20 HTML5 & Javascript Website Templates 2020

Some people say that creating websites with HTML and JavaScript is passe. They argue, that you should go for intuitive website builders and simple CMS solutions.

If you hear someone saying so, don’t take their words for granted. In fact, classic HTML and JavaScript are never out of fashion when it comes to creating websites. For web developers and front-end designers, creating a website in HTML is still the preferred, simplest, and fastest way to get a fireproof website running.

HTML + JavaScript Website Template Advantages

As I said earlier, there are a number of palpable advantages to running and website with pure HTML and JavaScript. For example:

  1. There’s no need to install a website engine and template. You just have to upload all of the template files to your server. This will save you something from 15 minutes to 2 – 4 hours.
  2. With an HTML template, you’re not limited by the pre-set engine capabilities. The degree to which you can modify your theme is endless.
  3. Most excitingly, classic HTML + JavaScript website templates are the fastest among all. These themes are light-weight and well-structured, which ensures exciting minuscule loading time and Google Speed rate.
  4. Next, with HTML templates, you tap into an endless pool of stylistic adjustments. All the capabilities of CSS styles are at your disposal to improve the way people see your site.
  5. Finally, high-quality HTML templates are extensively documented in case you need guidance. In case you struggle with some issues, you can always reach out to a support operator with 24/7 Support.

So, are you ready to see 10+ best HTML + JavaScript website templates? Below, you’ll find the designs for different niches, all featuring trendy interfaces, rich functionality, and strong social media options.


Divers Website Template

Diving is an awesome clean template for diving and yachting businesses. The template includes all the pages you may need for a successful web presence. You get such web pages as About Us, Pricing List, Blog Grid, Masonry Gallery, etc. All of the pages are enhanced with animated effects and Material Parallax. Divers theme is built by web development experts, who create clean, well-structured, and valid HTML and JavaScript code. With Bootstrap framework (version 4), you get the latest and fullest responsiveness to your website. You also get a pack of ocean and diving related imagery free. Finally, building a business website with Divers is simpler thanks to the resourceful 24/7 support.


FIXIT Website Template

FIXIT is the theme to present your tractor and machinery repair business. This theme has all the block designs that you need to demonstrate what you do and advertise your services effectively. Thanks to multiple follow-up and lead generation opportunities that FIXIT brings you, you’ll be able to gradually build up customer trust and eventually convert even those who left your website without a purchase. This HTML and Javascript template has the power to engage users and keep them browsing with cool CSS animation, interactive elements, and Material Parallax. Thanks to Bootstrap 4, the theme is 100% responsive and displays stunningly on small (mobile), medium (tablet) and large (PC) screen sizes.


Metric Website Template

A web design/development studio needs a creative website that shows your awareness of recent web trends and advances. Fortunately, you don’t have to create one from scratch with Metric. This clean theme is infused with creative imagery, trendy oblique forms and chamfered angels, flat icons and minimalist fonts. Metric theme has all the pre-made content blocks and web pages you need to present your agency, services, accomplished projects, testimonials, contact details, and office location, etc. Metric is built with Bootstrap framework, which makes the theme’s display consistent across a wide range of devices.


DePaletra Website Template

DePaletra is a new-gen template that lets you have a unique web presence that sticks to the memory. This elegant theme incorporates the elements of the Eastern minimalism and simplicity. Moreover, it jazzes up the monochromatic color scheme with the juicy lemon accents that astonish and engage from the first sight. DePaletra theme comes with an animated Gallery page and a few Blog layouts on board. With DePaletra, your website will be cross-browser compatible. You shouldn’t worry about which browser or device your users use - your web presence will be consistently awesome throughout all gadgets and PCs.


Legalor Website Template

Working with law and legislation, you need a website that appears solid and respectable to all of its visitors. Legalor template is designed and developed to suit these needs with flying colors. The template offers you over 15 ready-made web pages that all enthrall with their elegant design, classy color scheme, 500+ Google Fonts available and well-thought layouts. Legalor also offers you sound blogging capabilities, a working contact form, and a MegaFooter. The latter lets you create a multi-column footer which makes your site more usable. On par with other best HTML templates, Legalor theme is fully responsive, cross-browser compatible and Retina-ready.

Civil Group

Civil Group Website Template

One of the classic HTML templates for construction websites, Civil Group incorporates a handful of top-notch tools for developing a reliable and informative web presence. The theme incorporates over 25 ready-made website pages, which will help you introduce your construction business and team. For a more engaging experience, the Homepage of this theme is enhanced with the Parallax effect, modern page layouts, and on-hover animation. To help you get closer to your ideal website vision, Civil Group template offers you different Gallery and Blog types. Finally, Civil Group theme includes a bonus collection of topic imagery, which helps you save on buying stock photos.

Organic Farm

Organic Farm Website Template

Are you powering a website for poultry, fruit, dairy or grain farm, a smoothie shop or a winery? With the Organic Farm template, you get a pack of Homepage layouts for 6+ website types. The template is based on HTML and JavaScript technologies, incorporating wonderful CSS3 animations, jazzy fonts, engaging counters, and two much-wanted web forms. With a bunch of helpful user experience boosters on different pages, you can create a unique farming resource without sacrificing usability and speed. Finally, this Retina-ready theme is ready to adapt to any screen size and pixel density.


Sofa Website Template

Sofa is a classy, optimized-for-conversion template, which perfectly meets the needs of furniture retailers and interior design agencies. This simple and user-friendly theme features multiple header and footer variations, entertaining Material Parallax backgrounds, trendy CSS3 animations and numerous Gallery types that you’re bound to love. Moreover, Sofa theme offers clean and quick-to-scan layouts that provide for the higher readability of your content and seamless user experience. Being one of the responsive website templates, Sofa has an appealing and fully-functional interface on every device. Finally, Sofa is the theme you can rely on. Coded by professional web developers, it features clean, well-commented and invulnerable code, which helps you get a higher score from search engines.


Accountex Website Template

Accountex is one of the newest responsive website templates for accounting businesses. It has a user-friendly green color scheme, clean layouts, well-structured content, and neat imagery tune users up for a positive experience with your company. With over 25 ready-made page layouts, you can cover every aspect of the services you provide and share customer reviews and testimonials. This HTML theme is built with valid and professional code (HTML and JavaScript). Moreover, it’s SEO-optimized, pleasing popular search engines with its adherence to their recommendations. Finally, this theme is built with the Bootstrap framework (latest version) that provides for the unquestionable mobile responsiveness of your accounting website.

Wonder Tour

Wonder Tour  Website Template

Get more and more users exploring the wonders of our planet with the enthralling and picturesque Wonder Tour theme. It turns your website content into a journey that leads new site guests to conversion. The Homepage of Wonder Tour is animated on scroll for interactive website browsing. You’ll see the imagery and content tiles appearing from the side for a better user experience. Thanks to multiple CTA buttons, Newsletter subscription and sound social media integration, you can generate more leads and grow the count of your clients. Furthermore, Wonder Tour is visually awesome with Material Parallax, top and carousel slides, and 500+ Google Fonts. If you create your business website with this theme, it will be responsive and optimized for search engines.


Aromatica Website Template

This template is suitable for a candle store website. All the page layouts are editable. Thus, you can use the template for the beauty or healthcare industry. It’s possible to change the structure and organize content in any way.

To create a unique online store, you can use:

  • 25 ready-made HTML5 pages
  • CSS3 animation effects and transitions
  • Store, Gallery, and Blog layouts
  • Google Fonts and Maps
  • AJAX live search
  • a set of UI elements and blocks
  • variety of web forms
  • Parallax effect
  • 24/7 support

Also, you can create convenient navigation to improve your UX. It’s possible to add a product description once someone hovers on it. Plus, there is a collection of sticky drop-down menus.

The developers optimized a template for speed and SEO.

The template is compatible with all browsers and devices. No worries about how the web pages will look on different devices. They will look beautiful as the website adjusts to all devices.


Metaphorist Website Template

If you have a translation agency, then a website is a must-have. With this template, you will present information about your services, prices, team, and more. For this purpose, it has a rich UI kit.

There are other perks at your disposal:

  • 20+ ready-made HTML5 pages
  • CSS3 animation effects and transitions
  • Google fonts and maps
  • Contact and Newsletter subscription forms
  • Blog layout
  • SCSS and Pug files
  • Parallax
  • Ajax Live Search
  • sliced PSD files
  • 4 Gallery layouts: Accordion, Carousel, Slider, Grid
  • social options
  • 24/7 support

Also, it has a collection of drop-down menus and tabs. You can make navigation convenient for your clients. Tooltips will help clients navigate through the website.

It’s Retina-ready and responsive. Your website will have a proper look on any device.


S-Bet Website Template

It seems that a betting website doesn’t need a promotion. This idea is wrong. Every business needs promotion and betting company isn’t an exception. Here is an HTML5 template suitable for this micro-niche.

Plus, it’s transformable. It means that you can use it for any kind of sports website. For this purpose, you have:

  • 20+ pages
  • UI kit of different elements and blocks
  • Megafooter
  • Google fonts
  • Contact and Newsletter subscription forms
  • Isotope filter
  • Blog and Gallery layout
  • CSS3 animation effects and transitions
  • Parallax
  • 24/7 support

The template is responsive because it uses the Bootstrap framework. The website will adapt to any kind of gadget or screen size. It will look to the clients the same way you see it.

A set of plugins will enrich a website with new functionality. The template goes along with such plugins as:

  • Owl Carousel
  • Swiper
  • lightGallery
  • WOW
  • Page Transition

The template has a clean code and is optimized for speed and SEO.


Architecture Website Template

Deal with architect business? Consider building a website with this template. It has an editable structure. You can change the position of the text blocks, images, videos, banners. It has a rich set of UI elements and blocks. You can create convenient navigation which is important to UX and SEO.

In general, the template is minimalistic and has a stylish color scheme. Plus, with the Parallax effect, you can add dynamics to a website. The HTML website is lightweight. So, you can add animation effects without slowing down the load of the website.

Besides, there are a Blog and 4 Gallery layouts. It’s easy to present your work and share useful information.

If any issue appears, you can contact a support team 24/7.

Job Portal

Job Portal Website Template

Need to create a job portal? This HTML5 template is a good choice. To create a helpful portal, you have:

  • 30+ ready-made pages
  • extra pages layouts
  • 2 columns layouts
  • Contact, Newsletter, Search forms
  • Live Search
  • CSS3 animation effects and transitions
  • Blog and Gallery (Accordion, Carousel, Isotope, Grid) layouts
  • Google maps and fonts
  • dropdown menus
  • Favicon
  • sliced PSD files
  • 24/7 support

Besides, you can add tooltips. These are the small popups that carry information or help in navigation. You can use them to give additional information about jobs, employers, etc.

The template is compatible with any browser and screen size. It’s SEO-ready.

The design is quite simple and minimalistic. Still, it suits the specifics of the niche.


Grocmart Website Template

A bright template suits a website for a grocery shop or a supermarket. A color scheme and eye-catching elements are good too:

attract clients
draw their attention to the key products, special offers, etc..

Plus, both structure and design are customizable. You can add any text, images, videos, sliders, and banners. It’s possible to enrich a website with juicy images that go for free.

Though it is an HTML template, you can edit everything in a drag-and-drop mode. No need to dive into code.

Besides, you have:

  • 30+ ready-made pages
  • a rich set of UI elements and blocks
  • Google maps and fonts
  • Newsletter subscription, and Contact forms
  • Gallery layouts: Grid, Masonry, Cobbless
  • 3 Blog layouts
  • Parallax
  • CSS3 animation effects and transitions

It’s possible to add a cart, product listings and descriptions, price lists. There are product sorting options. The template has all the major elements for an eCommerce store.

Due to the Bootstrap framework, no issues with website display should appear.


Speaker Website Template

If you are a motivational speaker, then a website is a good way to promote your skills. It is a brief but informative presentation of your services. This HTML5 template will help you to create a unique and catchy presentation.

There are 20+ pages at your disposal. You can create:

  • a catchy Home page
  • Services and Single Services pages
  • informative About Us page
  • useful Contact page
  • Blog
  • Under Construction page

For easy navigation, there are:

  • a huge set of UI elements and blocks
  • Newsletter Subscription and Contact forms
  • dropdown menus
  • tooltips
  • back-to-top button

You have 3 gallery layouts (Accordion, Carousel, Grid) and a blog layout. You can pick up the most suitable Google font. Plus, there is a rich collection of CSS3 animation effects and transitions.

As a bonus, all images are free.


Nautilus Website Template

A website is a powerful promoting tool. As for the yacht business, I picked up an HTML template that will transfer the peaceful atmosphere in a harbor. Plus, you can create an informative and bright presentation of your vessels or services.

For this purpose, you have:

  • 25+ ready-made HTML5 pages
  • a rich UI elements and blocks kit
  • CSS3 animations and transitions
  • sliced PSD files
  • Google fonts and maps
  • Contact, Newsletter Subscription, and Search forms
  • Live Search
  • Parallax
  • Responsive Slider
  • Favicon

A template has useful scripts and plugins. For instance, you can add social options or a testimonials section.

The Bootstrap framework stands for responsiveness. Your website will look good at any device just like a yacht looks gorgeous in an open sea.


Business Website Template

This pure HTML & CSS3 template is good for business purposes. If you have a tech company, this is also the right choice. The developers optimized the item for speed and SEO. You can create easy navigation. For this purpose, you have:

  • 3 columns layout
  • a set of UI elements and blocks
  • Contact, Search, and Newsletter subscription forms
  • drop-down menu options
  • Live Search
  • back-to-top button
  • tabs
  • tooltips

For a catchy design and a good look, you can use Megafooter. It’s a good way to call potential clients to action. Parallax will add dynamics to a website. Google fonts are enough to add uniqueness and convey a corporate image.

The template has 4 Gallery layouts – Carousel, Grid, Slider, and Accordion. You can also start a blog.

The template has a clean code. Still, even if any issues appear, you can always contact the 24/7 support team.


Vitagex Website Template

In case you have a construction company and need a website, this template is a good fit. Besides a minimalistic design, it has a reasonable structure. It’s easy to focus the visitor’s attention on specific information.

30+ HTML5 pages are though editable. You can modify the structure, change the position of blocks, etc.. You can do it in a drag-and-drop mode.

Other features:

  • a set of UI elements and blocks
  • Contact, Search, and Newsletter Subscription forms
  • Live Search
  • drop-down menu
  • Favicon
  • tabs
  • 5 Gallery layouts: Accordion, Grid, Slider, Carousel, Isotope
  • 4 Blog layouts
  • Google fonts and map
  • Parallax

Due to the Bootstrap framework, the layout is responsive. Plus, a template includes 24/7 support.


Unit Website Template

This template is multipurpose. It will suit such thematics as:

  • car repair
  • farm
  • church
  • marketing agency
  • diving
  • perfume shop
  • bike repair
  • event planner

More skins are coming soon. Plus, the template is editable. Thus, it’s possible to adapt it to any kind of business website. For this purpose, it has such features as:

  • tons of blocks and elements
  • a big choice of plugins
  • Contact, Newsletter Subscription, and Search forms
  • 5 Gallery scripts: Grid, Carousel, Slider, Isotope, Accordion
  • drop-down menu
  • Google fonts and map
  • back-to-top button
  • Favicon

The template has a wide choice of plugins. You can add call to action elements and swiper slider. You can create shop pages and add pricing tables. It’s easy to add eCommerce functionality to your website.

You can also apply to 24/7 support.


Florium Website Template

Bringing beauty to the world? Let the digital world enjoy it too! Here is a responsive template for a floristic website. Over 30 HTML5 pages are at your disposal. You can change them in a matter of clicks. It’s also possible to edit code.

Other features:

  • a set of UI elements and blocks
  • CSS3 animation and transitions
  • Contact, Search, and Newsletter subscription forms
  • 5 Gallery scripts: Accordion, Carousel, Isotope, Slider, Grid
  • 3 Blog layouts
  • Google fonts and map

The template has a full eCommerce functionality.


Wakeworld Website Template

Want a not-so-dull presentation of your wakeboard business? You are capable to do it yourself with this template. For this purpose, it offers:

  • 25+ ready-to-use HTML5 pages
  • a rich kit of UI elements and blocks
  • CSS3 animation effects and transitions
  • Contact, Search, and Newsletter subscription forms
  • Parallax
  • Google fonts and map
  • 3 Gallery scripts: Carousel, Isotope, Grid
  • drop-down menu
  • Favicon
  • back-to-top button
  • tabs
  • tooltips

You can enrich a website with catchy images. A bunch of them is for free


COZY Website Template

Want to make a website for a flooring company? This template might be a good assistant. What is important for a flooring company website? QUality visuals that demonstrate your work, information about specialists, and prices. Of course, you should add a form for feedback. There should be an opportunity to contact you.

This template has the tools for those purposes:

  • working web forms including Contact
  • 4 Gallery scripts: Grid, Carousel, Slider, and simple
  • Google fonts and map
  • free images
  • Parallax
  • a rich UI elements and blocks kit
  • sliced PSD files
  • 24/7 support

That was the last item in the collection of pure HTML5 and JS templates. Stay with me for more insights!