13 Eye Catching Interior Design Website Templates 2023

Undoubtedly, showcasing your projects is one of the best ways to assure people of your talent and reliability. In the digitalized era, you can easily do this online using one of the most eye-catching and remarkable interior & furniture website templates presented in this collection. You can be sure that these ready-made solutions were created to charm your potential customers and impress their imagination.

Interior design is one of the most vibrant business niches that blend elegance and style. Almost every person thinks about a well-designed house where it will feel comfortable and relaxed. It will be possible to spend time with family and friends, if you convince people that you can provide them with such an excellent interior, you will get a huge flow of clients.

As you can understand, when people select the best interior design company, they want to know lots of information about its projects. In this case, images play a great role in convincing potential customers to choose your services exactly. These exciting templates come together with eye-catching gallery types that will allow you to present your marvelous images. In such a way, you will get the opportunity to promote your company, introduce your services, and make people believe you can bring harmony to their houses.

Don’t forget that you can always tweak the appearance of your website, showcase your products and services using amazing eCommerce pages, work with different stock images, and promote your company with the help of the incredible website slider.

It’s possible to get a lot of attention when one of these modern themes becomes your assistant in building your future online project. Let’s take a look at variants that can turn out to be your guides to success…

Best Interior Design Website Templates


Archi Website Template

Archi is a very modern and creative template that has been carefully crafted to suit any interior design website. Certainly, Archi will help you build an outstanding and sophisticated site in a concise period. Archi is a very flexible theme that you can use to develop the most amazing site, its demo says it all. You get your creative freedom with Archi as it has a full-width background.

With Archi, you get all the features you need to create an attractive site. It comes with seven pre-made color skins that you can use to enhance your site, and you can change the colors according to your preferences and convenience. It is a lightweight page loader which a perfect thing as you will not waste time waiting for it to load, and by this, you save a lot of time and money.


Creator Website Template

Create both cozy and impressive websites that will attract the target audience's attention to your business. With this incredible theme, you will get seven homepage layouts that will allow you to present different niches regarding interior and exterior design. You will also get multiple header and footer variations that will assist you in making your website look unique. To showcase your attractive images, you should certainly take advantage of wonderful gallery types that include cobbles, grid, and masonry.

This marvelous solution also includes a wide range of tricks that will make it possible to make your online-project look extremely appealing. For example, you can use a stunning background video that will make people pay more attention to your company. It will also be possible to express your creative approach to various projects using four blog layouts. Don’t forget about eye-catching animation effects and transitions that add a fresh coat of paint to your website.

Space Studio

Space Studio Website Template

Space Studio is a modern template that will make it possible to make a statement in style. If you want to present your interior services in the best possible light and make people believe that your company can completely transform their home and office, you should use this theme. It comes alongside a great number of web forms that will turn your website into a reliable and trustworthy one. For example, an amazing contact form will allow people to communicate with your team. In contrast, a newsletter subscription form will allow them to get your updates within seconds.

Furthermore, it’s possible to enrich the functional aspect of your future online project thanks to different fully-fledged options. To showcase your high-quality pictures most creatively, you should take advantage of various galleries. A stunning live search will allow your visitors to get their search results within seconds. By the way, a bunch of amazing Google Fonts will assist you in making your texts more readable and attractive.

iD Interior

iD Interior Website Template

If your company offers a full range of interior design services for owners of various houses, it’s crucial to bring this amazing template to your notice. A clutter-free design will focus the attention of your potential customers on your important content. Such little but necessary options as a back-to-top button and drop-down menu will always save a minimalist look of your website. It also has a stunning live search that will allow your readers to find all essential information within seconds.

To tweak the appearance of your website, you can take advantage of modern Google Fonts and engaging animations effects. You will also get a great collection of incredible pre-made pages that will allow you to show off all details about your company. Thanks to different gallery types, you will get a wonderful chance to appeal to your high-quality pictures.


Creek Website Template

Do you want to provide people with fast and reliable services for their future professional services? In this case, you should set your eyes on this powerful solution that will allow you to showcase your construction company stylishly. It comes together with a marvelous collection of blog layouts that will enable you to present some additional information about your company in the best possible light.

You will also get a wide variety of working forms that will make people believe that they can get the most trustworthy services ever. It will be possible to show the physical location of your construction company right on your website using a powerful Google Map. Moreover, you can be sure that your visitors will be ready to get familiar with all necessary information presented on your online-project thanks to a fully-functional search engine. You can also make changes in your design and make it convey your message at its best with the help of the stunning gallery, different header and footer variations, and amazing pre-made pages.


Interior Website Template

Interior is simply stunning, and it presents itself in the same way. Interior template is ideal for architecture companies, furniture, interior design, remodeling, renovation interior services, and many more creative design fields. Interior will undoubtedly enhance your online appearance if you are in the corporate world and if you own an interior design company.

In its sleekness, Interior will make your website look very professional. Interior comes with nice coding that is very clean and organized, making it easy for you to edit your site. Some of its amazing features include scroll animation, a beautiful and modern design, and more. It is very modern and designed to go hand in hand with the modern designs you create. It is integrated with one of the best frameworks to make it the best and most featured template you can find.

Arch Decor

Arch Decor Website Template

Arch décor is a clean, fully featured and creative template. It is integrated with the best and modern framework, making it very reliable and effective. It is most suitable for Interior design, Architecture, Home décor, art décor, Furniture, Decoration, and all Building business. It is easily customizable so that it can fit your needs. This template is perfect if you want to move from the typical-looking websites to a modern and better-looking one.

Arch décor will enhance your site as it is built with the best tools. With Arch Décor comes, six homepage layouts, six header layouts, seven color schemes, parallax backgrounds, Google free fonts, pixel perfect, it is well documented, you can use it on all browsers as it is fully compatible. This is without a doubt the template you need to make your website more appealing and take it to the next level.


IronAxe Website Template

You cannot pass by this eye-catching solution if you have something to do with carpentry and woodwork. It comes together with a modern design that won’t distract the attention of your core audience from your content with some unnecessary elements. Without a doubt, this excellent template can be called one of the best variants to get people's attention in the online world. It includes all essential sections that are completely ready to highlight the most crucial information out of your website.

You will also get a light and dark version of this amazing template. Meanwhile, you will also be impressed with boxed and wide layout variations. To take full control of your website, you should take advantage of the powerful Visual Page Builder. It will allow you to create various sections for your future good-looking pages. Don’t forget that you can also choose from three predefined color schemes that have the power to convey your message through colors.


Quali Website Template

Quali is a remarkable theme that will impress your imagination with its minimalist design is not cluttered with some needless elements. You will be extremely happy to get a wonderful collection of pre-made pages that will allow you to showcase a wide variety of home furniture. To make an impression on your target audience, you can easily create a tailor-made design.

First, it will be possible to use header and footer variations that will allow you to create a unique appearance of your online project without any particular efforts. You can also bring various blog layouts to your notice and present your articles in an eye-catching way. Thanks to an amazing search engine, it will take you nothing to provide people with the best user experience ever. Furthermore, they will also be ready to get in touch with your team to find out all answers to their questions about your furniture and its advantages.


Ligothemes Website Template

Renovate the lifestyle of your target audience using attracting their attention to your out-of-the-ordinary website built with this incredible solution. Its clean design will certainly boost the popularity of your business on the web and make them interested in your interior design company. It comes alongside perfect imagery that will catch each person's eye who will take a glance at your future online project.

By the way, you can also play around with backgrounds and make them look unique, too. You will get many advanced customization options that will allow you to put your professional business in the spotlight. With the help of the powerful Ajax subscription, it will be possible for your visitors to find out all news about your projects among the firsts. Your potential customers will also be happy to use the user-friendly contact form. This means that it will take them nothing to communicate with you and ask some questions.

Mega Construct

Mega Construct  Website Template

If your construction company has the opportunity to create custom interiors, you shouldn’t keep silent about your professionalism. Make everyone believe that you are ready to make comfortable and affordable interior design projects with the help of this marvelous template. What remarkable features does this good-looking and feature-rich solution include? To start with, you will get a wonderful collection of animation effects and transitions that will freshen the look of your website up.

This amazing theme also has an excellent background video that will make your visitors agape with wonder. To make people trust your services, you should certainly give them a chance to connect with your team. For this reason, this ready-made solution comes together with a stunning contact form. By the way, you will always be ready to present your brand new pictures in a creative way using multiple gallery types. Thanks to a marvelous parallax effect, it will also be possible to add a feeling of true immersion to your website.


Awatec Website Template

If you are completely sure that your construction company is worth choosing its amazing and professional services, you should spread the word about it. With the help of various nice-looking pre-made pages, it will become possible to show off all possible details about your company and its advantages. Using the stylish and attractive slider, you will get the opportunity to highlight the most crucial content out of your website in an out-of-the-ordinary way.

You can easily make your services look more trustworthy in the eyes of your potential customers. Thanks to a powerful contact form and newsletter subscription form, it will be possible for people to get all updates on your projects immediately. To make your website look fresher and brighter, you can make use of engaging animation effects and transitions. Don’t forget to show the physical location of your website using a great Google Map.