20+ Stunning Music Website Templates for Your Band 2018

Almost everyone enjoys listening to music in his or her free time in order to relax and forget about all unnecessary things. Without a doubt, music plays a huge role in the life of many people. They cannot even imagine how it is possible to spend a day without to these stunning sounds.

If you want to showcase your talent in a stylish way, you shouldn’t pass by these marvelous music website templates. With the help of them, it will be possible to broaden your audience and make people become interested in your talent.

Actually, what will you get together with these excellent ready-made solutions? They have not only a professional but also appealing look that will meet all your requirements. It will also provide you with a bunch of fully-fledged options that will give a full access to your music. You can be sure that you will win the hearts of all people who adore music.

By the way, if you think that you know more about music but not coding, we are here to set your mind at rest. Thanks to these beautiful themes, you will be able to get a tailor-made website that distinguishes itself from others without any efforts.

Music in an ocean of feelings and emotions that always impresses people’s imagination. Allow them to get lost in your music by means of these exciting and vibrant website templates. Believe us, it will be possible to make everyone become interested in your talent thanks to them…


Desire Website Template

Desire is a vibrant and remarkable template designed for those businessmen who want to promote their stunning nightclubs on the Internet. It has an atmospheric and unusual design that will capture the attention of all people who adore spending their time dancing and singing. Why does this amazing theme allow you to impress the imagination of all possible users on the web? To start with, you will get a wonderful collection of various layouts that will make it possible to make your website look unique and unforgettable.

You will also get different eye-catching fonts that will make your typography convey your main message, too. Furthermore, you can be sure that people will be glad to listen to music while visiting your future online-project. It can turn out to be real if you take advantage of the powerful audio player. Don’t forget that every person, who have some questions about your nightclub, can ask them thanks to a user-friendly contact form.

Country Music

Country Music Website Template

Country Music is an attractive and modern template that has the power to present various high-quality creations of every talented musician in the best possible light and promote your music all over the world. You can be completely sure that it will take you nothing to raise an awareness of your tracks, their album releases, incredible performances, and all other events regarding your music.

This impressive solution comes together with an array of good-looking pre-made pages that will allow you to tell a story about your music career. In order to make it possible for your visitors to enjoy their well-favored music pieces from your albums, you can add the audio to your website. In addition to this, it will be possible for them not to miss your important events and fresh updates thanks to a great newsletter subscription. They can also request some additional information about your music using a powerful contact form.

Recording Studio

Recording Studio Website Template

In order to spread the word about your recording studio, you should definitely pay your attention to this eye-catching solution. Its unusual design will make musicians select exactly your services and forget about your competitors. In such a way, you can be sure that you will get lots of attention from your target audience. With the help of the stunning search form, your visitors won’t have problems with a search of their essential information.

You will also get marvelous types of the gallery that will make it possible to showcase your attractive images in the most creative way ever. You can always choose engaging animation effects that will make your website look even fresher and brighter. Thanks to nice-looking Google Fonts, all texts presented on your online-projects will look more readable and attractive. By the way, your potential customers can find out a physical location of your recording studio thanks to a powerful Google Map.


Milando Website Template

Milando is a multi-color theme that has a perfect layout just for you. This template is amazingly crafted to suit, music events, music bands, DJ, Producers, musicians, music forum and community portal and all others that are looking to create a blog or even a portfolio for their teams or even for themselves as bands.

Milando template comes will all the modern features that are all necessary to enhance your site and make it look more appealing so that you can gain more views and audience. Some of these incredible features are, music player, high contrast color, effects that are glowing for flat buttons when hovering, artist profile page and artist page, an album page which looks very modern and is very informative, tabs music staff notation details page and so much more. All this will without a doubt sell you as your site will stand out even before your market yourself.


MusicForest Website Template

MusicForest is a very simple and creative template that is built with the best and most popular framework to make it satisfactory and reliable. This template is ideal for, musicians and guitarists, artists, and anyone who is interested or is already involved in the music and entertainment industry. Music forest can go well with a music library, a music instrumental store, music store, singer albums and many more.

MusicForest is one of the templates that comes with the most unique and incredible features, as it has, different blog layouts, different headers and menu styles, music listing and concert event pages which makes it very easy for you to manage your concerts and events, and so much more that will help you to showcase your music skills perfectly. With this template, you can bring your work online in just a short time.

Wedding DJ

Wedding DJ Website Template

An out-of-the-ordinary template that will catch the eye of all people who would like to get a world-class entertainment experience. You will be happy to get not only a nice-looking design but also an incredible collection of amazing functional tricks. To begin with, you will get an amazing website slider that is considered to be a wonderful solution for presenting the most important information.

Thanks to this fully-functional solution, it will take you nothing to create custom slides with promos and various other things that you need to highlight. You will get different gallery types that will make it possible to showcase your high-quality images in the best possible light. Moreover, your visitors will be able to find all necessary information thanks to a robust live search that will guide them through your website. By the way, they will be also happy to get in touch with your team using a great contact form.


Harmony Website Template

Harmony Music is a creative music template. You can easily manage audio, genres, artist's and sell the audio files to your clients. This template is easily customizable, and you can easily navigate it and also understand. Harmony music will help your site so much as it will enable your clients to know you more as an artist and also learn more about your music.

With Harmony music, you get an animated logo, different counters, themify icons, embed sound cloud, sop, woocommerce ready, shop, Izotop plugin, it comes with less CSS for easy colors changing, you also get Google maps, search forms and twitter feeds. In addition to that, Harmony music will give you Owl carousel for Instagram photos. If you are looking to be fully represented online, Harmony music will be a good choice in seeing that take effect as it will make your site more appealing.


Singer Website Template

Singer is a new and classy template that is specifically built for singers, musicians and performers that are looking for a channel where they can introduce themselves and also showcase their skills. With this template, you can easily sell your music all over the world and hence create a huge audience globally in a very professional manner. This template is eye-catching and will certainly attract your views and also glue clients on your site.

You have a variety of options you can choose from in this website, for example, a light and dark skin, predefined colors, boxed and wide layout variation that enables your site to look exactly how you anticipated. It is easily customizable, comes with a very clean and straightforward code, you also get very good documentation that is a must-have for every good template. Singer is definitely the best template for you.

Music Portal

Music Portal Website Template

An amazing theme made for all people who own music portal websites and want to promote it on the web. It comes alongside a wonderful clutter-free layout that will make it possible to focus the attention of your core audience on your content. A great theme color switcher will allow you to tweak the appearance of your website and get as many readers as possible.

Thanks to a marvelous audio player, you will get the opportunity to present the most amazing tracks and make people adore your online-project even more. You will also get a wonderful chance to show off your high-quality images in the best possible light if you decide to make use of beautiful variations of the gallery. In order to brighten your website, you can pay your attention to various animation effects. You can also make it using a wide range of amazing Google Fonts that will make your articles become more attractive.


Famous Website Template

Famous template is a one-pager that is perfectly crafted to suit your needs. It is built on top of the Bootstrap framework which is very popular and therefore makes this template very reliable and also fast. Famous is a very lightweight template, and this will certainly save you a lot of time and money.

Famous is suitable for music bands, artists and also musicians. It is easily customizable and comes with a clean and well-organized code that is easy to use even for newbies. You can use this template on cross-browsers because it is fully compatible. This template will give you a very good online appearance that is very professional but still artistic in one way or the other. Some of the features that make it perfect for you are, 100% modular, good documentation, Google fonts and maps, 400+ icons, and many more that will boost your website.


Meloo Website Template

Meloo template will without a doubt let your music shine all over. Meloo is a single page template that is perfectly created for DJs and music producers. You can simultaneously play your music while browsing because this template is made with AJAX. It has great features that are a guarantee to complement what you are showcasing. With Meloo, you get, a good design that is professional yet fun, a continuous music playback, SCAMP music player and event integration.

This is not all as you will also get, smooth CSS3 effects, a well-commented and organized code that you can easily use to edit your site, you can easily customize it, it is also compatible with almost all browsers, and so you do not have to feel limited to use some while you prefer others. This template is also very flexible because you can even rearrange the main page and created some sub-pages that will improve your site.


MP9 Website Template

MP9 is a fully featured template that is designed for, music composers or events. The designer of this template has used the most modern tools to make this template standout when compared to the rest. It is highly suitable for, rave, club party, open air, concert, music band, DJ, nightclub and composer as well. This is one of the templates where you do not even require a code to create your professional looking website.

This is a great thing even for the beginners as you will not struggle with customizing it. Even though you do not have to use a code, it still comes with one that is very clean and well-commented in case you want to use it. You can easily use it on modern and old browsers which is a definite plus as you are not limited. It is a good way of showcasing your skills and products online.


Adonis Website Template

Adonis is a great template for anyone whose main interest is in music-based social network and community, musicians, music stores and more. This template will assist you in creating a very professional music store as it comes with very many features and layouts. It comes with a player that has six different layouts, and you can listen to your music as you still browse as it plays music simultaneously without being interrupted.

Adonis template makes it possible for your viewers to enjoy animated items on loading, on Ajax loading and viewport. In this template, you will find two different search systems, and the first one is for those who prefer big search and animations. The good thing about the big search is that you will start seeing different search results once you start typing. This is an amazing template for showcasing your work if you want to get an audience online.


Mousiqua Website Template

Mousiqua is a very appealing and modern music Band and Musician template. With this template, bands and musicians can easily showcase their skills and also introduce themselves to an online platform. This template is unique and is also a one-pager that comes fully loaded with different sections that will help your audience to know you better. You can easily improve your online presence if you choose this template for your site.

Mousiqua comes with amazing features that are of essence for your site, some of them include, block design sections, twitter feed, single album page, portfolio, a variety of homepages and many more. This template comes with a professional yet fancy look that will ensure that your site looks attractive so that you can gain more audience. Mousiqua will definitely help you reach the target of your site.

Blues Band

Blues Band Website Template

If you dream of presenting a talent of your band to a wider audience, you should definitely take advantage of this stunning template. You will be certainly impressed with its out-of-the-ordinary design that will make people become a real fan of your music. This amazing ready-made solution comes together with a plethora of eye-catching effects that will ensure that your website has a marvelous look.

You will get the opportunity to present your tracks by means of the powerful audio player. Without a doubt, you want everyone to find out about your band. For this reason, you can make use of the wonderful Facebook Like Box that will catch the eye of social networks fans. In addition to this, all people, who want to write you some pleasant things about your music, can do it by means of the stunning contact form. Don’t forget about attractive Google Fonts to make your texts look more engaging.


Singer Website Template

Without a doubt, each singer wants to get lots of attention from his or her audience. For this reason, it’s crucial to bring this remarkable ready-made solution to your notice. With the help of this great template, it will be possible to make your content get a structured and reliable look without any additional efforts. A two-column content positioning will focus the attention of your target audience on your content. In such a way, you can be sure that this minimalist design will allow people not to be distracted by some unnecessary elements.

Wonderful animation effects will certainly freshen the appearance of your website up and make it look more engaging. Thanks to a marvelous audio player, you can always get people a great chance to get familiar with your music and even become a huge fan of your talent. Furthermore, a stunning contact form will make it possible to communicate with you.

Singer’s Portfolio

Singer’s Portfolio Website Template

If you want to get a perfect assistant in launching a widely-recognized website, you should definitely make use of this amazing template. You can be completely sure that your online-presence will be improved within days thanks to its marvelous look and different functional options. Without a doubt, its appearance looks extremely impressive thanks to light and dark backgrounds that make a wonderful accent on your content.

By means of this beautiful theme, it will be possible to bring all details about your career to a notice of your visitors. You can easily showcase your upcoming performances and latest songs in the best possible light. Moreover, you will get a captivating Parallax effect that will add dynamics to your online-presentation. You will also get a marvelous lazy load effect that will also capture the attention of your potential readers. Don’t forget about a powerful contact form to allow people to write some feedback on your music.

Vera Burton

Vera Burton Website Template

Vera Burton is a stylish template that was created in order to allow capturing the attention of each person who is interested in music. Its minimalist look will make it possible for people not to be lost among various elements presented on your website. Thanks to a marvelous image-slider, it will be possible to present your best images.

In such a way, you can be sure that your website will become more visually-attractive for your core audience. It will be also possible to show off your latest news and mix them with some impressive videos. Don’t forget to provide people with the information regarding your upcoming events in a modern and eye-catching way. You will also get powerful social media buttons that will promote your content through different social networks. By the way, a great contact form will allow your visitors to write you some messages about your music and talent.

Opera Singer

Opera Singer Website Template

If you want people to listen to music on a daily basis, this very ready-made solution will assure them of doing this. It will even make them become interested in opera and everything connected with it. What essential features that will win the hearts of your audience does this template have? First of all, it has different color options and Google Fonts that will allow you to work with a look of your website and make it look unique and remarkable.

It also comes together with a grid-based layout structure that will make it possible to share various types of content on your website. You will be happy to get a wonderful Parallax effect that will add a feel of true immersion to your online-project without any efforts. Every person, who wants to get familiar with more information about your music, can ask your various question by means of the powerful contact form.

Remix Music

Remix Music Website Template

Remix is a modern and creative template. It is a very good template to use if you want to improve the appearance of your site. It is perfect for bands and musicians who want to showcase their music and artistic skills in an online platform. It comes with the most amazing features that will go well with your site. Remix Music design is uniquely crafted and has a beautiful and sleek design that will attract a great audience for your view.

Remix Music template will without a doubt speak for itself and sell you out there even before you market yourself. The amazing features that come with this template are, unlimited color schemes that you can use according to your logo or brand, an events timer countdown, modern Mp3 player, five blog pages, light and dark version and many more that are necessary four sites.