Best 10 Social Templates To Make Everyone Talk About Your Account

When launching a new business, you may need extra channels for its marketing and promotion. Instagram may be one of those channels that would help your business get on feet. If you’ve skipped using Instagram for your startup, you’ve probably missed a chance to establish your brand.
I assume there are many people who’ve got stuck in the persuasion that Instagram is just for sharing pictures. Well, that was a truth too many years ago. Today, this popular social network follows the changing trends acquiring to correspond to them. Thus, every second marketer claims that Instagram is the perfect platform to let the whole world know about your startup project. Be it new business, photographer or designer portfolio, online shop, fashion, lifestyle or travel blog. Any kind of project needs promotion.

So, let’s find out what Instagram is so special for and how it can help your business.

1.The enormous volume of accounts. On June 2018, Instagram reported over 1 billion monthly active users. This means that there are more than 1 billion potential pairs of eyes being ready to enjoy your content.

Oberlo Instagram Statistic


2. Ability to share content to other social networks. You can reach even a wider audience by sharing your content including photos and videos to other social media websites. The more people get to know about your startup, the higher chance it becomes a successful one.

3. Affordable marketing campaign. Posting photos and sharing stories about your business is absolutely free. If you need to create the ad, you may choose from different options. Start the advertisement on 3, 5, 7 days spending from 3, 5, and 7 dollars correspondingly. In the event you want to reach a wider target audience, you’ll have to pay a bit more. In any case, the marketing campaign on Instagram is not costly at all.

Instagram Stories Example

4. Sharing with Instagram stories. As of late, stories have become a popular and essential tool for business. Because the information shared in stories disappear in 24 hours, you can share the exclusive, behind the scene content. This may result in increased traffic and conversions.

5.Visual image. Creating a visual language for your project is way easy with Instagram filters, fonts, etc. However, if you want to get a more advanced and modern appearance, you may come with ready-made social media templates. They all come optimized for Instagram and other social media platforms. The files are easy to customize through Ps or Illustrator apps. If you are interested in this option, consider the further list of the best social templates.

Pastel Instagram Pack

Pastel Instagram Pack Website Template

Whatever project you want to launch on Instagram, this elegant and minimalist template may bring a great deal to you. Its trendy look will help you draw attention to your lifestyle or fashion blog, creative portfolio, or business startup. Pastel is forsooth a multipurpose pack of social media banners that can be optimized and used for posts and stories.

Inside the package, you may find the following elements:

  1. 10 distinctive Ps templates.
  2. 15 stories and square templates for Instagram.
  3. 2 color schemes for all templates.

The files are easy to use and customize. With that being said, you can edit them with no hassle. Feel free to experiment with the appearance of your Instagram page until you like the way it looks. But still, be aware that the template includes PSD files only which means that the customization is possible using Photoshop. In the event that you have any questions about customization, feel free to ask for assistance.

Colorful Banners

Colorful Banners Website Template

If you are a fashionista, fashion blogger, or business owner, you may want to advertise your blog online. Instagram is well known for its literally endless opportunities for advertisement. Stories, sponsored posts, and other ad options can help you spread a word about your project and attract more followers. However, it is not enough for a high ranking. The pleasant look and high quality of your banners may significantly boost your business.

That is why, I am glad to offer you this unique, eye-catching template for your Instagram page. It will guarantee perfect results of your marketing campaign and drive new followers. Is this what you need? Thus, it’s a high time to get this elegant template and start advertising your project missing no time. The files included in the package are easy to use and customize, so you’ll have no issues to change them. All you have to do is just use your creativity while making insignificant manipulations with the template.

Fashion Instagram Template

Fashion Instagram Template Website Template

Are you looking for ready-made solutions for your Instagram? Why wouldn’t you take a closer look at this outstanding Instagram template pack?! If you run a fashion blog or online store on the mentioned social network, this solution is right what you need. Its modern and elegant design will make your account visible hence enabling boost of your sales volume. Besides, you will have no troubles with marketing your store or blog on Instagram.

Inside the package, you may find nine square banner templates that can be easily customized using Photoshop. It is not mandatory to have the technical knowledge to edit the files. Being easy to use and customize they allow you to change text and images. You may also leverage the help files inside the pack or refer to multiple Ps tutorials. In case you still have questions, feel free to communicate them to a support team.

Instagram Banner Pack

Instagram Banner Pack Website Template

This Instagram template is perfect for those preferring bright colors and being not afraid to stand out in a crowd. I bet it is you if you’ve got interested in this template. With no doubt, it will make your account rock and attract new followers hence new potential clients. Do you run a fashion or lifestyle blog, online store, or any other kind of project? Don’t worry, this colorful template will be a good fit and make your page sound uniquely yours.

If you feel like you’ll experience a challenge to edit the files, I hasten to convince you otherwise. To customize the template files, you will need Illustrator installed on your computer or smartphone. You can easily change text and images in order to make the banners look in accordance with your project style. In case any issues occur within the editing process, you can always communicate them to a support line.

Clean Style Instagram Story Package Social Media

Clean Style Instagram Story Package Social Media Website Template

Do you already know that stories become more important for promoting your business on Instagram? Do you know what it means for you? Just that you need a brand new set of banners for your Instagram stories. And I am more than happy to recommend you ones. This clean style Instagram story package aims to take your project to a completely new level. Be it photographer portfolio, fashion store, coffee shop, or culinary project.

Banners come easy to use and customize, so you should have any issues while editing them. Be sure that the quality of the template is perfect which will play into your hands. High res stories will help you advertise your brand in a better manner hence attract more followers to your page. Consequently, you may expect higher traffic and conversion rate resulting in a greater volume of sales. Thus, don’t miss a chance to spread a word about your project today!

YouTube Cover Template for Floral Designer

YouTube Cover Template for Floral Designer Website Template

Sure, Instagram is not the only channel for promoting the brand or creative project. You may be the one who runs a blog on YouTube and needs an eye-catching, elegant YouTube cover. If I’m correct, this template should become a good fit. Featuring a bright and floral design it is suitable for florists, wedding agencies, and bridal shops. Thanks to a vivid look, this YouTube cover template will help you stand out in a crowd.

Wonder how you can edit the template and if it can be edited at all? No worries, it is fully editable and doesn’t require any special knowledge. It is enough to have Ps installed on your computer and a basic understanding of how to work with it. You can easily change the text and images in order to make the cover look corresponding to your business identity. In the event you face any issue while editing the template, you may always communicate it to a support line.

Hello Social Media Pack

Hello Social Media Pack  Website Template

If you search for a multipurpose pack you can use for different social networks, you’ve come to the right place. Hello is a set of 12 unique templates that can be used for Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook pages. They are available for different purposes, be it lifestyle, fashion, or even a business blog. Besides, the templates feature a modern look which will help you fresh up your page hence attracting more followers.

Let’s move on further and consider the elements you’ll get when using this template. The package includes 12 square templates optimized for Instagram posts. Additionally, you’ll receive 12 horizontal templates for Facebook and 12 vertical templates for a Pinterest account. They are fully editable and available in PSD files. With that being said, you can customize the templates in Photoshop only. By the way, the customization is extremely easy, so it’s not mandatory to have any specific technical knowledge.

Insta Boost

Insta Boost Website Template

If you want to mix pictures with video publications, this set of Instagram video templates may be a good fit. With these animated social media kit, you can easily boost your Instagram presence. If you have doubts regarding this pack, you still can use the freebie version before purchasing it. In the event you don’t need all of the templates, you have an opportunity to leverage the smaller pack. As you may see, the author of the template wants to make you comfortable.

When diving deeper into the content of the pack, you’ll locate over 30+ layered PSD files with smart objects. Working with them you can easily change text, colors, fonts, etc. In case you don’t want to use videos, you can always take a screenshot to use it as a regular photo. There is nothing impossible with this pack. Additionally, you have a chance to use the templates for creating logo mockups or logo animations. They will definitely jazz up your Instagram page.

SINBAD Social Media Pack

SINBAD Social Media Pack Website Template

One more multipurpose social media pack belongs to SINBAD template. Optimized for use in Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest the templates can fresh up your social networks. Being available in two premade colors they allow you to choose the one that would perfectly suit your needs. In the event you want to stand out among other social media networks, I recommend mixing up the templates. I bet this customization method will not go unnoticed.

Now, let’s consider what you can expect for when purchasing this template. Inside the package, you may find 14 square templates for Instagram, 14 horizontal - for Facebook, and 14 vertical for Pinterest. All the images in the preview are available for free of charge and included into the template as well. In addition to free pictures, you may also rely on free fonts. You may get the latter from the help file. Coming as PSD files the templates are easy to customize in Photoshop.

Minimal Instagram Puzzle Grid

Minimal Instagram Puzzle Grid Website Template

I’ve decided to save this ultimate social media pack for dessert and hope you’ll like it. Even though it is called like minimal Instagram puzzle grid social media template, you still can get a myriad of elements. It comes with ready-to-use 27 posts, exports settings, illustrations, free fonts, 18 bonus photos, and documentation. In order to edit the templates, all you have to do is just open Photoshop file with pre-installed slices. After that, select the post you want to change, double click it, and adjust its content.

Instagram puzzles always attract gazes more than just regular nice-looking posts. However, making the puzzle one may need to spend much time and efforts. Thus, the developers have decided to design such kind of template to simplify your life. Moreover, the file is reusable so that you can use new images, save them, and keep on exporting. If you’re a shop owner or blogger who wants to jazz up Instagram page, this offer may be the perfect solution.