of your site and it is very lightweight meaning that does not consume much internet. Porto is simple and user-friendly and is suitable for almost everyone even for newbies.


NewFirm Website Template

NewFirm is a Bootstrap template suitable for all your business, corporate, creative, accounting, finance websites. It has excellent features that will certainly compliment your products and services. It comes with a clean code that is well commented and organized. It has been uniquely crafted to meet all your needs and create a very good presence for you online. It works with all browsers be it Google or any other.

NewFirm has a very elegant, sleek, modern and exquisite design that will make your site look amazing and stand out from other websites. NewFirm is already customized, is reliable and very efficient. For those who prefer an outstanding design yet simple, then look no further as this is the template for you. For those that have never used templates before, NewFirm is suitable for you as it is not complex and can easily be understood by beginners.

The Future

The Future Website Template

Do you want to step on the path of success? Thanks to this innovative template, it will become possible. You will be pleased to get such a big number of features. They will assist you in building a tailor-made website that wins the heart of every possible person. Give a look at various options to find out more about this great template.

  • more than 60 HTML templates to give you a full control of the website;
  • different nice-looking homepage variations;
  • a powerful stick-to-top menu;
  • marvelous header and footer variations;
  • a great Google Map;
  • a stunning contact form to allow people to get in touch with your team;
  • an excellent background video and eye-catching Parallax effect;
  • a wonderful gallery that includes lots of hover effects;
  • different smooth animation effects and transitions.

In order to become a leader, you just need to make use of this remarkable thing. In such a way, your target audience will become interested in your services and choose exactly them.


MaxiBiz Website Template

MaxiBiz is a bootstrap template that is fully responsive and has a well-commented code that is easy for all users. First timers can also use this template as it is straightforward and very simple. It is compatible with cross browsers like, Google, Firefox, Yahoo, Internet Explorer and other different browsers that you know of. You can easily access it on all mobile devices, for example, mobile phones, tablets, iPhones, iPads, desktops, laptops and many more.

MaxiBiz is already customized and comes with great features that will go well with the products and services that your site has to offer. MaxiBiz has all the tools that are necessary for your website to start up. It has a variety of homepages and blog pages. It also comes with sliders, a sticky header when you are scrolling downwards. You can easily change the background colors as there are many that you can choose from.


Crypt Website Template

Are you interested in cryptocurrency? In such a way, you can present your passion using this marvelous theme. Thanks to your website, people will find out more about benefits of bitcoin. Actually, there are lots of features that you will get together with this template. Let us give you a look at the most crucial ones here and now.

  • two blog layouts to show off interesting details;
  • eye-catching animation effects and transitions;
  • a great number of web forms to make a website look more reliable;
  • an excellent slider to showcase the hottest offers;
  • a stunning Google Map to show a physical location of the company;
  • lots of stylish Google Fonts;
  • over 20 ready-made pages to make the most out of your online-project;
  • a marvelous Parallax effect to give an illusion of depth;
  • multiple working widgets.

With the help of this convincing template, it will take you nothing to capture the attention of users.


Quaint Website Template

Quaint is an amazing theme that will capture the attention of your core audience. It is considered to be one of the most impressive solutions to present your business. This ready-made solution will make it possible to present your business at its best. To cut a long story short, this template distinguishes itself with its flexibility. So, let’s find out more about a bunch of its advantages.

  • more than 60 HTML templates that have unlimited possibilities;
  • 17 stunning pre-made layouts;
  • a wonderful Parallax and video background;
  • amazing header and footer layouts;
  • a marvelous gallery with multiple hover effects;
  • modern Google Fonts;
  • excellent animation effects and transitions to freshen your website up;
  • lots of powerful forms to let people get in touch with you;
  • a great Swiper Slider.

Without a doubt, this brand new template will give you the opportunity to impress your visitors. They will certainly forget about your competitors and choose your services.


Novi Website Template

Novi is a feature-rich template that will assist you in building a popular website. It includes a powerful Novi Visual Page Builder. This amazing features will allow you to launch a website without any coding skills. In general, you cannot even imagine the number of options in the package. Yet we will present you the most widely-used ones.

  • a powerful Slider;
  • Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feeds;
  • a great Parallax to make a website more eye-catching;
  • a wide range of contact and subscription forms;
  • an eye-catching background video;
  • testimonials to make your online-project look credible;
  • pricing tables and carousels;
  • multiple galleries to show off your attractive pictures;
  • various header and footer styles;
  • a fully-functional Google Map to show a physical location of the company.

In such a way, your online-project will turn out to be an extremely exciting one. By the way, you will get lots of Novi plugins to enhance the functionality of your website.


Flexy Website Template

Flexy is a template that is necessary for all business websites. It is built with the Bootstrap framework which is very popular and a great tool for any template. It is fully responsive which means that it can respond to any device whether mobile phone or desktops and many others. It is already customized and comes with a very straightforward code that is well organized and commented such that even newbies could use it effortlessly to change anything that they are not comfortable with.

Flexy template has a great layout that you cannot resist. It has a sleek and sophisticated design that is all you need for your online presence. Flexy is an amazing template when starting up your site as it is very simple, and the features will compliment your products and maybe the services that you sell. Flex is definitely a must-have.

Business Pro

Business Pro Website Template

Business Pro is a marvelous template that will allow you to showcase your real estate services in the most stylish way ever. Without a doubt, this wonderful design will help you to build a better business for your future. It will definitely capture the attention of each person who wants to present his or her business by means of the minimalist design. In such a way, your visitors won’t be distracted by some unnecessary elements. Yet what amazing options, which will assist you in building a stunning website, does this extraordinary theme have?

It comes alongside an incredible collection of pre-made pages and seven homepage variations that will allow you to create a tailor-made website. A wide range of fully-functional options will assist you in presenting your services, reviews from your satisfied customers, and the latest news regarding your upcoming projects. Moreover, lots of Google Fonts will make it possible to convey your message with the help of typography.


Canvas Website Template

Canvas is a very powerful template. It is a multi-purpose, multi-page template that s very sleek and modern. It is built with amazing tools that make it a very outstanding template. It comes with great features that will go hand in hand with your great products and the services you offer. Canvas has an off-canvas menu and is fully responsive.

Canvas works best will all devices, for example, mobile phones, tablets, desktops, laptops and many more. It is easily customizable which is a positive as you will not need to put in so much effort. Canvas is built with the Bootstrap framework which is high speed, and it also makes it lightweight meaning that it saves on the internet as it loads very fast. It is an ideal platform for your online presence. Canvas will definitely attract an audience as it catches the eye with its sophisticated design.


Good Website Template

Good is an incredibly flexible theme. It has a flat design and is fully responsive and can easily be used on different devices. It is customized which makes work very easy for you as the user. Its code is organized in a presentable manner and has different shortcodes that you can easily use to edit your site. It comes with beautiful features that you need to create a sophisticated online platform. It has a variety of homepages and a few blog pages just to make your site more appealing.

Good is perfect just as the name is. For those that are looking forward to selling stuff online, this template will work best for you as it has charts, a contact us page, Google maps with a marker and font awesome. This template will help your business to go a notch higher and impact your income and revenue.


Solid Website Template

Solid is an incredibly crafted template built with Bootstrap which is a very famous tool for creating templates. It is fully responsive meaning it can respond perfectly to all devices, whether mobile phones, desktops, laptops and all other devices. It comes with amazing features that make your online presence appealing and eye-catching. It is easily customizable and has a ready retina.

Some of its amazing features are, a clean code that is well commented, different skin color background, a beautiful layout, sliders, a contact us page, a portfolio that has all your details so that your clients can easily access your information and so many more. It is a good representation for you and your products online which will increase your market and also help increase views for your website. You can easily apply Solid on your site because it is straightforward and even beginners can understand it without a doubt.


Biznex Website Template

Biznex is completely responsive, modern, multipurpose and clean Bootstrap template. It is created  for corporate, finance, consultancy and all other types of business websites. It is fully responsive, and it can be used on smaller devices like for example, a mobile phone, without interrupting the visibility of the details. It has a clean and well-defined code that you can use to edit your site effortlessly.

Biznex comes already customized and with amazing features that are set to make your site stand out from the rest. It is documented very well and is intensively detailed to ensure that it reaches the standard and preferences of the user. It has a coming soon countdown which is perfect for sites that come up with new products very often. It is fully compatible with cross browsers that are found on our different devices.


Bizwrap Website Template

Bizwrap is a Bootstrap template that is suitable for corporate, agencies, companies, and anything to do with business websites. Bizwrap is fully responsive and can fit all mobile devices, for example, tablets, mobile phones, iPhones, desktops, laptops and other different devices. It is created with all the latest tools that are amazing for site startups.

Bizwrap comes with incredible features that make your site stand out, like, an easy code that you can use to edit the template, different homepages, a very clean and sleek design that will attract a good audience, it is well documented and detailed to make the work of the user very easy, it has a wonderful layout that is catchy. This template is already customized so that you can apply it effortlessly. If you are looking to enhance your online appearance, you can easily apply this template, and your website will be a success.


Express Website Template

Express is a Bootstrap template that is ever expanding and fully responsive. It is multi-purpose, but it is mainly intended for business websites. It comes customized and can be used on different browsers. It has a variety of blog pages and home pages. It works well with all devices whether handheld or not. It has a code that is well commented and organized that is fit for everyone to use even those that have no experience in this industry.

Express comes with a contact page, and a portfolio page where you can feed all your information and your audience can easily access it. It also has different homepages and has many colors to use for the background. You can play around with the colors to get your preferred choice, but you can also pick one of your own. Express is lightweight and therefore does not consume time when loading.


Dynamics Website Template

A marvelous theme that can be called a perfect choice for an industrial sector. By means of it, you will be able to showcase your company. You can show off your services, professional team, and their achievements. In such a way, your core audience will certainly decide to select your industrial company. For the reason that your online-project will have a trustworthy look.

Yet, first of all, let’s take a glance at crucial features that are already waiting for you:

  • a wide range of web forms to let people get in touch with you;
  • seven stunning variants of the homepage;
  • different page templates designed for eCommerce;
  • two stylish blog layouts;
  • multiple header and footer variations;
  • a wonderful gallery to showcase your images;
  • amazing animation effects and transitions to brighten a website up.

Make sure to take advantage of this great template to catch the eye of your visitors. They will be definitely become interested in your services in a flash.


Alice Website Template

A powerful multipurpose template that is impossible to leave out of the account. With the help of it, you can present different business niches. In such a way, more people will become interested in your services. Furthermore, its content-oriented design will not distract people’s attention from your content. They will not become lost among some unnecessary elements. Yet let us present essential elements included in the package. They will assist you in launching a stunning online-project.

  • tons of high-quality images to impress your audience;
  • a vast array of eye-catching pre-made pages;
  • remarkable Google Fonts;
  • different header and footer variations for a tailor-made website;
  • a great Google Map;
  • a marvelous Parallax effect to add a feel of true immersion;
  • lots of smooth animation effects and transitions;
  • amazing galleries to present your pictures.

Believe us, every topic will get an excellent online-presentation thanks to this wonderful template. It will allow you to hit the target without any efforts.


Polaroyd Website Template

Polaroyd is a high quality responsive bootstrap business template. It is easily customizable meaning that you can apply it on your website easily. It is ideal for all business sites, for example, accounting, finance, agencies and many others. Palaroyd will work perfectly for you as it will make your online appearance look elegant and highly sophisticated. This template can be used on different devices like tablets, iPads, iPhones and other mobile devices.

Polaroyd comes with a code that is clean and smooth that you can easily use to edit whatever you do not feel works for you. It has many homepages, and it has an amazing layout. Polaroyd is carefully designed in a sleek and elegant manner so that it can attract an audience for your website. If you are a first-timer, you can work well with Polaroyd as it is a simple template. Your site without a doubt needs this template to grow.


Banque Website Template

Banque is a professionally-looking and impressive theme. It comes together with a vibrant and unusual design. Yet your visitors will be impressed not only with its look. They will be happy to get a great user-experience. In general, it will be possible thanks to a wide variety of options. You can be sure that they will enrich a functional aspect of your website. In addition to this, it will be easier for people to browse it. In general, let’s take a look at the most popular features included in the package:

  • a huge number of pre-made pages to showcase your business at its best;
  • a user-friendly subscription form;
  • a powerful contact form;
  • a powerful blog functionality to capture the attention of your visitors;
  • lots of modern Google Fonts;
  • eye-catching transitions and animation effects;
  • a great Google Map to show a physical location of the company.

Pay your attention to this ready-made solution in order to get lots of new customers!