Top Notch Gaming Website Templates 2020

Creating a gaming website has never been easier, thanks to the gaming website templates. There are lots of gaming templates to choose from, regardless of what type of site you want to develop, or your target audience are, there is one perfect for your project. You can choose from the wide array of best gaming themes.

These templates have great features that will help you build an effective website to help you succeed. Some of the features include numerous pre-built page templates, a selection of high-quality tools and countless customization options without added cost. What makes these gaming templates stand out from other templates is their gaming-focused designs.

Now is your opportunity to start with your own gaming community with the help of these gaming templates. You don’t have to search the web to find the most promising clan templates. We have created a list of the latest and premium templates to help you out with your websites. With the increasing number of online games and millions of gamers, you know the industry is huge.

Games are designed depending on the taste of every gamer. This goes with the template used in building a website to meet the demand of each user. These templates are easy to modify and is perfect to fit every type of game.
It does not matter what type of a gamer you are and what sort of a website you need to build for your clan, below you will find the most helpful templates for your needs. You can now easily and efficiently build the game website of choice. With lots of available elements, readily available materials and features, here are some of the best game website templates.


Youplay Website Template

If you are looking for the perfect video game template that will present your website in the best possible way, Youplay is what you need. Thru this template, you can create a website that you can control in every single element. So, when the time comes, and you need to modify and enhance it, you can access it easily. You can choose from 4 demos included in the template, so you don’t have to start from scratch. Choose the one that will best represent your gaming website and easy to customize. If you want to add something on it besides the traditional features of a gaming site, you can do so without any issue. What is important is that you will be able to create a unique website that will stand out from the rest and provides everything your clients might be looking for.

Some of the best features of Youplay include working on Instagram and Twitter feeds, Revolution Slider and Ajax contact form. Also, it has layouts for an online store, coming soon pages and blog pages. It has an isotope which you can save a lot with this feature. Also, it is your plan to create a forum it will be easy with Youplay. For gamers and developers, you will not have a problem starting your project with this template.


Strider Website Template

Strider is an amazing gaming website template recommended for developers and studios interested in creating a website for their businesses to help them expand. If you are thinking of the best way to showcase your work and attract more people, you can do it thru the amazing pages you can create using this template. You will be surprised at what you can do with Strider. The setting up process is very simple, and it also includes all the needed information your clients might be looking for.

Strider gaming templates are available in four amazing index page styles. They are either dark or light colored. Some of the impressive features of this template include the particles effect, video, static image, and slider. With these predesigned choices, you can have the fastest site launch ever. Another good thing about this theme is that you can access the website in any device and in any screen size and resolution clearly. It is compatible in cross-browser with functional contact form and sports with cool animations.


GamesZone Website Template

This template is a modern, creative and unique designed theme and the perfect choice for your gaming website. You can easily build your gaming blog or magazine, news, and entertainment content, communities, game reviews, showcase your favorite fan artwork, guilds, mobile phone games, market your merchandise, kids toy and kid’s games, baby clothing, and accessories, creative agency, highlight the latest gaming news and a lot more. This amazing, stylish and flat design template has mesmerizing great features such as awesome fading slider, carousel effect, eye-catching hover effects, sleek and elegant style design in every detail and a lot more.

GamesZone template is very responsive which means you can access it on any device and screen resolution. It is also compatible on any cross-browser template. Aside from the mentioned features, GamesZone has more features like font awesome icons, Google fonts, Glyph icons and others. This template includes custom color skins and unlimited colors, you can use to start customizing your website. Also, once you set up your site you can use the built-in ad spots to earn from your website. You can also add affiliate links on your website to recommend products or sell ads to sponsors.

Good Games

Good Games Website Template

If you search the web for some exciting games, you will discover that not all of them are great. But Good Games website template is not like them. It is not actually a game but an amazing tool that can help you build premium websites within the gaming industry. Good Games template can help you build a website intended for a specific game. The rule is very easy when creating a website using Good Games. All you need to do is to add the info you need to include in the website and Good Games will do the rest. You can do whatever you want using the template. Customizing your website is easy. You don’t need special skills to understand how this template works.

With this template, you can easily create different pages for various purposes. An online store is a good start, then create a massive gaming portal, a news page or you can use it to create your personal blog. Good Games includes the necessary elements in building an expert-looking page. From the gallery and forum to various blog layouts, clan wars, and news. It also has several internal pages with original shortcodes to modify it depending on your needs. The website is accessible on any device and screen size.

Game Portal

Game Portal Website Template

If there is one thing most gamers are looking for in a gaming website is the design. It is not enough your website has great mechanics, a site with poor design can make or break a good game. The same goes for great websites. A website with in-depth reviews will not make it an outstanding website as well. To attract more people to your website you will need a good theme like Game Portal. This template is very functional and expertly designed.

You can create a unique avatar for your business using this gaming template. Swap out the color palette to display your own style. Animation has great game graphics to make sure your website will be on top. The template has a video player, so your clients can view all the most-anticipated games in action. It will give your business an edge over others and will leave a lasting impression on clients. A strong online presence is vital in the competitive world of the gaming industry.

Finest Game

Finest Game Website Template

The gaming market is a booming industry with lots of games being developed every day. It's because of this why there are lots of people who want to create blogs about video games. This is their way of informing people about the game and give information on what is new and coming games. The Finest Game website template will help you design your website. This template is a multipurpose template which lets you switch from one layout to another for a header or footer.

If you combine them in various ways, you can create a website that will look exactly the way you want it. You can also find lots of adorns to please your visitors. The template has a drop-down menu, to make it easier for your visitors to reach anything they are interested in with just a few clicks, and a carousel gallery will provide the best display to the newest visual achievements of the gaming market. If your visitors want more, they can contact you with the assistance of a handy contact form included in the template.


Godlike Website Template

This is one gaming website template you should not ignore. Thru Godlike you can present your game, use social pages, build a community, form a smooth forum design and store layouts to offer goods. You can easily make blog posts and spread the news using this template. There are lots of elements that are ready to use. You can get unlimited layout variations that everybody would love. Godlike has an attractive and modern website design. This gaming template comes very handy. You can build unique websites that will stand out from the rest.

If you take the challenge and decide to use Godlike gaming website template, you will be surprised with what you can do with more than 65 files. Also, navigating is easy, you can impress your visitors with the astonishing slideshow with the revolution slider and amaze with the power of mega menu. You can access the website on any device and on any screen size. It is one important factor that a modern gaming needs to provide and Godlike is equipped with it.


Bravapp Website Template

Bravapp is one of the best options to create a startup and bring your business in front of your target audience worldwide. It is a gaming template with light and dark layout and one and multipage home variations. Aside from this, you can also have a contact section and impressive blog pages with an active form and Google Maps. This template is very flexible that you can access it on any device and in any screen size. This feature is very important since you are launching a game that can be played on any device.

The Bravapp template is compatible with MailChimp, this is one feature that most developers are looking for. Other features include smooth transitions, tidy and well-organized code, impressive page loading speed and others. Bravapp web template is very customizable, comes with fantastic support and retina ready. Your presence on the web will be surely felt with the help of the Bravapp gaming website template.


SportsZone Website Template

SportsZone is a well-designed gaming website template that will help you build a unique sports website. Just like other gaming templates, it has a Home Page where you can introduce your website. This feature includes a register and a login menu, which your visitors can use to enter the site. It is a recommended template design with lively color effects and an impressive background for sport-related websites. SportsZone can be accessed on any device and can be viewed on any resolution without any issue.

SportsZone gaming template is a multipage theme which comes with different menus. Each menu is developed for a specific purpose so that you will not have any problem when using it. This theme includes all the sports-related topics like matches, games, topics and a lot more. The main purpose of developing this template is to provide all the needed features to be able to design the best and most reliable website on the World Wide Web.


Dragonic Website Template

Dragonic one of the recommended gaming websites templates in the market today. You cannot use it for free, but it will surely provide everything you need for your website. After checking out the template’s specifications you will find out why Dragonic is sold at a slightly higher price. What you can get by using this template is ten times more, so you will not regret spending some on this. It is a unique, one-page high-quality gaming template.

Those who will visit your site will experience spine-tingling sensations. It does not matter what type of game you want to promote. The template will help you present it the best way possible. Dragonic gives importance even to the smallest details which are quite impressive. It is optimized to make sure it will load faster, and you will not have a problem viewing it on your mobile screens. The template creates an impressive user experience.


GameStorm Website Template

The ready-made Game Storm website template will help you create a solid online presence without added effort and time. This is a unique template for PSP PlayStation, Xbox systems or action games website pages. The theme combines a clean, attractive design with lots of leading-edge functions, which will make your marketing campaigns more effective. Also, buying this great website layout you get 24/7 technical support and helpful guidelines.

The template is very responsive and includes several layout choices. Each layout is optimized so it will show up properly on any screen resolution. You can choose from different width options, but most of them are for table, smartphones and desktop screen. Customizing the website template is easy. You can add all the information you want to show up on your website. The template is easy to use and even those with limited knowledge about building a website can easily create one.