25+ Awesome Templates to Create your Personal Website 2018

If you still do not have a personal website, you miss lots of its advantages. In order to make people become interested in your individuality, you should definitely launch one. We want to help you in this case. Thanks to these eye-catching personal website templates, you can do it in a flash.

Thanks to them, you can create a digital place to catch everyone’s eye. People will know who you are, what you are doing, your goals and hobbies, and many other things. If you think that what you are doing is not interesting enough, throw away all your doubts. You will definitely find your own audience. Your future website will make it possible to show off yourself.

The most important thing is to present your individuality in a professional way. One of these amazing themes will give you a successful start. Keep in mind that you do not need to have coding skills to build a great website. Even though they can be helpful, programming skills are not necessary.

If you think that you have to spend a lot of time on building a website, you are mistaken. It will be possible to pay more attention to your hobbies and improvement.

Furthermore, you can always take a look at other websites to get some inspiration. In such a way, you will be able to impress your target audience. We want you to step on the path of success as soon as possible. For this reason, take a glance at these remarkable themes right now…

Daniel Smith

Daniel Smith Website Template

A stylish template that will allow you to build a wonderful personal page. It comes together with an elegant and remarkable design. Without a doubt, it will make your topic become even more impressive. You will be always able to spice your website up with multiple types of content. In such a way, your core audience will become assured in a professionalism of your team. In general, let us present to you the most important options included in the package.

  • an eye-catching website slider to present your main goals;
  • various types of the gallery to show off your lifestyle and interests;
  • lots of wonderful eCommerce pages;
  • four blog layouts to present some additional details;
  • a wide range of social options to spread the word you;
  • a powerful contact form to let people get in touch with you.

Make use of this nice-looking template. Thanks to it, you can be sure that your website will capture people’s attention.


Folio Website Template

Folio is a Bootstrap framework template that is responsive and retina ready. It is intended for personal websites and blogs. It is very easy to customize and can't work well with all the major browsers that you can find online. Apart from personal sites and blogs, it can work for creative sites and other sites that do not require complex templates. It is retina ready and has different home pages.

Folio has a well-organized and commented code that you can easily use and edit anything that you feel is unnecessary. If you fall into the category of those who love simplicity, then this is the template for you. It has many features that are all important when starting your site. You certainly need a template with this Google maps, a beautiful layout, portfolio page and many more so that your site can stand out.


Kelvin Website Template

Kelvin is a handsomely designed template that is ideal for all personal websites and blogs. It is completely responsive and is compatible with almost any browser, from Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google, Yahoo, and others. It is made in a way that it can be used on mobile devices, for example, iPhones, mobile phones, and all others of the same sort. It comes already customized which is a great benefit for your site as it makes work very easy for you.

Kelvin is lightweight and therefore does not consume a lot of internet bundles or time as it loads fast and easily. Most bloggers prefer this template because it has many features that they find very useful in their pages. This template is great if you are looking to create a good audience or a lot of views for your website. You can never go wrong with Kelvin as it is a complete template.


Freelance Website Template

Freelance template is built on the popular Bootstrap framework which makes it very suitable and efficient. It is completely responsive and is compatible with a huge variety of multi-browsers that you find online. This template is multi-purpose although, it is used mainly on personal blogs. It comes with features that are very good for anyone interested in starting a blog page or a personal website.

Freelance is user-friendly and comes with an easy and well-commented code that you can use to edit anything that you wish. The background colors are just amazing for any site as they complement the products or services that you are offering, you are also not limited to using them only as you can use your own. It comes with Google maps, font awesome, a variety of homepages, and many blog pages that are all great tools for you. Your site will look very nice with this template.


Pixie Website Template

Pixie is a great template to apply to your website and blog. It is a Bootstrap template which is easy for anyone one who is new to this field. It is very simple and very straightforward to use, and it comes with a code that can easily be used to change and work with. At times you don't even need to the code to edit your template. It has amazing features that you can use to take your business a notch higher. It is completely responsive and can work with different devices, for example, mobile phones and laptops.

Pixie is already customized so that the user can be as comfortable as possible with it. It has a variety of skin colors that you can choose from. This template is made with the best framework that is Bootstrap which is very popular and efficient.

New Days

New Days Website Template

An innovative template that will allow you to present a high-quality website. You do not need to make lots of efforts to launch a brand new website. You will get the opportunity to get your future online-project in a flash. In order to showcase your lifestyle, make use of the following options:

  • over 25 ready-made pages to make people become interested in the website;
  • a pack of web forms to turn a website into a trustworthy one;
  • functions to present your achievements, projects, and feedback;
  • a newsletter subscription to allow people know all your updates.

In order to boost a popularity of your website, make use of this exciting solutions. Its colors and fonts will definitely allow you to present your individuality. In addition to this, users will be happy to get such a great user-experience. As you can understand, it will be completely impossible to choose someone over you.


Looper Website Template

A stunning multipurpose theme that will allow you to impress your core audience. It has a great minimalist design not cluttered with unnecessary elements. In such a way, it will not distract people’s attention from your content. We should also mention that this solution has all modern features. They will make it easier to build a powerful and remarkable website. Let us give you a look at them.

  • over 60 pre-made pages to present your lifestyle;
  • an easy-to-use contact form to communicate with users;
  • different homepage sliders to show off your updates;
  • five types of the portfolio to showcase your projects;
  • multiple types of the blog to share details.

This eye-catching solution will turn your website into an extremely attractive one. People will be certainly happy to browse it. You can be sure that your popularity will rise immediately. So, if you want to boost your personal page, pay your attention to this wonderful template.


Victoria Website Template

Victoria is a personal website Bootstrap framework which is vital for anyone who wants to start up a blog or a personal website. It is retina ready and easily customizable. It has many features that are all suitable for your site. Some of these incredible features include a profile page where your clients can easily access your information and details, a contact page where they can leave messages, emails and you can access them easily.

Victoria comes with a variety of homepages that you can use differently as per your preferences, Google maps, font awesome and icons, different background colors that you can easily change to suit your needs, although you can use your own choice. Victoria's code is well commented and is also organized easily in a way that you can edit your page without facing challenges. It is very suitable for beginners.


Elvish Website Template

Elvish is a responsive Bootstrap template, which is suitable for creating a good online appearance for your personal site and blog. It can be used for all other purposes, but it is mainly intended to serve as a personal site. It is customized so that it can easily be used on all devices and by beginners. It is lightweight, and so it loads very fast and easily. It comes with incredible features that will make your website go to the next level.

Elvish has different homepages, blog pages so that you can showcase your work without limitations. It has a contact page and your portfolio page which enables clients to view all the details that they may need to know about you. It is also very lightweight. This template is ideal for you if you are a beginner as it is very straightforward. It is the best for improving how your site appears.


Solonick Website Template

Solonick is an already customized template built with the Bootstrap framework which is undoubtedly popular. It is fully responsive and compatible with different multi-browsers. It is an amazing template for your online appearance as it has all the features that you need to do so. It comes with a code that is very gentle on the user as it is well commented and perfectly organized so that you can edit your site well without any confusion.

Solonick has sliders, Google maps, Calendar, Contact form where you can be reached or have a client leave you a message. It has many homepages and a variety of blog pages that is all that you need to start your site. Solonick works perfectly with personal websites, but this does not mean that it cannot be used for different purposes. If you want your online business or page to go a notch higher, you can go for Solonick.


Personala Website Template

Personala is a responsive personal Bootstrap framework template. It is suitable for all your personal websites and blogs. It is fully responsive and already customized. It has amazing features that make your site great. It comes with different homepages and different blog pages. It is wonderful for improving your appearance online. If you want to drive traffic to your site, you can go for this amazing template as it has all the tools and features to make that possible. You can use this template on smaller devices like mobile phones because it is capable of minimizing itself and remain the same.

Personala is well documented and detailed. It comes with a very clean and clear code that you can use as it is not complex like most of them. This template is also good for beginners who have no experience whatsoever.


Okomo Website Template

Okomo is a creative theme that can be called your amazing assistant. You do not need to have any coding skills to build a marvelous website. Furthermore, t will be completely easy to customize your online-project. In general, this template comes together with a great number of essential features. You can take a glance at them here and now.

  • two different version of the template - dark and light;
  • various smooth animations;
  • a wide variety of Google Fonts to express your main idea;
  • a dynamic contact form to get in touch with your visitors;
  • a Google Map to show a physical location if needed;
  • a blog functionality to share some exciting facts;
  • multiple pages to present your team, skills, and contact details in the best possible light.

Take advantage of this impressive template to get the attention of your target audience. It will definitely allow you to make your website become extremely popular.


Jonny Website Template

Jonny is an amazing template for your personal website. It is built with the Bootstrap framework and can easily be used on all mobile devices, making it fully responsive. It has a variety of features which are interesting to play around with, and they make your site stand out from the rest. It comes ready and customized, has Google maps, font awesome, icons and sliders. It is suitable for that project that you have been working on as it will generate for you a great audience and traffic on your site.

For those that care a lot about their online appearance, Jonny will work best as it has everything that you need for that appearance. It has a very well commented code that is easy for all users. You can change the background color whenever you wish. Jonny has great documentation, and the user ensured that it is thoroughly detailed.


Hypno Website Template

Launch an excellent website using this out-of-the-ordinary template. It has a fashionable design that will win the hearts of your potential customers. Without a doubt, people will not be able to pass by your website. For the reason that they will adore it immediately. If you want to be sure in the professionalism of the template, take a look at its features:

  • a tailor-made page that looks extremely impressive;
  • different single pages (about me, portfolio, services, contact us, and many others);
  • a black version of your page layout;
  • a huge number of Google Fonts to impress your audience;
  • a user-friendly contact form to allow users to communicate with your team;
  • an eye-catching banner to present new projects;
  • amazing pricing tables if you sell your services on the website;
  • a powerful video support.

In such a way, you can be sure that it will take you nothing to spread the word about your website.


Ryan Website Template

Ryan is a fully responsive carefully crafted template, which is suitable for all personal websites but can also be used for other purposes. It is built with the amazing Bootstrap 3 framework which makes it an amazing template. It is already customized and also retina ready. The fact that it is completely responsive means that it can respond even in smaller and mobile devices. It is a simple template and has a highly organized that you can easily understand if you wish to edit anything on your site.

Ryan is also lightweight which means that it will not consume your internet highly when it is loading. It has great features to compliment your beautiful site and draw your traffic. With this template, your inline appearance will be amazing hence making your site grow.


Smarto Website Template

Smarto is a stylish theme designed for those who want to become widely-recognized. Each creative will be happy to get such a stunning solution. It comes alongside an unusual design to catch the eye of your potential readers. Actually, it does not matter what your blog is about. Each topic will become popular thanks to this remarkable and nice-looking theme. Make sure to take advantage of all these fully-functional elements:

  • five variants of the homepage to impress people immediately;
  • smooth animation effects and transitions;
  • lots of gorgeous pre-made pages to share various details;
  • a bunch of Google Fonts to make your website become more readable;
  • a marvelous contact form to make messaging easier.

Thanks to these amazing options, your website will become a huge attention-grabber. People will certainly fall in love with it. It cannot be otherwise. For the reason that it is impossible to pass by such a bright design and functionality.


Profession Website Template

Just as the name, this is a professional site that will work best to showcase your work, the products, and services that you offer. This is a bootstrap framework template, and it is built with all the best tools to make it different and stand out from the rest. It has all the amazing features that you need to make your online platform a hit. It can make a great online appearance as it has a beautiful, sleek and modern design and the layout is just the best.

Profession is already customized meaning that you can use it easily regardless of whether you know templates or not. It has different homepages and a few blog pages. It also has a contact form and a code that you can work without worrying about its complex nature. Anyone who wants to take their online business to the next level can use this template.


Rokomary Website Template

An excellent solution to create a professionally-looking personal page. It will provide you with a full freedom of customization. This means that you can easily build a unique website. In such a way, your online-project will distinguish itself from others. In addition to this, it will express your personality in the best possible light. To cut a long story short, what great features does this theme include?

  • four variations of the homepage;
  • eye-catching animation effects to grab the attention of your core audience;
  • various ready-made pages that will allow you to present different aspects;
  • lots of great Google Fonts to impress everybody;
  • a powerful contact form to let people communicate with your team.

This wonderful template will allow you to add a fresh coat of paint to your website. People will certainly become interested in your website. In such a way, you will be ready to get lots of new readers.


Hendrix Website Template

Hendrix is personal website template built with Bootstrap  framework. It is created with all the best and vital tools to make it work effectively and easily. Hendrix is responsive and retina ready. It is compatible with different browsers and can be used on all mobile devices. It has a size that can work on iPhones, tablets, desktops, laptops and almost anything. It has a good skin color that makes your site amazing to look at, and you can change the colors if you want to because you are not limited.

The features of Hendrix are what makes it unique because it has Google maps with a highlighted pointer, has sliders, font awesome, a variety of homepages and blog pages. It comes with a contact page and a portfolio page where you can feed all your information. Your site can use this template to attract a great audience with which you can generate a good income.


Reva Website Template

Reva is a multi-purpose personal template that is carefully crafted to suit the user's needs. It is based on the Bootstrap  framework which makes it very powerful. It is purposed for personal websites, but it is not limited. It is fully responsive which makes it great with all mobile devices whether big or small. It is compatible with cross browsers and works efficiently. It is cost-effective because it is lightweight, so it does not consume the internet highly as it loads fast.

Reva comes with great features that are all suitable for your online platform. It has different homepages and blog pages, and it is retina ready, comes already customized, font awesome, Google maps, footer, and header contact us page, about us, portfolio and many more amazing features. Reva will certainly take your site to the next level as it is built with the best and most reliable tool there is.

Brave Light

Brave Light Website Template

A vibrant template designed for various creative niches. It will allow you to showcase your personality. Its brightness and unusualness will certainly capture the attention. This theme can be called a mix of the eye-catching design and powerful functionality. We offer you to take a look at its marvelous functions:

  • over 45 pre-made pages to get the attention;
  • a huge number of web forms to make your website become reliable;
  • four blog layouts to present articles in a stylish way;
  • lots of eCommerce pages to showcase your products and services;
  • unusual animation effects and transitions to engage your audience;
  • multiple types of the gallery (cobbles, masonry, grid).

If you want to get an impressive website, just make use of this theme. It will provide you with a stunning design and excellent functionality. So, you will hit the target with your online-project. Moreover, people will definitely become interested in your personal page.


Ner Website Template

Ner is a Bootstrap framework template which has been created with all the amazing tools that are favorable for a startup or an already existing personal website. Applying this template is very easy as it is already customized. It is suitable for anyone who wants to create a good flow of viewers and clients on their site. This template is retina ready and fully responsive. It can work well on smaller sized and mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones, and it will still fulfill the purpose for which it was intended. It is a great template for a newbie as it has an easy code that you can use to edit your site easily.

Ner has different homepages, sliders, Google maps, font icons, headers and footers, contact, and portfolio page and many more features just t enhance your online look. It is a very good template to use as it does not need so much time.


Modicate Website Template

A modern solution to make your target audience impressed. It has a wonderful design that will focus the attention on your personal page. It does not have lots of elements that will draw users away from your website. This template also includes a wide variety of powerful options. They will assist you in building an attractive website. Give a look at the most important features now.

  • lots of ready-made pages to show off all aspect of your lifestyle;
  • amazing header and footer layouts;
  • engaging animation effects and transition to freshen your website up;
  • a great live search to make it easier to find the information;
  • a stunning contact form to allow visitors to communicate with you;
  • other web forms to make your page become more reliable;
  • an unusual Parallax effect to add a depth;
  • different styles of the gallery to showcase your images;
  • six blog layouts;
  • beautiful eCommerce pages.

Make people agape with wonder using this excellent template!


ComeOut Website Template

A marvelous multipurpose theme designed for different projects. Your personal page will certainly play out in fresh colors. In such a way, it will be easy for you to introduce your personality. It comes together with a bunch of widely-used functions. You will be definitely happy to get lots of new visitors. Yet before starting gaining your readers, pay your attention to the following options:

  • eight amazing demos designed for different purposes;
  • a stunning contact form to allow people to communicate with you;
  • a great Youtube video background to impress your audience.

Furthermore, your website will become more exciting for your potential readers. Thanks to this remarkable template, you will be able to impress every possible person. By the way, you will get great PSD files. They will make it easier for you to work with your future online-project. Keep in mind that your website will be also rendered perfectly on every device.


Minimal Website Template

As the name may show, this is a minimalist solution for all your sites and different blogs. It is very simple to apply and also light. It comes with a variety of background colors that you can easily use to make your site look appealing to the eye. Minimal has incredible features like different homepages, different blog pages, an easy and perfectly organized code, a clean and sleek design that will certainly attract lots of views, and an outstanding layout.

Apart from that, it is easy to customize this template as the designer has made it possible. It is also responsive and can be used on devices of different sizes that are inclusive of iPhones, iPads, and tablets. You can play around with the background colors as they come in a wide variety. Minimal is perfect for beginners as it does not require much skill. It is perfect for your site.