25 Inspiring Futuristic Sci-Fi Templates To Skyrocket Your Next Interface

Why Futuristic Theme Is So Damn Popular?

Space has always attracted people. Traditionally, everything unknown is perceived by us as something wonderful and marvelous. Space inspires us, kindles our interest. Furthermore, it encourages our imagination to the research, deduction of new theories and hypotheses. And also, it definitely contributes to our creativity. Space, along with advanced technologies, seems to be something futuristic. It envelops our mind in a haze of mystery and thereby moves us towards progress.

In 2018, we celebrated 50 years from the release date of the cult film, created by a renowned director and screenwriter Stanley Kubrick – 2001: A Space Odyssey. Watching this film, we can see the world of the future through the eyes of people who were living on an Earth half a century ago. Even then, people admired the aesthetics of this work of art, thanks to its futuristic style. Surprisingly, even after 50 years, this design remains very popular. Moreover, this style is common not only in cinema niche but also in web design.

What Is The Point Of Sci-Fi Designs?

In web design, futuristic projects are among the most attractive and exciting for viewers. Inspired by the aesthetics of an iconic Space Odyssey, they are often powered up with ultramodern features and great functionality. Moreover, they provide visitors with an exciting user experience that, sometimes, lies far beyond our imagination. So we can say, that nowadays, futuristic designs are more than just appealing images, due to their feature-rich structure.

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Today, I have compiled a list of incredible sci-fi web interfaces. Among them, you will find themes for smartphones, art WP themes, logo sets, responsive website templates, After Effects and email templates, etc. Each of them has its own list of go-to features and will serve its own purpose. But all of them are somehow connected with space and sci-fi spirit and are created with the futuristic designs in mind. So, let’s proceed straight to our list.


Shock Website Template

Shock is an appealing Coming Soon specialty page for your website. Sometimes, when you are just started creating your website or setting it on a maintenance mode, you may need a specialty page. This page will be able to leave a message that your website will be working well soon. Shock is a template that will help you to create such a page within a few clicks. It comes with 6 different background designs with smooth animations. It also offers you to set a countdown, place the links to your social media accounts and even create a contact form, so you could get new leads even when your website is on a maintenance mode.

Sci-Fi Opener

Sci-Fi Opener Website Template

Sci-Fi Opener is a modern After Effects template. It comes with a super easy color scheme control and convenient modular structure. This well-organized sci-fi template also offers a full HD 1080px resolution. Use it with After Effects versions CS6 or higher with no additional plugins required. A template also comes in a package with a video tutorial. So you can be sure that you will surely take an advantage of this template for your next project.


Science Website Template

Science is a Cutting-Edge multipurpose HTML template for Astronomy, Ufology, Laboratory and Astrology websites. A theme offers you 4 various niche layouts and 8 header and footer variations. Moreover, it comes with 30+ pre-built HTML pages and a pack of available fonts and colors. In addition, it is spiced up by a huge set of UI elements that will help you to create a pleasant user experience for your website visitors.


Sci-Fi Website Template

The following item is a sci-fi theme for smartphones. It has an appealing futuristic design and comes with a pack of handy features. First of all, it offers you two icon pack variations: colorful and deep blue & white. Secondly, it has an attractive and distraction-free background. Thirdly, you can easily customize your home screen widgets. Moreover, it has a rather interesting screen lock option.


Geminiz Website Template

Geminiz is a powerful astrology WordPress theme with a modern sleek design. It offers you 7 different header layouts and a pack of custom widgets. Also, it comes with a Live Customizer, that allows you to showcase all the changes that you implemented to your layout without reloading a page. In addition, this template is Ecwid ready, so you are able to create an online store within 5 minutes.

Future Theme

Future Theme Website Template

This space theme has a cute futuristic design. It offers you a ready-to-go logo for your project. Also, it comes with a pre-built home page. A simple cartoon-ish style of this template offers you three blocks, illustrating Earth, Moon, and Sun. This template is a perfect choice for an educational project for kids.

30 Space Iconset

30 Space Iconset Website Template

Welcome on a board of the space icon set! Take an advantage of 30 outline icons of astronaut, UFO, rocket, planet, space suit, planets, rover, satellites, etc. Grab this icon set for only $15 and let your online project to skyrocket your business to the next level.


Space Website Template

Space is a responsive email template that comes together with an online builder. This template is compatible with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and Freshmail services. Enjoy the drag and drop functionality, save your created template on a device and edit it later at any time. Edit text instantly with a WYSIWYG editor, customize the background images and buttons, according to your needs.

Coming Soon

Coming Soon Website Template

Here is another one specialty template on our list. It offers you a rich kit of 16 different ready-to-go skins and parallax scrolling effect. Also, it is equipped with a working contact form and additional pages. This template comes with a Google font integration, so you can be sure you will be able to choose a perfect one for your design.


Space Website Template

The following website template will definitely help you to create an outstanding design for your future project. Its futuristic layout with polygonal blocks and outline elements will help to make a real jaw-dropping effect on your website visitors. Similar design structure and background images won’t leave any user indifferent.

Telescopes Logos

Telescopes Logos Website Template

Enjoy this pack of 7 telescopes and observatories logo templates. This kit contains 7 different vector linear designs of the greatest telescopes and observatories on the Earth. Each icon comes in AI, EPS and SVG formats.

Space Coming Soon

Space Coming Soon Website Template

Here is the last one item, and it is the third specialty page on our list. It has a neat minimalist design with a countdown, social icons navigation bar and a simple newsletter subscription form. A template comes with HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript files included.


That’s all for today, guys. I hope this compilation gave you a sci-fi futuristic vibe and an inspiration for your future online projects. Please tell me which one of these designs impressed you the most? By the way, if you have any other inspirational space-related designs in mind, don’t hesitate to mention them in the comment section below. And, surely, don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social media. See ya soon!


eXsoft Website Template

This futuristic HTML theme suits a website of an application or a gadget creating company. Its design is minimalistic but at the same time, has everything needed for marketing, SEO-optimization, and promotion. 

It has pricing tables, various web forms, testimonials, a variety of pages with different effects to add. To create a dynamic, you can add the Parallax effect and counters. There are rich design options such as a massive set of UI elements and blocks, Mega Footer, CSS3 animations and transitions, Google fonts, and more. 

Arctic Space

Arctic Space  Website Template

If you want to create an invitation, a logo, or any other piece that contributes to the corporate identity, this kit of the visuals is just what you need. It has 70+ futuristic elements, ten textures, 30 patterns, 19 catchwords, 20 watercolor textures that look like another dimension, literally parallel reality. 

In total, you can adjust 150+ excellent illustrations to the conception of your business or project and highlight its peculiarity. 

63 Space Icons

63 Space Icons Website Template

At your disposal, there are 60+ space icons in such formats as AI, EPS, PSD, SVG, PNG sized 256x256, and PNG sized 512x512. All icons are created in one style that represents an animated cartoon. There is a wide choice of elements related to a space thematic.

You can copy any element you like and insert it to your project or website. 

Exodar Font

Exodar Font Website Template

To add a sophisticated note to a website or a project, you can use this futuristic typeface with elegance in every letter. It creates an atmosphere of the sci-fi space and is stylish, modern, and catchy at the same time. 

It will suit a logo, poster, flyer, brochure, headline, header or footer, business card, presentation, advertising, T-shirt, etc. It can adapt to any format and highlight your identity. 

The font is available in OTF, TTF, & WOFF formats. You don’t need any special software to work with a font, and MS is enough. 

The license allows you to use the font for as many projects as you need, also for commercial use. 

Futuristic Icons

Futuristic Icons Website Template

Icons are a must-have for modern web design. Just imagine how many symbols you would have to insert in a web page without using icons. This unique collection of 74 futuristic icons will help to organize any web page and make your content laconic and topic-related. The set is available in all formats possible. It suits multiple purposes, including digital products and offline projects.

Verwalter Font

Verwalter Font Website Template

Using a unique font helps to stand out from the crowd. This Verwalter font is modern and readable. It will perfectly suit many digital and offline projects, including marketing, tech startups, investing, and so on. The font includes three independent styles: Modern, Monospaced Laser, and Gradient 3D typeface. Plus, it supports multiple languages. Thus, your business won’t be limited by English-only auditory.


ACCELERARE Font Website Template

Font choice is a choice of high priority for building an effective business strategy and brand awareness. Using the Accelerare font will help your project evoke strong emotions. It looks up-to-date, impressive, and dynamic. More importantly, the font provides easy readability. Since the product is available in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe In Design, anyone can use it for his personal and business needs.

Anamelia Font

Anamelia Font Website Template

This futuristic font looks fresh and custom-made. Using it for a website, offline projects, and marketing purposes will make your business shine. This font is attractive and readable. It is eye-pleasing and ambitious. With Anamelia, you won’t have difficulty organizing content on the page. Besides, this product is effortlessly accessible in major programs such as Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign.

Aldora Font

Aldora Font Website Template

This font looks simple yet magic. Today simplicity is the key to success in web design and many other fields. This rounded shape typeface perfectly suits sci-fi topics and futuristic projects. Thanks to its brilliant readability, the font can be used for branding and marketing purposes. Aldora includes four basic styles: regular, italic, outline, and cutting. It works seamlessly on both PC and Mac.

Coet Font

Coet Font Website Template

This elegant yet fresh-looking font will help you evoke interest in your target audience. Though it’s unique and extraordinary to a certain extent, the font provides easy readability. If your industry is tech, sci-fi, or something else futuristic, the Coet family font is a brilliant choice. It suits digital projects and print designs. You can use it to build strong brand awareness. It will look impressive on logo, envelopes, folders, resumes, and so on.

Cylinder Font Family Font

Cylinder Font Family Font Website Template

Cylinder is what you need to make your project eye-catching. This attention-grabbing font style can serve for different purposes, including digital projects, ad campaigns, and offline ventures. Jam-packed with four font types (Light, Black, Regular, and Heavy), this font can be used for various content types. Since the set consists of a rich variety of characters and uppercase letters, you can use it for headers, illustrations, images, posts, etc.

Mokoto Glitch Typeface Font

Mokoto Glitch Typeface Font Website Template

Mokoto is a bright typeface that can make your business shine. It relates to the family of modern fonts suitable for multiple purposes. With its help, your project will look different and not ordinary. Don’t limit your creativity with this glitch font. Using 4 different font layers, you can create any text and focus your audience's attention on the main message of your business. Since Mokoto is accessible via major software, both pros and newbies can cope with this product.


Trixie Website Template

This modern, futuristic font layer is a great chance to create eye-catching content. It has derived from a blend of geometric and multiplies effect. Use it for headlines, graphic design, print, logos, etc. The font can be easily adjusted to the customer's needs. The set includes upper and lower case letters, punctuation, and multilingual characters. Trixie is available in four styles, including regular, light, completed, and shadow.