Eye Catching Restaurant Website Templates 2019

Without a doubt, a quality of your food is one of the most important factors that influence a choice of the best restaurant. Yet when it comes to such kind of the business, you should also think about selecting a proper design for your future online-project. It plays a huge role in the ability of your restaurant to attract new customers, get reservations, and connect with your core audience.

For this reason, we want you to take a look at the best cafe and restaurant website templates on the market. These marvelous ready-made solutions will do a great job in giving your restaurant a tailor-made look and unique presence on the web. Thanks to them, it will be possible to invite customers to come and taste your delicious food.

Without a doubt, you have worked hard in order to build a restaurant or cafe that you can be proud of. If you want to increase your clientele base, you definitely need to pay your attention to these exciting themes. In such a way, it will be possible to create a great online-presence, showcase your menu in a creative way, and make your target audience fall in love with your services.

We want to save your time. In this small collection, you will find incredible templates that are fully-customizable. You don’t need to have any coding skills to make changes in the appearance of your online-project and make it look individual. Let’s assure people of selecting exactly your restaurant here and now…


Gourmet Website Template

Gourmet is very user-friendly and straightforward. It is a multi-niche template that is suitable for restaurants. It is growing fast and is often updated. It has been built with Framework Y which is very advanced and powerful in developing modernized websites. You can enjoy the extreme power of customization and also a modernized set of very useful components, options, and features.

Gourmet template can be used for almost all business, the likes of Restaurants, Confectionary, Ecologic, Wine shop, Green food, Fast food, Elegance and many more. Its framework is the easiest to even been built. Gourmet will definitely make your site a catch, and the design will mostly attract a huge audience because of its elegance, uniqueness, layout, it is made to make your clients want to explore your site. The use of a good template ensures that people are unable to keep off your site.


Resta Website Template

Resta is an out-of-the-ordinary theme that can be called one of the most exciting solutions to present your restaurant in the best possible light. It comes together with an unusual flat design that will make it possible for people to be focused on your main message. You will be impressed with more than six homepage variations that have the power to make everyone fall in love with your future online-project.

It also has eight color variations that will make your website look extremely bright. Don’t forget about amazing Google Fonts that will allow you to attract more attention to your texts. If we were to talk about various functional tricks, it would be important to mention a few main things. To begin with, you will get a fully-fledged mega-menu that will allow you to divide your information into different categories. In addition to this, you can always take advantage of the powerful food menu, reservation functionality, promotional offer, testimonials, and many other stunning options.


Granny Website Template

Granny is a restaurant template that is most suitable for all businesses that are operating under the restaurant industry. Restaurants, Cafeterias, Bistros, Cafes, Bakery, Pizzeria and Coffee shop or other businesses related to the food industry. It is fully based on Bootstrap and has been designed with care and a lot of attention to details, performance, and flexibility. It is a sleek, smooth, ultra-professional and has a clean and modern layout.

Granny brings to the table anything that you may need when creating and also managing an excellent and stunning restaurant website. It gives you menu management, gallery management, contact form, blogging and reservation forms that are online. It comes packed with anything that you will need to create your own menu without having to struggle much. With our menu manager, you are able to update, create delete and reorder your price list if you so wish.


Yumi Website Template

Yumi restaurant is one clean template, which is suitable for restaurants. With it, you can offer online booking services. It is neat, simple yet elegant. It is very easy to customize it to fit your preferred needs. It is retina ready and has been created with the latest version of Bootstrap. It is compatible with all browsers. It comes with an already working contact form, Google maps, font awesome, Google fonts, it is extensively and well documented.

Yumi has three different homepages. Its design is very responsive and unique which make it stand out amongst all other restaurant templates. PSD files are included and have three header layouts. For a person who is looking to sell their restaurant really, the choice of your website template will matter a lot to how that will happen. In one way or the other, the success of your restaurant is dependent on the kind of site that you have. Your site must be very appealing to the eye.


Morsel Website Template

Morsel restaurant template is a template that is very personal. It has a fully responsive code that can easily be used for the startup of a restaurant's website. It can also be used for a personal website. The designer has put into consideration the user-friendly features for almost all sections. We have in many ways thought outside the box and saw it as best to include different sections that you may certainly need for your website.

Among those sections is one for the Chef with a short bio and about. It has a menu with many tab features that you can use to add to pricing options, events, photo gallery, venue, upcoming events and even a testimonial section. This template suits best food Restaurants, Photography, Portfolio, Wellness, Sports, Wedding websites and so many more. It is exclusively documented and has a one-page responsive layout. The design is very sleek.

Quick Food

Quick Food Website Template

A vibrant template that will allow you to present any kind of food your soul wants at its best. First of all, you will be happy to get five blog layouts that will allow you to express an individuality of your restaurant and make people become interested in your dishes. It will be also possible to present your toasts, salads, and other food thanks to a wide range of good-looking eCommerce pages.

In order to present your high-quality images in the best possible light, you can pay your attention to various gallery types. In such a way, you can be sure that people will bring your menu to their notice and decide to visit your restaurant. Moreover, it will take you completely nothing to make people trust in your services. For example, you can give them the opportunity to get in touch with you thanks to a user-friendly contact form. A marvelous newsletter subscription form will also allow your visitors to know everything about your updates.


Waves Website Template

Waves is a stunning template that has everything you need to launch your amazing online-project within days or even hours. Your visitors will be happy to browse your website that has a wonderful minimalist design that is not cluttered with various non-essential features. Together with this ready-made solution, you will also get eye-catching animation wave effects that will freshen the appearance of your website up.

In order to add even more visually-attractive elements to your website, you can take advantage of the powerful background video. What about some other options that will enrich the functional aspect of your online-project? For example, you will get a marvelous contact form that will make it possible for your visitors to communicate with your team and get familiar with some additional information about your restaurant. Furthermore, you will get a great Google Map that will allow you to show a physical location of your establishment without any efforts.


Hangout Website Template

Hangout is a professional, clean, modern template for the website of your restaurant. It is perfect for a Restaurant, Bakery, Hotel, Cafeteria and any food business that you can actually think of. It is great for the portfolio of a Chef's personal website. It is fully responsive and very easy to customize making it possible to use on all mobile devices. It is fit to all sizes regardless of whether you are browsing on a mobile phone, laptop or even a desktop. If you wish to launch your site in a few hours, then Hangout is the template for you.

Hangout has cross-border compatibility, a sticky header and is built on Twitter Bootstrap three. Besides those features, it also has a code that is developer friendly which means that you will not struggle to change anything on your site, has a ready ajax form, comes with Google fonts and Custom sights. It is a very easy and straightforward site to use for beginners.


Avenue Website Template

Avenue is a modern theme that comes alongside a minimalist design made for those who want to present their information in a creative way. Without a doubt, you will impress the imagination of your potential customers with a wide variety of amazing pre-made pages. You will also get six blog layouts that will make it possible to showcase your exciting articles in the best possible light. You can easily brighten your website up with lots of smooth animation effects and transitions that will add some visual-attractiveness to your online-project.

If you don’t want to spend your time in a search of high-quality images, it will be possible to take advantage of various stock pictures included in the package. What is more, you will get a wonderful chance to present them in the most stylish way ever thanks to different gallery types. By the way, it will be possible to show a physical location of your restaurant using a wonderful Google Map.


Litmus Website Template

Litmus is a marvelous template that was designed taking into consideration the latest web-design trends. It comes together with lots of incredible features and advanced customization options that will make it possible to create a tailor-made website without any efforts. Thanks to this amazing template, you will be able to provide people with a perfect user-experience no matter what device they use.

Everyone will be impressed with a clutter-free design that won’t distract their attention from the main message of your online-project. You will be ready to choose your ideal homepage in order to make people become interested in your website at first sight. With the help of different pre-made pages, you will get the opportunity to show off your menu at its best. It will be also possible to present your team of chefs who cook the most delicious food. Believe us, you will also get a bunch of incredible functions that will definitely enhance the functionality of your future website without any difficulties.


Restora Website Template

Restora template as multi-purpose and also premium, it is professional and can work best for almost all food businesses, for example, Cooking, Bakeries, Cakes, Cafes, Sweets, and Restaurants. Restora is customized to ensure that it is mobile friendly and also fully responsive, it is retina ready too. The fact that it is customizable is all to your advantage because it will suit your needs perfectly. It has these easy short codes that you can easily use to build your website professionally and also quickly.

The main features of Restore are, that it has an awesome revolution slider, parallax background effect, its documentation is very detailed and straightforward, It theme has three colors, but you are not limited you can always change to your preferences. It supports element animation. This template is one of its kind without a doubt. If you are looking for that easy but elegant template to use on your website, then you have it.

Venice Restaurant

Venice Restaurant Website Template

Venice Restaurant is a convincing and impressive theme that will spread the word about your restaurant and make people choose exactly your services. Thanks to a marvelous blog functionality, it will be possible to show off different additional details about your business in the best possible light. In such a way, you can be sure that you can speak your mind to dedicated online-visitors and make them trust in your services.

In order to give people a feeling of true immersion and illusion of depth, you can take advantage of the stunning Parallax effect. Your potential and loyal customers will be always ready to book a table directly on your website thanks to a powerful appointment manager. Moreover, you will get a great number of web forms that will make your website become more trustworthy and credible. Don’t forget to brighten the look of your website up using an amazing gallery and different Google Fonts.


Firmino Website Template

If you’re an owner of the stunning Mexican restaurant that needs to be promoted on the web, you should definitely make use of this remarkable template. It comes alongside a bunch of amazing pre-made pages that will allow you to present different aspects of your business at their best. In such a way, you can easily assure people of choosing your restaurant for the reason that it’s one of the best places to relax and unwind while enjoying tasty dishes.

You will also get a powerful collection of working web forms that will make it easier for people to rely on your services and forget about your competitors. Furthermore, you will get different gallery types (that include grid, masonry, and cobbles) that will make your website look even more attractive and memorable. You can always take advantage of the impressive blog layouts that will make people turn their attention to your articles.

Vegan Food

Vegan Food Website Template

A wonderful and eye-catching solution designed for those people who want others to pay their attention to vegetarian food. Together with this good-looking template, you will get 35 impressive pre-made pages that will make it possible for you to potential customers to get familiar with all necessary information regarding your vegetarian restaurant and its menu.

You will be also ready to showcase your dishes using a wide range of eCommerce pages. In order to make people want to taste your out-of-the-ordinary dishes, you can make use of marvelous gallery types. In such a way, it will be possible to make your food look even more delicious and attractive. Don’t forget that it’s extremely crucial to allow people to trust in your services. Thanks to different web forms, your visitors will be ready to request some additional information about vegetarian food. They can also subscribe to your newsletters and get your updates immediately.


Resto Website Template

Resto is a marvelous and feature-rich template designed for showcasing your European restaurant in the most stylish way ever. In order to boost a popularity of your restaurant and make your business prosper, you should certainly take advantage of this impressive theme. Together with this ready-made solution, you will get wonderful header and footer styles, eye-catching pre-made pages, and other customization options that will allow you to get a unique website. It will be possible to add some attractiveness to your website by means of amazing animation effects that also include a powerful Parallax effect.

A wide variety of Google Fonts will make it possible for you to convey your message not only through colors but also through typography means. You can give your visitors the opportunity to request a table directly on the website using a wonderful booking form. Don’t forget about various impressive gallery types that will allow you to showcase your eye-catching photos in the best possible light.

Food Ordering Service

Food Ordering Service Website Template

If you want to make people become interested in your food ordering services, you should certainly make use of this wonderful template in order to win the hearts of your target audience. You will be happy to get a bunch of impressive pre-made pages that will make it possible to convince people of choosing exactly your food delivery company.

You will also get five blog layouts that will allow people to showcase your articles in the most exciting way ever. In order to make your images look extremely attention-grabbing for your core audience, you can take advantage of amazing gallery types. Moreover, thanks to a wide range of eCommerce pages, your potential customers will get a wonderful chance to sell your dishes directly on the website. Everyone will be also ready to write you a few words about your services using a powerful contact form already included in the package.

La Carte

La Carte Website Template

La Carte is a neat and fully responsive template that is one page and is made for any restaurant or food business. The template includes a variety of elements that are very easy to edit. The fact that it is built on Bootstrap framework makes it very easy to customize. It has three color skins that are ready-made, however, you can always make another color scheme for yourself if you so wish. It has parallax effects and CSS animation. This template has an already working reservation which is already validated. It has custom Google maps that have a marker to help you find the location easily.

La Carte will help you reach the desired target of your website, and it will also work wonders in ensuring that your site is attractive enough and has something unique to make people want to visit more. You can never, in any case, go wrong with this template because it is the easiest, even beginners cannot struggle.


Soup Website Template

Soup is a restaurant template. It is built on Bootstrap four framework. It has an online ordering system and other components that make it very useful. It is specially dedicated to modern Restaurants. Soup has three different homepages, and concepts and seven beautiful color schemes. Thanks to its fully responsive design, it can work perfectly on any device, whether mobile phones or tablets and many more.

Soup is customized to change the size depending on the device you are using to browse. One very beneficial thing about soup is that it is compatible with almost all browsers that are available. It has numerous features that help you achieve that elegant website. Some of the features that make this template amazingly unique are working booking form, functional menu component, effective navigation, nicely detailed documentations amongst many more.