20+ Top Sports Website Templates 2019

Nowadays a lot of people are interested in doing sports. What is more, more and more sports club are opening every single day. You should understand that a competition between those people, who provide others with pieces of training, is extremely huge. When it comes to showcasing different sports and fitness clubs, gyms, and health centers on the web, it would be great to take advantage of marvelous sport website templates that will definitely make all people agape with wonder.

Each of these incredible ready-made solutions will give you the opportunity to build a strong online-presence. Without a doubt, each person, who is ready to start doing sports, will pay his or her attention to your online-project. Actually, you will be impressed not only with various eye-catching designs of these remarkable themes. Of course, you can customize them up to your tastes thanks to different color options, amazing pre-made pages, and Google Fonts.

As you can understand, these attractive templates are designed with a user-friendliness in mind. If you don’t have a bunch of coding skills, you can anyway build a high-quality website.

Breathe a new life into your sports website using one of these stunning templates. You can be completely sure that people will decide to lead a healthy lifestyle and start paying attention to various sports. All you need to do is to capture their attention and present your content in a creative way. Everything is possible with these excellent solutions. Let’s start making people get interested in sports here and now…


Alchemists Website Template

Alchemists is a well-designed and beautifully laid sports template, it contains new widgets, new pages like search results and contact us, with a revamped dark design, it includes the new PSD files. With the Alchemist we wanted to provide you with a fresh and new dark version of the other alchemist template, adding a new color palette, Google font combinations, and elements. This is particularly designed to fit the American football theme; therefore, a few things like widgets and elements have been added.

Alchemists includes the new vector icons and new statistic widgets; new pages and it is already customized to fit all your mobile devices. It has a wide range of versions of info blocks, post pages, game results and so much more to enable you to choose the one that you most prefer. It has a page that shows the full player profile, that helps you to see any important information that you may need about the player.


ALLSTAR Website Template

One of the most practical solutions designed for presenting sports clubs and news. It comes together with six child themes. This means that such topics as soccer, basketball, billiards, baseball, bowling, and rugby can be presented at their best. In addition to this, five additional child themes are going to be presented soon. By means of the great theme color switcher, you can choose the most appropriate tones for your website. A visually-attractive Parallax Effect will engage all visitors and make them be amazed by your online-project. A small but impressive collection of blog layouts will distinguish your articles from others. Moreover, a modern Instagram Gallery will capture the attention of all social networking fans. The package also includes lots of useful features for you to take a glance at.

  • gallery and albums;
  • diagram of relationships;
  • a lot of specialized blocks for sports statistics;
  • different blog layouts;
  • eCommerce page templates.

Sports Cup

Sports Cup Website Template

Sports Cup is generally a professional Soccer and Sports template. It has Bootstrap four which is especially necessary for football, sports club, and soccer. It is beautifully laid and comes with amazing soccer features like the list of players, player profile, league table, fixtures and results and so on. It has a design that is fully responsive and ready to look superb on any device. It is already customized for diverse mobile devices and desktops. You can customize your own website as much as you wish to because you have a variety of layout possibilities with numerous variations and colors.

It comes with different pages that are built using the framework of Bookstrap four. The page builder allows you to select over almost a hundred interface blocks. You get the switch out icons all by clicking a button. The potential of the layout is almost limitless. The tedious task of assembling mockups is no longer there.


Golfix Website Template

Golfix is a remarkable and unusual template that will allow people to enjoy all advantages of such a popular sport as golf. If your club offers a wide range of advantages for all golf fans, you should definitely spread the word about them all over the web. Thanks to various eye-catching pre-made pages, not only your games but also your online-project will turn out to be absolutely unforgettable. You can be sure that your readers won’t get lost on your website for the reason that this amazing theme includes a powerful search engine.

Furthermore, it will be possible to show a physical location of your golf club with the help of the fully-fledged Google Map. It will take you nothing to engage your visitors and make them become interested in your online-project using a great number of smooth animation effects and transitions. You can also give them a feeling of true immersion thanks to a wonderful Parallax effect.

RS Sports

RS Sports Website Template

RS Sports the soccer and football club is a highly modernized fully responsive and creative template. It is favorable for all kinds of sports, for example, football, soccer handball, basketball, rugby, soccer club and so on. It is proven to be 100% responsive making it possible for it to work on all mobile devices including mobile phones and desktops. It is intensively documented and has a very neat and easy code making it possible for anyone to change it without strife.

RS Sports has unlimited features that work in making your website look very appealing and beautifully organized. Its features that are not limited include, point table pages, an off-canvas menu, a ready and working ajax form, a detailed and well documentation, it is able to support all modern browsers, it has a club list that has a single layout page not forgetting that it is inclusive of fixtures page.


HandStand Website Template

A brand new theme that will convince people of keeping their bodies strong. Its minimalist design will allow you people to take the most important information into their notice and think about doing sports on daily basis. With the help of multiple page layouts, it will take you nothing to showcase your content in a tailor-made way and make people take an interest in various sports. In such a way, you can be sure that each gym, fitness and yoga club, health center or any other health-related website will play out in fresh colors. You will get a full-width slider on the homepage that will attract your target audience to your content and images.

In addition to this, you will get a bunch of fully-functional features that will enrich the functionality of your future online-project. For example, you should definitely pay your attention to a dynamic contact form, different Google Fonts, and newsletter subscription. In order to display different aspects of your business, you can take advantage of the incredible class schedule, pricing tables, and blog articles.


InShape Website Template

If you people always to be in shape, you should certainly take this amazing solution into your consideration. It has an extremely vibrant design made in the mix of black and red colors that are always associated with power. This modern template comes together with a huge collection of good-looking pre-made pages that will make people become interested in your services and their advantages over your competitors. Thanks to them, you will get the opportunity to showcase your classes, schedules, and trainers.

You will also get a stunning image gallery that will allow you to show off your high-quality images in a creative way. It also has four variants of the homepage that will catch the eye of your core audience at first sight. Moreover, each person, who will turn onto your fitness center, will get a wonderful chance to get in touch with you and ask some questions. It will be possible thanks to a fully-fledged contact form. Don’t forget about a fully-functional blog functionality in order to provide people with some additional details about your fitness center.


Sports&Life Website Template

Sports&Life is a bright and new sports template, and it has been designed in minimalistic styles for fitness centers, sports studios, and the gym. It is the most suitable for the portfolio of a personal trainer and website. Sports and life have been powered by Twitter Bootstrap V3 to ensure that your website is highly functional. The design of the template is fully responsive, and this is a guarantee that it is going to look stunning and sleek on all devices. We even came up with a classes page, and this is a page that will showcase or display any available class in your fitness center.

Sports&Life has a trainer’s page that with information about all your professional staff and it actually has a timetable page. All this is to allow your clients to have very easy access to the schedule of your fitness studio and not to miss a class that they intended to attend. This page has all the necessary tools to help promote your gym and also to assist you and all those that are around you.


JKids Website Template

If you want to capture the attention of parents who want their kids to take up judo and karate, you need to take a glance at this amazing theme. Its out-of-the-ordinary design has the power to attract a lot of attention and assure people of selecting exactly your services. In general, this nice-looking template will impress your imagination with a bunch of powerful pre-made pages. They will make it possible for your readers to find out more about sports club and its main benefits.

You will also get four types of the homepage that will immediately make visitors adore your future online-project. Thanks to a wonderful appointment booking, your potential clients will get the opportunity to request a meeting directly on the website. They will also be ready to take a look at your testimonials and read various reviews from your loyal customers. Don’t forget that people will be able to communicate with you and ask questions about various matters.


Meditation Website Template

Make people believe that their calm mind can become a reason for their strong body. With the help of six homepage layouts, it will take you nothing to highlight the most crucial information out of your website. In order to make your online-project look unique, you can take advantage of 12 header styles, 20 blog pages, and more than 100 pre-made pages. It will be also possible to show off your testimonials in different stylish ways thanks to eight types of them. Without a doubt, each visitors will be happy to make use of the amazing appointment form that will allow them to book a meeting without any phone calls.

You can also pay your attention to modern Google Fonts that will make your website become both more visually-attractive and readable. A marvelous Parallax effect will do everything in its power to engage more readers and make them look through your website again and again.

Sport Shop

Sport Shop Website Template

Sport Shop is a very creative, sleek, modern and fully responsive design that is highly suitable for all kinds of sports website, sports club, extreme sports and an online sports shop. It has more than eight premade homepages. Its great features are not limited and include a ready RTL, it is fully responsive, and this has actually been tested on different devices.

Sport Shop has a design that is flat and is of full width, and it has a mega top menu and a mega vertical one just to make your work easy. It comes with a sticky menu, menu slideshow, brand showcase, hot categories, services, carousel, images that have the jQuery inner view, blog list, blog grid and single post, and it is an easy one to customize. These great features are personalized to help your website meet the purpose for which you built it.


CrossClub Website Template

Crossclub is a stunning and powerful template that will convince people of choosing your bodybuilding club and joining sports community. This bold and unusual design will certainly tell people that it’s possible to stay fit and healthy. In order to make your target audience start their fitness journey as soon as possible, you can take advantage of the marvelous schedule functionality. By means of different incredible pre-made pages, you will be ready to show off all necessary details about your services. If you want to sell not only services but also fitness products on the web, don’t forget to take advantage of amazing eCommerce page templates.

Thanks to a user-friendly contact form, your visitors will be able to find out all answers to their questions. You will also get a wide variety of gallery types (as masonry, grid, and cobbles) that will showcase your attractive photos in the best possible light.


Jumpers Website Template

Jumpers is an impressive template that will convince people of staying fit and strong. By means of this vibrant design that comes together with a great collection of fully-fledged options, it will take you nothing to get a lot of attention from your core audience. A rich number of attractive pre-made pages will make it possible to introduce various details about your sports club and present its benefits in little things. In addition to this, you can be sure that your readers will be also engaged thanks to a wonderful blog functionality.

By the way, this package also includes multiple blog layouts that will allow you to turn an appearance of your website into a unique one. If you want to promote your sports club all over the web, you can pay your attention to different social options. All of them will capture the attention of all people who spend a lot of time on social networks. In order to make your readers adore your website even more, take advantage of the incredible background video.

Edward Newman

Edward Newman Website Template

A marvelous solution that will certainly boost the popularity of each crossfit trainer who will make use of this template. Its amazing design will impress everyone’s imagination with power and brightness. It comes alongside a lot of eye-catching pre-made pages that will present all possible details about your sports club in the most stylish way ever. With the help of the powerful booking form, your potential clients will get the opportunity to request a training directly on your future website.

You will also get a great working contact form that will make it possible for every person to get in touch with you. Don’t forget that a stunning newsletter subscription form will allow your readers to get your updates on the newest projects immediately. By the way, all amazing pictures are already included in the package that will allow you not to spend time browsing the Internet in a search of high-quality images.

Sandra Lincoln

Sandra Lincoln Website Template

An incredible template made for personal trainers who are interested in making their services become popular on the web. This impressive design will breathe a new life into your business. By means of various remarkable pre-made pages, it will take you completely nothing to introduce your amazing services to your potential audience and make them select exactly your sports club. You can easily brighten your website up using a wide range of bonus images that are already included in this package.

Your visitors will be also happy to take advantage of the powerful booking and contact form. In order to play around with a look of your website, you can choose the most eye-catching blog layouts, header and footer styles, and Google Fonts. Moreover, you can make use of the powerful video player that will make your website look more visually-attractive. Don’t forget about various gallery types to showcase your best photos at their best.

Derick Mathews

Derick Mathews Website Template

Derick Mathews is a stylish template that can be called a perfect variant for fitness coaches who want to promote their healthy lifestyle on the Internet. Without a doubt, its bright design will capture the attention of each person who is ready to take up sports. To start with, it’s important to mention that this wonderful template comes together with a powerful blog functionality. This means that you will be able to share lots of information about your services and attract a plenty of new readers to your brand new online-project.

It also has a great number of web forms (that include search form, contact form, and booking form) that will turn your website into an extremely trustworthy one. All pictures, that you want to display on your online-project, can be showcased using powerful gallery types. By the way, all high-quality images needed for catching the eye of all sports fan all over the world are already included in the package.


SportLife Website Template

Sport life is a modern, creative and fully responsive template that is suitable for all kind of sports websites, that is extreme sports, sports online shop or sports club. All tour football need, in this case, is put together and designed beautifully to fit into this amazing template. Sports life has very many features that aid in making it suitable for your sporting. It has a very clean, smooth and easy to understand code, its typography is just on another level, the design is superb and very modern, it has a variety of eCommerce pages.

Aside from that, you will experience extensive documentation, a design that is fully responsive, files that are well commented, there is the use of free icons and google maps and fonts. Of course, this is the template you need for your sporting website, with all these features, you are guaranteed to attract a huge audience.


Fat2Fit  Website Template

This is a gym blog template for personally gym trainer, health and sports club, it is great for gym and sports websites, it is an essential template for a fitness and health company and also suitable for sports clubs and gyms. It has an oriented design to accomplish its purpose, is layout is fully responsive, and it has features like a portfolio, about us, blog plans and very many other pages.

All the files are highly organized and fully documented, thus creating a breeze while working. The good thing about this kind of a template is that it is going to attract your audience and they will want to know more, and it is a good way of luring them into what you actually do. Your efforts for your project with such a plan will definitely be paid off. Every sports website requires this kind of a template.


FitLab Website Template

Fitlab is a template for health, gyms, sports and fitness websites. It is highly suitable for gyms and sports clubs and as well as fitness companies. Its design is purpose oriented, has a fully responsive layout with very special features such as appointment forms, courses, services, schedules, fitness plans and many other pages. Fitlab is built with the latest Bootstrap, it has two homepage styles, fully responsive, has a blog and single blog, it has parallax scrolling, has an active contact form, one can easily edit it, has google map, it is well documented with a very easy and clean code.

Fitlab's sleek design ensures that your customers are excited by what they see hence making them want to know more about you. It gives easy access for them. Fitlab is a very good template to start your website with as it is very easy to use for people who have no experience in the field.