Top 15 OpenCart Templates for Every Need of Yours

Creating a website from scratch is a true challenge for most of the beginners. However, it’s really important to establish a solid and appealing social presence right from the start, which will set off your business in the right way and serve your needs. Figuring this out on your own takes a lot of time and effort, that’s why the templates in such a demand. Below you’ll find 10 OpenCart templates that will suit different kinds of business.

The website that will represent your biz in a professional manner is the best way to progress. Moreover, a well-done site allows customers to enjoy a modern functionality, catchy design, and user-friendly interface. Therefore, all these tools will make your clients a target action and will transform an average consumer into a regular one. Especially, when it is about best selling OpenCart themes!

In addition, the market is pretty full of solutions for online stores’ owners. Sure thing, we would recommend ready-made website templates because of their functionality and customer-friendly prices. Moreover, there are a lot of various CMS platforms to choose while launching your own online shop. However, today we are going to highlight OpenCart templates as the best pre-made solutions for your type of biz.

No doubts, OpenCart is the best content management system to build your online store on. It has the necessary functionality and modern features to build a pro website for your type of biz.

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StoreFlex  Website Template

This template is quite versatile and can be adapted to almost every niche, although it seems to be perfect for the online shop. See for yourself, there’s a catalog builder, which enables the potential customers to use a zoom in function to evaluate a product. The different color schemes are available so that you can explore, which combination of shades has a desired effect on the viewer; and don’t forget about the blog, relevant and informative content will be definitely beneficial for the business.


MegaStore  Website Template

The website constructor provides with a nice and functional layout, for instance, you can use to your advantage a pop-up window with an offer to become an insider. They’re becoming quite popular due to the ever-growing desire of the customers to know about all of the great deals beforehand. Besides, there’s a lot of other useful stuff in the package like a possibility to include the links to the social media pages and providing clients with a few languages and currency options.


Fresh  Website Template

This variant turns out to be ideal for the grocery shop. If you’re looking for the vivid and authentic website look, then it would be a right fit. The template guarantees a user-friendliness factor, regardless of the browser used and allows you to set up a newsletter list, which will inevitably grow and increase the sales. Besides, you can play with the Google fonts and make general customizations to come up with an essential balance of original and conventional to attract people.


Stereo.Truck Website Template

You certainly won’t feel intimidated by this one. It looks impressive but takes only a half an hour to comprehend the whole mechanism; simply experiment with the placement of the particular elements, utilize the premade designs and fill out the contact form so that the site visitors could easily get the necessary information.


Lightedix Website Template

This template proves to be quite handy for a number of purposes, be it selling furniture or a clothing retailing. Actually, it provides with everything you need to create a website that will serve you well: there’s a search bar for the effortless navigation, photo carousel for the compelling product presentation and personal account to make it even more satisfying for a customer.


Minva  Website Template

If you’re on a hunt for the sleek and modern furniture website builder, this is exactly what you need. The subtle but powerful design guides everyone, who stumbles upon the site, in the direction needed. Featuring the top-selling items and showcasing the most popular categories lets to catch a glimpse of what is the overall aesthetics and the friendly customer support encourages to take action. What more can you ask for?


Beauty Website Template

This template is ideal if you’re looking for something to help you with setting up a beauty store. It has everything you would want in the online shop: a visitor can choose a preferred language, currency and payment option, he sees the appealing banners and you can display at the foreground the top 10 of the newest or bestselling items.


SweetFun Website Template

This set is a highly customizable website builder for those, who aspire to win over the attention of the sweets lovers. First of all, there’s a blog section, which is hard to overestimate in terms of establishing trust and demonstrating competence on the topic. The great wish list tool encourages the site visitors to spend more time looking through the assortment.


Gifty  Website Template

Are you trying to map out the idea of a gift store in your head? Then this one is for you. There’s a quite convenient navigation tool at your disposal, which is called the mega menu that is useful if your online store has a lot of products and a complicated hierarchy of categories. You can also use the sliders with a discount banner on the main page, which is a huge plus and will help increase sales.


Foreli  Website Template

This responsive design will interest those, who acknowledge the value of displaying a store in the equally attractive way on all of the devices possible. It means that it will look good on the phone as well as on the tablet, let alone the computer. Besides, you get reliable customer support and regular updates along with the stylish and modern image.


SalesW  Website Template

Did you ever wonder, what is the main secret to the top sales? I’d bet you did, however, the recipe is quite simple: provide customers with a photo carousel of distinctive features of a product, assign a badge with an eye-catching characteristic and insert a YouTube video to show it in its best. The SalesW template enables you to do all of the mentioned above and without any struggle with complicated coding.


Florist Website Template

This elegant OpenCart template allows creating a professionally-looking flower shop. It does not require any coding skills in terms of the customization process. The package provides many useful functions to encourage your audience to take action. As an example, you can take advantage of testimonials. It allows presenting statements from your customers. In addition to this, these also include a product quick view, wishlist, and multi-currency support.


Zena Website Template

Zena is a marvelous OpenCart template for those who need to promote their organic food or grocery. It offers a one-click installation process that is going to save you time. You have the freedom to use an extensive set of options. As an example, it is possible to add an engaging product slider and banners. To grow the number of your clients, you can take advantage of the RTL-support and translate your online-project.


Vutia Website Template

The number of topics one can showcase using this stylish OpenCart template can impress your imagination. It is possible to speak about auto parts, fashion, exterior, and many others. You are going to get a wide range of attributes that provide people with excellent user experience. An easy-to-use Ajax search allows finding the desired products in a flash. Furthermore, it has multi-language support that helps to increase your popularity.



Royal Website Template

A multipurpose OpenCart template that can assist you in crafting an advanced online-store. It has three demos designed for such topics as jewelry, fashion, and electronics. The package provides all the essential functions. As an example, you are free to add a product quick view, product hover, and drop-down cart. It also includes a blog module for those who need to share some additional details. Do not forget about a newsletter subscription to inform people about the latest updates.


Shopnow Website Template

Together with this universal OpenCart template, you can start selling every assortment your soul wants. These include electronics, toys, clothes, cosmetics, shoes, and many others. It has a mobile-friendly design that people can view on every design. To engage your audience, it is possible to work with a custom slideshow and product slider. Thanks to testimonials, you can share all the opinions of your clients. You can also customize every product page to draw more attention.