15 WordPress Themes With Ecwid Integration

Have you ever thought about selling your services or products online? Do you already have a website for your business, but it’s still lacking shopping functionality? Then, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve prepared an ultimate list of Ecwid WordPress themes for you.

Ecwid is one of the eCommerce plugins intended to help you establish a fully-fledged online store right on your site. With estore plugin, you can automate the purchasing process and optimize your workflow. This way, you also show your clients that you care about them and their comfort at your site.

All of the templates gathered in a single list feature clean layout and responsive design. Some of them come equipped with additional ready-made pages for different purposes. The other ones contain blog functionality or a beautiful gallery for demonstrating your project works. All of them are different and suitable for different fields. But still, they aim to guarantee engaging appearance, extended functionality, and smooth performance.

Go through each of WordPress themes to opt for one that would perfectly meet your needs and surely boost your business.

Having prepared this post we’ve hoped that it assure you that building a website may be as easy as pie. Today, you don’t have to hire a group of experts from a web design agency to create a website. Now, you have a chance to build it independently without touching a single line of code.

This secret name is WordPress theme. Making use of ready-made template it is not mandatory to have technical knowledge. Since it already comes with all the necessary instruments, the overall developing process becomes straightforward and fast. If you plan to establish the site for your business, it is a high time to select the appropriate template.


JohnnyGo Website Template

JohnnyGo is the ultimate solution for any kind of services websites. It comes with an advanced set of web elements that will help you build a fully-fledged site with a user-friendly interface. Inside the package, you will find more than 20 demos intended to boost your business with high-class functionality. Modules for advertising services and projects, sharing testimonials, and representing team members allows creating a professional presentation of your project.

It is also important to mention that JohnnyGo WordPress theme is built with Elementor content editor. This enables easy and fast customization without touching a single line of code. Even if you lack technical knowledge, you still can build content by shifting the elements through the layout. The other features like WooCommerce package, blog layouts, pricing lists, and custom pages are also available at your disposal.


Imperion  Website Template

This is another WordPress theme specifically developed for business and corporate websites. If you feel like your site needs an upgrade, take a closer look at Imperion template. Being SEO friendly it is going to help you reach the top of search results and drive more traffic to the website. Besides, its responsive nature will make the site adapt to any modern device hence contributing to the distinctive browsing experience.

Going ahead with this WP theme, you’ll get a great number of premium plugins, widgets, extensions, and other web elements. The set of Cherry add-ons will help you share significant data about your project, the services you offer, employees, and more. Meanwhile, Revolution Slider makes it easier to structure this information in the most attractive way. Jet plugins are here to be used with Elementor Page Builder in order to add advanced functionality to your site.

Diving deeper into the template you will find even more spectacular options intended to make your website stand out in a crowd.


Consor  Website Template

If you are in need of an effective solution for your business consulting website, you’ve come to the right place. Consor boasts a fully responsive and cross-browser compatible design which makes your site adaptive to any gadget and browser. In case you need an advanced set of features, this WordPress theme will cover you. Elementor content editor along with the advanced widgets, Jet plugins, blog layouts, and other elements are available at your service.

Equipped with Appointment manager Consor enables managing your workflow more effectively while allowing your clients to book the appointment independently. Meantime, built-in Cherry plugins make it easy to display the services or products you offer and present people you work with.

In short, Consor is a clean and professional-looking website template including endless opportunities for customizing your site. The entire set of tools integrated with the theme allows you to build a website with a well-organized structure like a pro.


Insightis  Website Template

Elegant, minimalist, inspiring, with a clean layout and responsive design. This is all about Insightis WordPress theme. Developed with the owners of marketing and creative agencies in mind, the template features ultra-modern hence eye-catching appearance. It is going to present the services you offer with all their advantages and give visitors a clear idea of your project. But still, an attractive look is not the only merit of Insightis template.

Supplied with Elementor Page Builder it enables codeless customization on the fly. In conjunction with Jet plugins, the content editor allows adding advanced functionality to your site. Integrated blog layouts will give you a chance to create a space for sharing useful information with your audience. Besides, blog posts are proved to increase traffic and engagement at your site thanks to used keywords through the articles. Additionally, you will be able to build strong relationships with your clients.


Worky Website Template

Worky WordPress theme with the breathtaking design is a perfect solution for the architectural bureau, engineering company, and design studio websites. Inside the package, you will also find Parallax scrolling animation which will help you keep your visitors engaged. In addition to magnificent appearance, it also features extraordinary functionality including everything needed for building a user-friendly web resource.

In order to provide your clients with top-notch on-site experience, we recommend using a drop-down menu, commenting system, and working web forms. Besides, you have a chance to establish a fully-fledged online shop right on your site with built-in Ecwid eCommerce plugin. Applying blog to your website you can get closer to your customers and build a reliable image of your business.

Except for above-mentioned elements, you may also find well-known Elementor Page Builder, Jet family plugins, and WP Live Customizer. These and other instruments are going to make the overall website building hassle-free.


WorldMap  Website Template

Are you going to establish a user-friendly web resource for your travel agency or launch a traveling blog? Why wouldn’t you take a closer look at this bright and well-organized WordPress theme specifically designed for trip projects?. It can boast with a flexible and clean design which allows your visitors to browse the site from any modern device.

WorldMap template comes with everything needed for presenting the information in the clearest manner. You can easily focus on the best promotions offered by travel agencies, traveling life hacks, upcoming trips, and more. You don’t have to purchase any additional tools since everything you may is already included in the package. Elementor Page Builder along with Jet plugins, Cherry add-ons, blog layouts, trending posts, and working web forms are at hand.


Arabusta  Website Template

Arabusta WordPress theme is a perfect solution for your cafe, coffeehouse, or confectionery. It will definitely add a distinctive look and ultimate functionality to your existing or future website. Supplied with a bulk of Cherry plugins it will help you present your project, team members, and services or products. Additionally, you can share testimonials of your repeat customers by using the corresponding module.

In addition to the feedback block, you can apply a blog to your website and build even stronger relationships with your clients. Both instruments aim to help you create a reliable image of your business and encourage the visitors to return. Using Contact Form 7 you will give your consumers the opportunity to stay in touch with you at any time. Meanwhile, TM Timeline and Event Calendar modules will let you keep them informed about the upcoming events.

With Arabusta WordPress theme, it is extremely easy to show that you care about your clients. Thus, don’t miss a chance and start using it for your travel project today!

Belle Fleur

Belle Fleur Website Template

Belle Fleur is an eye-catching WordPress theme that is going to bring smooth performance to your site. Thanks to its responsive nature, your visitors will have a chance to browse the site from any modern device. Whatever they have at hand, laptop or smartphone with high pixel density display, they will not experience any loss in quality. Being SEO optimized it will also help you reach the top of search results.

Besides, Belle Fleur template comes with a variety of pages that can be used for any purpose. Whether you want to create an engaging homepage or exciting blog, feel free to go ahead with corresponding pages. To make the process of content building easy and fast, the developers have also added Elementor Page Builder. In conjunction with Jet plugins, it contributes to strong functionality.

For more useful features, we recommend looking into the template before you start using it.


Glowlex Website Template

Do you offer consulting services and want to launch a fully-fledged website that would bring more clients to your business? Then, you’ve come to the right place. Glowlex WordPress theme delivers endless opportunities for advertising your project online. Mega menu, Cherry plugins including Team Members, Services, and Projects modules, blog layouts, and other web tools are available.

Using integrated Elementor Page Builder you can build any type of content without touching a single line of code. All you have to do is just drag and drop the elements through the layout until you like the result. Meanwhile, with WordPress Live Customizer, you will be able to apply any changes in a real-time mode. In two words, Glowlex is a perfect choice if you want to build a well-organized website in the shortest period.


Challeger  Website Template

We think that web templates for business and corporate websites are always not enough and have decided to offer one more. This is Challeger WordPress theme specifically developed for business consulting agencies. It comes fully equipped with a load of plugins, extensions, and other web elements for hassle-free customization. Thanks to its responsive nature, you don’t have to worry about your website adaptiveness and flexibility.

Inside the package, you will also find one of the most popular content editors among WordPress users. This is Elementor Page Builder integrated with a bulk of Jet plugins including JetElements, JetThemeCore, JetBlocks, JetTricks, and more. All of them are here to provide you with an advanced set of instruments for codeless content building. Besides, you’ll get Parallax animation, working web forms, Ecwid eCommerce plugin, alternative module layouts, and other web elements.


Educor  Website Template

If you want to advertise your education project online and attract more people, try this fully responsive WP theme. Educor includes everything you may need while building a website with smooth performance. A variety of elegant pages for all occasions, Elementor Page Builder, Jet family plugins, bonus images, and much more.

Being mobile-friendly this template is a perfect piece for both small and large screens. Besides, pictures and texts are flexible as well, so they get rendered correctly without quality loss. Inside the package, you may also find Contact Form 7 that will help you stay in touch with your clients. TM Timeline plugin will let you keep your students informed about the upcoming classes and other useful data.

In case you’ve decided on selling your educative courses, feel free to apply Ecwid plugin to your website. It will let your clients purchase them without any assistance hence contributing to more effective workflow.


Bryte  Website Template

Being quite universal Bryte WordPress theme is suitable for almost any kind of business. It has been developed in accordance with the latest web design trends and offers multiple instruments for codeless customization. Equipped with the entire set of ready-made pages and Elementor Page Builder it allows building content with ease. In the meantime, responsive design will let your clients browse the site from any gadgets with no hassle.

If you are looking for a tool that would drive traffic to your site and increase engagement, you’ll get one. Bryte template contains 4 blog layouts to choose from, so you can select the most appropriate. Sharing news, upcoming events, and other details about your business you get closer to your audience. Besides, everyone knows that websites integrating blog easily reach the top of search results. Thus, we recommend taking this WordPress theme into consideration.


Imagity  Website Template

Imagity is a modern WordPress theme that aims to help you advertise your digital agency or creative design studio online. Featuring a clean layout and responsive design it guarantees top-notch browsing experience. The structure of the template is well-organized which makes your site optimized for most search engines. Additionally, Imagity can boast with high functionality and an ultimate pack of instruments for content building.

It is equipped with Elementor Page Builder which enables code-free website customization. Thus, both beginners and experts can easily cope with it. In conjunction with Jet plugins, the content editor gives you an opportunity to add advanced functionality to your site. In the meantime, built-in Cherry plugins allow presenting your services, projects, and people you work with in the best light. Go ahead with Imagity if you need to provide a professional presentation of your web project.


FitSpot  Website Template

FitSpot has been specifically developed for fitness studio and other sports-related project websites. This WordPress theme has a bright and engaging design which will help you attract more visitors to your gym. Besides, using various modules you will also be able to present the team, services, and training programs. In order to do that, try a set of Cherry plugins.

Applying blog to your website you can improve the relationships with your clients. Sharing the information about exercises, nutrition, and care after training sessions you build a reliable image of your business. Additionally, using keywords in your blog posts you contribute to the increased traffic and engagement at your site. Among other features available inside the pack, you will also find Parallax, TM Photo Gallery plugin, Ecwid add-on, etc.


Impacty Website Template

One more and last website template created to be used for business consulting companies. It has a minimalist yet elegant design which allows focusing on the most important data about the services you offer. Meanwhile, its responsive design allows the site to adapt to any device the visitors have at hand when browsing it. Except for flexibility, Impacty template can boast with extended functionality.

Inside the package, you may find the good old Elementor Page Builder along with Jet plugins. Besides, this outstanding WordPress theme includes TM Photo Gallery add-on which allows presenting your projects at their best. In the meantime, the Appointment Manager allows your clients to book appointments without your assistance hence letting you manage the workflow effectively. In short, this template accurately tuned up will boost your business!

If you have a limited budget, but still want to create an eye-catching website, we recommend using this template. Gutenberg Starter WordPress theme is free and ready to be used for building elegant WP websites. It offers a brand new tool called blocks. With their help, you can build engaging content with no hassle.